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  2. Wait thats a thing..... how come no one ever told me about this ; - ;
  3. "Older version of minecraft support" or "4000 server capacity" all love... just a joke
  4. Bees arent included on the version minehut supports.
  5. if you are in the minehut server discord. There is someone by the name of Breakfastdeliqht. He is a really good skriptor and has a fully 100% working server that is fully skripted as well. If he is unable to do the job, always the the "marketplace" discord channel and ask for one their. Don't expect too much skript work to come out of the marketplace though. Most things are free but they only do simple things like commands, most don't do GUIs
  6. Porzche

    Mob Farms

    What kind of server is it? I think it only works when you are there because you placed it or if its skyblock or something it's cause your the only one near it
  7. Do you mean for yourself or for the whole server for everything? I don't think it's possible to make that for everyone but for yourself it's easy. lmk if you need any help still
  8. Yo... now I have something to wait for
  9. Today
  10. If a mod replies I'm filing a report. 1
  11. I don't skript too much
  12. I have downloaded a shader pack but I don't know how to add it into my sever/world
  13. Basic Questions IGN (Minecraft Username) - Backflipping Age - 14 Discord Tag (Ex. _RichieNy#0002) - Backflipping#0345 Are you a member of the discord? - Yes! Why should we accept you as a Staff Member? - I hope to assist the community in both moderation and support through discord and the server itself, in fact, my end-goal is to hopefully climb my way to the top of the staff's social ladder by gaining the trust of the Management, as a staff member and as an average player I strive to see the server reaches its climax and the goals the Owners and Managers want so desperately to achieve to make the server even better than it is today. I also make an effort to follow all rules, regulations and orders from higher-ranking staff members. I hope to bring faith to the community by assisting the Owner's who want to provide an awesome experience that is independent of rule violators. As a Staff Member, I believe I can contribute to a better sense of comfort among members of the server by sealing the gap among the individuals that despise the moderators and the moderators themselves by providing as much support as possible in the forums and the communications server. What makes you think you are a better choice for staff? - I have a lot of experience as staff before, just because of helping people when I was a little kid. I never thought that I would come to becoming staff members and helping players that need help wtih any sort of situation. Whenever I see a player that needs help or when something is wrong, I gladly assist them. Even if it is something small like how to get perks, my heart warms whenever helping people. I have been staff on 5+ Minehut servers, and high ranks on them. I also of course know basic commands that every server operator/staff would need to know. (WorldEdit, PermissionsEx, exc) Do you think you can deal with multiply situations at once? - Yes. Lets say someone is spamming in chat and I am the only staff member online. First, I would just simply message a higher rank than me or try my best to deal it out my self. Meanwhile, I could be helping somebody with understanding perks and explaining to some people how the game itself works. No matter how stressing it is to multitask, I would most likely succeed for both tasks. Situations If a player makes an appeal asking to be unbanned, but does not follow the correct format. What would you do? - I would tell them to read the format clearly and give them the link to the format. But of course, I will just listen to the staff members instructions on what they prefer in these kinds of situations. No matter how annoying it gets, or how many times they have been told to use a format but failed, I would still help them nicely. If you find a player hacking what would you do? - I would punish them. I would the decide the duration of the ban after telling a staff member on what they think I should do. It would also depend on what they are using. If someone is flying around using aura with infinite reach, the duration would be pretty long. But, if someone is using just a little knockback modifier, maybe it would be a week or a month depending on how long they've been using it, or however a staff member would like me to set the duration to. If a player is botting the server, what would you do? - If there is was one weakness I have for dealing with players, it's 100% bots. I would probably IP-Ban the players, but in that case, I would probably call in a high staff member to help deal with bots, since I would be not good for dealing with them. If a player begins to be toxic towards another player, what would you do? - I would most likely tell everyone to chill out, just so that the chat is nice and clean. If the two players continue to be toxic, I would probably warn them or give them one more chance. After that, I would just tell a higher staff member and see what they would like me to do in that situation. Anything else you would like us to know? - I'm familiar with some of the other staff members on this server, and they are pretty much my friends. I also have a lot of experience in Minehut, and I meet all of the requirements for becoming staff on this Minehut server. I look forward into meeting some new staff members as well as helping some people. Thank you for reading this entire application, and I hope you have a blessed day.
  14. Souville

    Mob Farms

    I have a gunpowder farm in my Minehut survival server that only works when I'm alone on the server... Whenever there is another player online, it just doesn't spawn anything at all. However, when nobody else is online, I get a good amount of spawns. Is there any way to fix this problem?
  15. I'm am looking for someone who is good with script and doesn't mind working for free and this is just for a small server so you don't have to do it but if you want to do it then message me on discord EmojjiiPants#8533
  16. Alternatively, you could use the chat recipients expression and avoid broadcasting and cancelling the event. Example: set chat recipients to all players where [input's world = player's world]
  17. Unfortunately, Skript anticheats are highly discourages due to the fact that they may cause high levels of lag and may not accurately detect client modifications.
  18. Also, you can't cancel a quit event.
  19. No. I don't even know what a cracked account is. Just a plain vanilla free account I've been using for months...and all of a sudden this has happened.
  20. There could be a plugin or script causing this. If you do the command /timings on and wait a few minutes, then type /timings paste you can see what may be lagging your server.
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