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  1. congrats on the promotion !! ♥

    1. Vinixs


      Thank you darlowe! It's been a while 😆

  2. Lets get him to 100

  3. Time to follow for that face reveal smh.



  4. Either lobby 9 or Multiples
  5. @Waifer make sure you add this function, and make sure you run it in either a command or timed event
  6. Accepted for the next stage of the application process, please DM @Vinixs on discord for further info
  7. IGN/Username: Rule Broken: Evidence (Screenshots, Recordings, ect): Any Additional Info: You can click here to start a report.
  8. Going off of what Senpia said, I agree that we should leave all the drama in the past. I first came to Minehut around 2016, and have witnessed first-hand some of the drama that went on. However, I prefer reminiscing about the good times we had in the past, instead of the bad ones. I'd also have to agree that the staff team has significantly improved on old issues on the past. I hope more and more players who were around the early days come back and share some of the unique and hilarious experiences they had as well.
  9. simpixs

  10. Thread Locked | Please don't post on threads that have been inactive in over a month
  11. Thanks again @Vinixs

    1. Kendalp8642


      may I barrow a appeal format...

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