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  2. on load: set {i::*} to all items remove barrier and command block from {i::*} every 20 seconds: {give} isn't set set {_i} to a random item out of {i::*} loop all players: give loop-player 1 of {_i} command /toggle: description: enable/disable users receiving items periodically permission: op trigger: if {give} isn't set: send "&aEnabled &7periodic items." set {give} to true else: send "&cDisabled &7periodic items." delete {give}
  3. bend knee is the coolest moderator

  4. Nichxlxs


    Create a timings report to figure out what's causing the lag. Follow this for more information: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/how-to-take-a-timings-report/ and this for information on what all the options mean on the timings: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/timings/ (keep in mind you cannot edit bukkit.yml so just skip that)
  5. Instead of editing the files online, if you've already downloaded the world and it works, just delete your current world on minehut and upload a zip folder of the world you downloaded. If it's working locally it should also work on the server.
  6. The plugins are outdated.
  7. You can try and stay connected to it 24/7. Without players on it your server will automatically hibernate. This shouldn't be too bad since your friends don't need you to be online to start the server, all they need to do is join minehut.com and type /join <server>
  8. I'd recommend contacting support at https://minehut.com/support/form as they can help you with this issue better than anyone could on the forums. In regards to the question, I don't believe you can get a world back from pressing 'save world', however in the future I recommend downloading the world whenever you sign off by using /dl world 'worldname', for example: /dl world world
  9. In regards to the building issue, what is your spawn-protection set to in the panel? Also, are they getting a building denied message whenever they try to build, and if so, is it worldguard?
  10. Nichxlxs


    Shouldn't take too long, just be patient!
  11. Normal minecraft commands are already installed on your server. To access them if you have plugin commands overwriting, you can do /minecraft:give or /minecraft:summon
  12. You need to install plugins for that. The plugin used for /creative is essentials.
  13. Make sure he's typing in exactly this into console: 'whitelist add MaddHatz' (if that's your name). If not, he can op himself and type this in game: '/whitelist add MaddHatz'
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  15. Today
  16. Topic Moved To Community Support - Please use the correct category next time. Also regarding your question you can’t recover the files you deleted sorry.
  17. xddude_mcj


    how can i add it to my server
  18. There is a reason for everything my dude. Maybe there is a conspiracy behind this...
  19. MrScopes always bringing useful stuff about skript that everyone ends forgetting.
  20. Now now if you were in my country people would go crazy and try to interpret the poem in 100 thousand ways so that us, students, get 0 in the language tests
  21. I listen thus I exist I exist thus I frighten For I have to suffer The suffering? Having to write this poem.
  22. Spear

    support .zip files

    I am personally also a major advocate for the.zip support. I understand they're are the same as .jar, but that's because that's what they're meant for, to tweak the game. I feel this would elevate the experience of your services, driving more traffic, and providing more fun and freedom for the user. I merely ask that you consider adding support of .zip packs. Thank you.
  23. Sorry bout that, still new here
  24. No problem Topic Now Locked
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