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  2. Worlds that large cannot be uploaded to Minehut at the moment but you could try decreasing the size of the world. Read the following CFAQ to see how to do that.
  3. lmao the devs never really use that. Its hopefully coming after market:
  4. Topic locked. Please do not reply on threads that have been inactive for over a month.
  5. _omga

    Add skjade

    Blu is a nerd but I agree with him.
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  7. my world is 1.3gb and its too big
  8. an alternative would be just to delete all the config files in the file manager and they will reset when the plugin loads again.
  9. Heyo! Nice to meet you
  10. Agree with this, I do.
  11. You can either use the built-in command /difficulty <> or Install the plugin Multiverse and use the command /mvm set difficulty <DIFFICULTY> <WORLD>
  12. Try setting it in game, then come back and tell me if it did or did not work.
  13. Upload the world zip to a file upload website. If your world is smaller than 100mb you can use file.io, otherwise we recommend you use Dropbox. [500mb Limit] Get the direct download link to the file. If you're using Dropbox you can get the share link, but you need to replace ?dl=0 with ?dl=1 at the end of the link. If you're using file.io remember that the download links can only be used once. Run the command /ul world <worldname> <direct link> in your server. Curtesy of the Minehut Discord Bot More Info:
  14. How do I upload a world to a minehut server that I have in a zip folder?
  15. Changed the difficulty to hard in the dashboard, but its still easy ingame
  16. I cant reset the config of Aurelium Skills, I pressed the reset config button and restarted the server twice and it did nothing.
  17. beacon


    But thats pretty lame
  18. beacon


    Oh ok thanks
  19. Santio71


    You will keep the plugins you have but you will be unable to start your server until you have 12 or under, or if you purchase a plan again.
  20. beacon


    If i buy the cheapest server plan and i run out of credits to keep it going will i still have the plugins that i downloaded. because they are unlimited and if i run out of credits than i will have more than 12. (which is how much plugins you get for a free server)
  21. How do i get infinite plugins? without buying the really expensive stuff? do i need to buy the expensive thing? or do i just buy the low cost, get infinite plugins, let it stop the buying part and do i still have all the plugins i have?
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