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  3. Tobias


    how do you upload a map to your server
  4. Tobias


    i am trying to do a command and it says i have no permission
  5. I thought i had it to never expire hmmm. Well new link is available now. And since your a staff member I'll just give u minehut staff
  6. Where does my server go?

    I want to save my server because I need to restart it, but I cant find the server in my savws in the minecraft roaming folder. Where are they going? Does the save button even work?

  7. Guest


    what plugins on minehut has /sudo or something like that
  8. u mind sharing that info with me friend. idk how to change it either.
  9. the legend is back

  10. Bear


    haha i reached 200 posts before you did. Jk. Good luck to all of your post-farming goals my friends.
  11. Also good luck with your hunt to be a builder
  12. Umm, you aren't really making much sense? Could you explain more?
  13. No problem my dude! If you need anything else feel free to message me on the forums, or in game.
  14. Correct. Once you make a server on minehut the ip becomes: <servername>.minehut.gg
  15. Then your server IP should be Yourcho1ce.Minehut.GG
  16. no i meant to display it in skript sidebars
  17. Bear


    Uhh, spigot link would be nice. Also just use minecraft tp or essentials TP don't see why you need a plugin lol
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