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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attentions, we have deleted the original club and created a new one for you. If you run into this issue again, please let us know. Locked
  2. hey my apeal was accepted but im not unbanned


    1. _Gingey_


      Should be now

    2. AdolfShrekler
  3. OMG the doggo is too cute!! And a warm welcome to the new staff members too!
  4. Have you attempted to go into your server's files and remove the ban manually?
  5. You can appeal for your server to be unsuspended. Follow this format and make your appeal. Locked
  6. GINGEY THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH A PLAYER, there's a player called X_Mercinaryre4_X he is ddossing my server and now i can't open it, i have proofs too


  7. This topic has been answered and moved to the correct category. Please use the correct section next time "Community Support" Locked
  8. Tysm for accepting my mute appeal :3

    I can finally talk to people lmao

  9. Okay, so I just installed it and I'm testing it a bit. It's not horrible, I mean it's nothing compared to what it was like back on 1.7 - 1.8 days, but this is just the beginning and it feels much better than 1.14 PvP.
  10. Black Ops 2 Regular Cake or Ice Cream Cake
  11. The Butterfly Effect - Before You Exit Clouds - Before You Exit I Found - Amber Run Rescue - Joey Stamper Some of my favorites right now!
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