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  2. I am trying to change my world to peaceful so my cousin can ply with me, they are a little inexperienced. when I change the setting on minehut the change does not translate to my server and I would like some help trying to change my settings. yes I did change the setting on my server settings page in minehut and I did hit the "restart" button. I would like to know if there is something I am not doing or if its not possible to change the world difficulty or other settings.
  3. i was just doing some claiming so i dont get greifed and then it said i needed more power to claim more land and idk how to get power and idk what power is pls help me
  4. server owners could disable features that they didnt want in the spigot/bukkit/paper config files
  5. Send the end of the message Looks like it works perfectly. That happens for some skripts that use stuff like "%ver%" ect.
  6. Yes i installed all required addons needed
  7. Posting again to keep this post alive
  8. Have your pets (on your server) disappeared after the maintenance yesterday?
  9. i need help making a dupe script that if you put for example a enchanted golden apple into a shulker box or something you can break and place and bring with you it would say that item is blacklisted preferablly with the cmd /dupe add while holding item also could whoever is gonna helping me i also need a /stack script that would x4 the item you are holding and with the same thing as the dupe script i need it so if you put it in a shulker box it would say its blacklisted again with /dupe add tysm
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  11. Hey, I just finished making a vanish system built for minehut servers and hope you guys enjoy https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/invisvanish.92364/ Please join the discord and contact us if there are any bugs!
  12. on damage: set victim's chestplate to {_c} if {_c} is "<none>": set victim's leggings to {_l} if {_l} is "<none>": set victim's boots to {_b} if {_b} is "<none>": set victim's helmet to {_h} if {_h} is "<none>": cancel event on damage: set attacker's chestplate to {_c} if {_c} is "<none>": set attacker's leggings to {_l} if {_l} is "<none>": set attacker's boots to {_b} if {_b} is "<none>":
  13. 1 second making one But, you know you can check the players armor?
  14. Maybe like something like sweeping edge But, its like effects them with poison or something?
  15. Hey, Im bored and I'm going to skript almost anything that you respond with! I will publish it here on on my discord depending on how good the idea is My development discord: is here!
  16. Hey I would say use uuid Example: on death: add 1 to {deaths.%victim's uuid%} #or, on death of player: add 1 to {deaths.%player's uuid%} # You can use %uuid of player% too!
  17. Yeah, would say adtracc is good. Easy to setup and you get your required support.
  18. Hey, stop posting this message again ;D.
  19. Are you sure you have all of the addons required to use this skript?
  20. Please give me more info on this and I can get this done for you Also, Don't put this in skript Script Releases Maybe there Here! Thanks!
  21. Install item edit plugin then restart the server after that you hold a stick in-game and type /ie enchant knockback 1000
  22. Update : https://pastebin.com/HQwVH2Jd Now it immediately stops when it starts. I've tried repairing core files, but nothing seems to work.
  23. Oh yeah I recently found the OP egg one if you could look into it aswell https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/op-eggs.89558/
  24. Hello, I think we are all sick and tired of gen servers... What servers do you want to see/play on minehut? If you have a good idea for a server let me know!
  25. Nvm i didnt know that this was 1.8 only so no then
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