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  1. Tysm! This got rid of all the hackers on my server! your a legend!
  2. This skript adds a /suffix command that lets players with ranks change there suffix with a command. Usage: /suffix <newsuffix> Permission: suffix.* command /suffix [<text>]: permission: suffix.* permission message: &cYou dont have permission! trigger: if arg 1 is set: execute console command "/lp user %player% meta setsuffix %arg-1%" if arg 1 is not set: send &cUsage /suffix <suffixname>
  3. enjoy. command /setwarp [<text>]: permission: warps.admin permission message: &fUnknown command. Type "/help" for a list of commands! trigger: if arg 1 is set: if {warps::%arg 1%} is not set: set {warps::%arg 1%} to location of player send "&3Warp &b%arg 1% &3has been set to your location." else: send "&3Warp &b%arg 1% &3has already been set." else: send "You do realize your warp needs to have a name right?" command /delwarp [&
  4. It might make your advertisement stand out a little bit more than before /ad but you have to wait 7 whole minutes before you can advertise again so it just makes advertising so much harder than just advertising once every few minutes.
  5. The part about the moderators is not the point, the point is /ad does not help prevent spam because the spammers will keep spamming and that /ad just makes it 10 times harder for new servers to get players. Minehut was so much better before they added /ad.
  6. Does that mean people can still connect on a alt if they are ip banned?
  7. I would recommend getting a anti cheat like matrix and also get ore replacer to prevent people from xraying. Its also a good idea to get essentials, a auction plugin, GUIshop, Worldguard, and Luckperms.
  8. i like pizza without cheese, tomato sauce, or toppings.
  9. Patron is for people who have alot of money and want to support minehut. If you dont want to buy just dont buy it.
  10. Try greifing his base to get back at him (if he has a base that is)
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