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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the team!
  2. Congratulations to our Winner @ThatOneSponk !! I will be reaching out on discord very soon. Video of the spin, https://youtu.be/OgqZdjFazqw
  3. Thank you to everyone that entered. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Submissions Closed
  4. Hello, today I will be doing a nitro giveaway for three months, understand that if you are a member of Nitro do not enter as it will not work and I will check. All you have to do to enter is to comment your discord tag below so I can message you, you must be in the Minehut discord server otherwise I will not be able to message you. [discord.gg/minehut] ! A little bit about this giveaway, xBox Game pass offers promotional items and one of them is discord nitro for 3 months. I will end this giveaway on August 30 [Three days from now]. Good luck! [I will draw at random, and will post a video s
  5. it was much longer than a month it happened on 6/1/2020 i just put in a random date because minehut staff have all the details in the database so i thought you would correct the date also previously in the old appeals you can see when i got banned

  6. _Gingey_


    Thank you for the congratulations! You will be missed and thank you for all you have done!
  7. Hello, if you would like to report the player, head over here and you will have to use an unedited/uncropped photo for the report.
  8. _Gingey_


    Locking this post, please create an appeal in the correct place.
  9. Staff Applications are now Open! After a month of deliberation and reworking the process we are finally at a place where we want to open the applications once again! Minehut has grown a lot and continues to grow and we are lacking staff members to be able to keep moderating at different times! We need a much larger team to be able to handle the growth that Minehut has gone through, with this being said applications will once again remain open until further notice. Any changes that may be made to the application process, including any future closures will be announced in our discord server
  10. Application FAQ What are the requirements? At least 15 years old. Must be a member of the community for at least two months. Have a working and understandable microphone. No major punishments within the last thirty days. Have a Discord account that you actively use. How long do I have to wait until I can apply again? Typically, you will have to wait 30 days from the date you get a response. This, however, can change depending on if you’ve applied in the past/made it to the interview stage or do not meet a requirement. Why is the age li
  11. gingey can I please have help?

    1. _Gingey_


      What is up?

    2. Kendalp8642


      my server wont start I repaired core files it says its online yet when you try to join it says loading tarrian then when the server goes back into hibernating you get a NULL error

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