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  3. Hi! I know that there are a couple forums to this problem already, but those forums were a decently long time ago and I've tried everything listed on the forum. I am trying to upload a world onto minehut because the previous world I had got griefed. I've tried uploading a zip file of the world through the minehut panel under world/upload world file, but this doesn't work. I've also tried uploading the file in game, doing /upload world please https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ygrojfemy2u0ta/please.zip?dl=1. This works, but when I do /worlds and try to teleport to it, it says "that world does not
  4. I have been playing Minehut for about 7 months now with my good friends, and now we are all suffering from a terrible account problem that I must face. My account has been most likely hijacked, since now my email no longer exists on the Minehut website for some reason. I am now using a brand new account with the same email that I had on my last account. My friends and I had played a Minecraft server called "konetron" for awhile and it took us a lot of our time to work on. It was a great survival run from the very beginning. i really want my world back and I really want my account back. I have
  5. Moved to Help Please ensure you're posting in the correct category when making future threads on the forums. https://minehut.com/dashboard You can join your server by joining: minehut.com then typing /join <server name>. Make sure not to include the .minehut.gg after the server name!
  6. BluBoy3ch0

    Ban/kick unwanted

    • Being a server operator allows you to run most of the general commands the server has, including the dangerous ones. • Only give operator to people you trust! You can op yourself on the web panel under Server Commands. • JAVA: /op (username) • BEDROCK: /op *(username) Once you are op, you can ban people with /ban <player> ingame. You can also just type /ban <player> in the console
  7. General Kenobi... i didn't read the full thing, saw "Hello There" and got excited. Anyways, Hello There!
  8. Maybe provide more information.
  9. So I play on this server that my friend JT owns. Another friend of mine, Lane, invited this 12 year old to the server and he has done things that we all don't like. He killed me and Lane, took our stuff, claimed the land so we cant access the chests, and isn't giving it back to us, and as it is right now, JT's computer is not working. So how can a server admin, override a land claim without the person's permission, without resetting the server and world.
  10. Sly_Guy1

    Ban/kick unwanted

    How do i kick or ban someone that i dont want in my server. thanks in advance
  11. Topic Locked. Please do not reply on month-old inactive threads (necro-posting).
  12. hey! welcome to the forums. hope to see you around
  13. Awesome FAQ Goose. Very well done. Excited to see more FAQ's like this in the future.
  14. Yesterday
  15. If TAB REBORN is not working you can go to the same area where you installed the plugin. Then instead if pressing the uninstall/install button press the "reset config" button. Then restart the server, and crashing should stop. If that does not work go to dangerzone in your dashboard and press the "repair" button then restart your server.
  16. In your dashboard, in the "server command" area type the command /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 this will set the randomtickspeed back to the original speed
  17. Do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 in console while the server is online but do not join it. And make sure you do the command exactly like that because it is case sensitive. Also you made another duplicate post exactly like this one. You should hide the other post cause I already answered here.
  18. Hello Amelia! Welcome to the Forums
  19. Holographic Display should already be updated to the latest on Minehut. According to the Minehut API, the version of this plugin on Minehut is 2.4.5 and the latest is also 2.4.5.
  20. (main server btw) cause its annoying to have to swap from 1.16.4 to 1.16.1 sometimes
  21. _Tarna_

    /op command

    Are you on java or bedrock? If you are on bedrock, make sure to include an * before your name. Also make sure you are typing your name in console exactly and press send after typing in the command. Check the ops.json in the file manager and see if your name is there. If so, it should work. Also make sure you do not have 2 permission plugins. That breaks op. If so, remove one of them.
  22. Surche

    /op command

    If I Type "op Surche" or "/op Surche" in the console I didnt get op what can I do now?
  23. Oh yes, my bad, sorry lol.
  24. Please remember to link plugins that you want added/updated! https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays/
  25. it did go to front page and many people joined they were executing some java packages lol
  26. As Minehut servers does not have online mode activated you can sadly not join with cracked accounts, so you'll have to join with a Java Premium account.
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