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  1. Information Multiples is a unique mining experience that includes a variety of different gameplay mechanics and enhanced features that were included in the early seasons of the server! This project first began back in 2018, and has been a staple within the mining servers on Minehut. The new season, "Revamped" has been in the works for a little over a year now and we're very excited for everyone to check it out and get in on the fun! Gameplay Players will spawn in a random cell and will head to the Warzone and mine Stone. All blocks mined by the player will transfer into their Exosuit (Backpack) and will be able to sell stock for cash. Use your Balance and Tokens to purchase upgrades and valuable items within the game like Mining Assignments or Fragments. Use the fragments you find while mining to throw into the Cosmic Well for the chance to find even more currency, lootboxes, or a piece from 3 different armor sets that give unique effects. Crews Crews will be an important part of the server gameplay once again this season! Create a crew by using /crew create {name} and access your personal crew area with /crew home. Use these personal areas for your crew to AFK or mine gens to increase the Crew Level. Purchase Crew Upgrades by depositing cash into your crew. You can do this with /crew deposit/withdraw {amount}. Payouts At the end of each season (TBA), we will give the Top Level Player their choice between $20 Paypal or $30 Store Credit. We will also be giving the Top 3 Crews (Level) leaders $20 Store Credit and they can decide if they want to split with their crew members. Grind the leaderboards by increasing your Mining/Crew Level. Multiples Revamped will be releasing Wednesday (March 10th) @ 3pm EST! IP Address - Multiples.minehut.gg Version - 1.16.5
  2. Looking pretty cool, see ya there :salute:
  3. Looking forward to seeing some new staff members! Goodluck to everyone who applies!
  4. Helloooooo, hope you're all doing well and are still vibing during these unfortunate times. Ever since leaving, I started to wonder if any "proof" came up regarding the Vinixs is fake conspiracy. If someone drops some juicy evidence below, i'll come back I'll be checking in, you have until September 5th MISS YOU ALL BTW
  5. See you around, buddy.

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