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  1. Congrats! Looking forward to working with you!
  2. thistl

    Server rollback?

    Topic locked, issue resolved and inactive for 1 month+
  3. thistl

    for my ban

    Duplicate post! Please only post issues once.
  4. thistl

    My Sever

    Topic Moved to Help Please make sure you post in the correct spot! Goose gets angry
  5. Locked for necroposting. Please create a new thread if you still need help. Locked
  6. Issue resolved, locked.
  7. Hello! Welcome to the forums
  8. Hey! At the minute, we aren't accepting staff applications. We'll let you know when we are on our discord!
  9. hi im still stuck with a ban for inapropriate skin could you help me out


    1. thistl


      Hey, I resigned around 2 months ago, so I cant help you with this aha.

  10. Evolve - Application Format & Process Thanks for taking an interest in applying for staff on Evolve. After the requirements are explained, we talk about the process of your application. The format can be found at the bottom of the document. Please copy and paste this format into a new post and await a response. Please make sure you meet all of the requirements. Requirements you must meet You must be at least 13 years of age. You must have a discord account and a good understanding of how discord works. You must have a working and understandable microphone to attend an inter
  11. Youre forgetting [TOP VOTER] There is no advisor rank
  12. Appeal Format If you have been punished in-game or on our discord and you would like to appeal your punishment, this is the place to go. This means if you believe you were punished unfairly or you believe you should be unpunished, you should appeal. You may or may not be accepted but it is worth a shot. Please be aware that once submitting an appeal, if it is denied you may not appeal for another 2 weeks. Discord Appeal Format- Your Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Player#9999): What were you punished for: How long were you punished for: Was your punishment fair: Why should
  13. Report Format If you are looking to report a rule breaker on Burgle, this is the place to do so. When submitting your report, be sure you are following the format listed below. If you are reporting someone on our discord, refer to and use the Discord report format. If you are reporting someone in-game, use the server report format. If the report is in any other format, it will be denied. Along with that, your report should have sufficient evidence to support it. Insufficient evidence is any evidence that is cropped or edited. If we catch you cropping or editing evidence to frame anot
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