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  2. yea I have found the problem the world I was trying to get to hard mode was not the main world, and u can only chance ure world to hard mode if its the main world
  3. I fixed it. just made the uploaded survival world the default world.
  4. Try connecting to the minehut lobby first, then typing /join (servername) when you're there.
  5. Banned for for commenting on the conspiracies.
  6. Jackson, although hes a mean one Cold water or room temp water?
  7. Please make a report in the Reports section. This is for community support. Report Format: Locked
  8. Today
  9. These guys (Sustagen and yote_god) came on to my world somehow got world edit then placed tnt on my castle which i had spent hours making. Before this happened though, i went on the Console and pressed the save world button. I don't know if there is any way to restore my work or get these guys banned. :(
  10. Ban the IP, or they will come back with a different username.
  11. I recently created a Minehut server. Every time I start it, the dashboard says it's online. I log in to Minecraft and go into my server, but it keeps coming up with "Failed to log in: Invalid session (Try restarting the game and the launcher. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. KitPvP might come to the server soon. Each minigame is a different server, so I will have to create a new account to make more minigames (I need a new email for a new account)
  13. In my server you can use commands, play and collaborate with others, pvp in the arena or just play survival! There is a beautiful lobby with lots to do and commands to make the game even more fun!
  14. I'm being told that if I make an introduction, I'd become relevant again and I'd receive 30 million dogecoins. Here we go. Wassup? I'm Jackson85 and I'm a junior moderator on Minehut. I've been playing Minehut since January 2016. (I am the newest Minehut player, please no bully me). I consider myself the top Minehut conspiracy writer. Some of my hobbies outside of Minehut and Minecraft are playing tennis and basketball, writing creative short stories that are idiotic (One is about an evil box. It has 3 installments), and acting like I know how to code. I am gluten free and I love the color orange. I am trying to learn spanish and SLGMolly and Deeph_Eriksen are the dopest people to ever live. That's about it. Bai.
  15. Banned for having a username that has Bear in it
  16. Banned for having a username that does not have bear in it
  17. is their a skript that give you money for kills? if so whats it called.
  18. cymraeg

    400th Post

    I see what you did...
  19. Banned for having 1 less than 400 posts at the time of writing.
  20. Nd_

    400th Post

    Didn't celebrate any other one's so yeah
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