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  2. Me and my friends have been having this exact same problem.
  3. spoopezy

    Anti-Grief plugin help

    Hello, I am searching for a plugin that makes it so when you place a specific block you it createss a 15x15 antigrief area for the player that placed the block. I know servers that use a plugin like this but idk how its named
  4. LunaRyuzuuki

    New to minecraft

    Hi iv just made my mnecraft but i dont know how to add commands like what to type into the command bot when adding them
  5. Please do not necropost. Topic locked.
  6. Reassembly


  7. Today
  8. People are raving over skript. Lets change this This is your challenge: Try and make the following using only MyCommand: A ban system (You can use actual ban plugins like essentials or Advancedbans for this one only) Essentials' [FREE] sign system A messaging system. Something original This is ONLY with MyCommand, Good luck!
  9. I run the /dl world world command and the /dl world world_the_end and it says failed to upload file. I was able to download the nether world with /dl world world_nether. I have a suspicion that its because the overworld and end are too big. My nether was newly reset, so it's not that big. Is there any other way to download the world? I am at my wits end here! I am only able to download the nether!!!! Please help. Is there any other way to download the world outside of in game commands?
  10. Very simple options: #defines the money per kill addperkill: 10 on death of player: if attacker is a player: add {@addperkill} to attacker's balance message "10 was added to your balance for killing %player%!" to attacker
  11. I personally would love to see a video like "My Journey through the Minehut Staff Team" some other competitor networks have had things like that and they've done quite well. It's always great for players to get an idea of how it really is.
  12. Is this the full code? because in that case you need to define the variables and the function shortentime right?
  13. What do you mean "reset"? Do you mean fill it with specific contents... or just empty it?
  14. I have been working on a skript that generates parkour as you go and it worked perfectly until I changed some things. On my own localhost server it works flawlessly besides some possible name conflict errors, but when I upload the skript to our minehut server it all seems to fail and gives these errors: Error as I said It works on my own server and it used to work until I added some bits to it (dont remember exactly what since I dont own the server and it is a hassle to upload it which is why I make it on a localhost server.) I would post this on the skript forums but I feel like this error is with the minehut version of skript. here is the code I have: Code If anyone has a clue why this error occurs please tell me. (pointers on how to improve my overall code welcome too)
  15. I Need a skript that everyone gets items every 10 seconds and when they do /items you can disable it or enable it Thanks
  16. I am making a server and I am unable to find its port IP, the server is UNTEDSTATA.minehut.gg How would I find the IP?
  17. Buying-shops and selling-shops automatically add an item based on what the currency item in the config is. By default the config says and so I'm not sure how I would set it to be a custom item.
  18. Personally would love to see a "Day in the life of a Minehut Moderator" not a lot of people are 100% aware of the things we do everyday so it might open up some eyes. Looking forward to the series nonetheless.
  19. A few days ago the connections event began and I developed a system to make it almost impossible for users to crash the server, here is the script we used if anyone needs it: Note: It requires skBee for the NBT The inventory click one sets the slot to air, although since it can only set it to air after one tick people would still be able to put items in hoppers or other inventories. That's why we also disabled opening inventories (excluding the player's inventory) We did something similar to that for clicking. We disabled pistons retracting because they could be used for lag machines, dispensing just in case a dangerous item managed to get into a dispenser, spawning entities and going to other dimensions on drop: cancel event on inventory click: event-item is not a map or a player head item event-slot's nbt is not set: wait 1 tick length of event-slot's nbt > 6 set event-slot to air on inventory open: cancel event on click: if length of nbt of player's tool > 4: player's tool is not a map or a player head item cancel event set player's tool's nbt to "{}" if length of (slot 40 of player's nbt) > 4: slot 40 of player is not a map or a player head item cancel event set (slot 40 of player)'s nbt to "{}" on piston retract: cancel event on dispense: cancel event on spawn: cancel event on portal: cancel event
  20. Hi minehuters!! I use the plugin Bukkit which lets me add more worlds in 1 server. I am having troble downloading to my pc the flat world i added using bukkit called ul_Map. everything that happend - i did /dl world ul_Map - it gave me a download file and i downloaded it - i unzipped it and dragged it into %appdata%/minecraft/saves/ -went onto singleplayer minecraft the world called ul_Map popped up like it should - joined the game it was a different world that wasnt even flat - redid the entire process again 4 times, got the same random world ;-; -changed the world ul_Map into the default server world and tried to /dl again, got the same results Minehutserver: JoelsGames.minehut.gg minecraft username: Littlebigdough
  21. Reassembly

    the logs

    Have you tried /co rollback? IF you need server logs then go to File manager > logs and pick the date the grief happened. Logs do get auto deleted after some time however, good luck!
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