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  1. Hey everyone! Downtime has now ended! Thanks to everyone for being patient with us while we took some time to adjust some things within the server. We're aware that this season started off pretty rocky, but our plan is to ride out the rest of the season and send payouts once it's over. There will be a 1-2 week grace period in between seasons for proper testing to be done to ensure the economy can be pretty balanced. NEW - Added Fuel Bundles (Boss Well - MYTHIC) - Added the AdParty feature (rewards all online player's with a mask bundle & 5 AdPoints) PATCHES - Fixed cores being able to be placed outside plots - Fixed players not being able to break ender chests - Boss Blocks are now accessible in crates and bundles - Rank vouchers now give a boosted multiplier & additional gen/core slots - Temporarily removed /tokenflip SEASON NEWS This season will end on JULY 9TH. We've almost reached our payment goal! We're nearly 3/4 of the way there. If we reach it, the following payouts will be awarded. Seasonal $40.00 PayPal or $50.00 Buycraft Credit - #1 Level Top Seasonal $30.00 PayPal or $40.00 Buycraft Credit - #1 Balance Top Thanks to everyone for their patience and help over our release period, its greatly appreciated.
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    Skript Baltop

    @Theleast47 please do not comment on threads over 1 month old! Locked for Necroposting
  3. Please do not comment on posts over a month old, @Droidz! Locked for Necroposting
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    Make sure you've linked your minecraft and panel account on this page. If you already did, you just need to wait.
  5. Hello! On the panel, enter the following into the command box. pex user <your in game name> add * After adding this, you'll be able to execute pex commands
  6. Hey! This post is over a year old. Please only comment on active threads (with less than a month since the last comment). Locked for Necroposting
  7. Congrats to all that were promoted! Sad to see all of the resignations though. Will miss you, Gingey.
  8. Please don't post on threads over 1 month without activity. You can use /minecraft:pardon if the command itself is not working for you. Locked for Necroposting
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    Report a server

    Please don't post on threads over 1 month old! The link for reporting servers is https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/4-server-reports/ Locked for Necroposting
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    Need Help

    What command are you trying to execute?
  11. Going to need to wait for the cooldown to expire. Sorry!
  12. Congrats! Looking forward to working with you!
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