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  1. Please do not comment on posts over a month old, @Droidz! Locked for Necroposting
  2. thistl


    Make sure you've linked your minecraft and panel account on this page. If you already did, you just need to wait.
  3. Hello! On the panel, enter the following into the command box. pex user <your in game name> add * After adding this, you'll be able to execute pex commands
  4. Hey! This post is over a year old. Please only comment on active threads (with less than a month since the last comment). Locked for Necroposting
  5. Congrats to all that were promoted! Sad to see all of the resignations though. Will miss you, Gingey.
  6. Please don't post on threads over 1 month without activity. You can use /minecraft:pardon if the command itself is not working for you. Locked for Necroposting
  7. thistl

    Report a server

    Please don't post on threads over 1 month old! The link for reporting servers is https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/4-server-reports/ Locked for Necroposting
  8. thistl

    Need Help

    What command are you trying to execute?
  9. Going to need to wait for the cooldown to expire. Sorry!
  10. Congrats! Looking forward to working with you!
  11. thistl

    Server rollback?

    Topic locked, issue resolved and inactive for 1 month+
  12. thistl

    for my ban

    Duplicate post! Please only post issues once.
  13. thistl

    My Sever

    Topic Moved to Help Please make sure you post in the correct spot! Goose gets angry
  14. Locked for necroposting. Please create a new thread if you still need help. Locked
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