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  1. You don't have to... if loop-player has permission "core.staff": send "&b[S] &3[%world of player%&3] &r%player's display name%&7: &r%message%" to loop-player You can do... send "&b[S] &3[%world of player%&3] &r%player's display name%&7: &r%message%" to all players where [input has permission "core.staff"]
  2. SuperOrca

    help me

    please post this in a help discussion
  3. Hullo, I am a pwerson. The Moderators of Minehut greifed lobby #1 of minehut today. Here are swome wotos: It started like this: and then the weal damage happened. After this fact the minehut lobby gwave up and cawashed. As u know minehut has no tolewance of these actions and very unacceptable. I am diswappointed that the minehut modewators would do this. Thwem modewators should be punwished. I believe the modewator Hazry was the main cause of these actions.
  4. r u sure this isn't a april fools joke?
  5. its a dupe script...
  6. Next time you need help with a script please use Skript Discussion
  7. because i wanted to add a reseting thing for some reason
  8. pls give me rep i need command /game: trigger: open virtual chest with 4 rows named "&3&lREACTION" to player set {_start} to now set {_t} to random integer between 0 and 35 format gui slot {_t} of player with green glass pane named "&a&lCLICK" to run: set {_now} to difference between now and {_start} send "&a&lREACTION&7 Your time was %{_now}%." make player execute command "game"
  9. I do this for rep... pls give rep function format(n: number) :: text: set {_data} to "QT,18|Q,15|T,12|B,9|M,6|k,3" loop split {_data} at "|": set {_s::*} to split loop-value at "," {_n} >= 10 ^ {_s::2} parsed as number return "%{_n} / 10 ^ {_s::2} parsed as number%%{_s::1}%" return "%{_n}%" Need help using this? Ask the comments.
  10. I am doing this for rep... pls give rep function t(r: text) :: text: set {_r} to regex replace "(?<=\d)(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))" with "," in {_r} return {_r} Need help using it? Ask the comments.
  11. i did this for rep... pls give me rep on sign change: set line 1 of event-block to "%colored line 1 of event-block%" set line 2 of event-block to "%colored line 2 of event-block%" set line 3 of event-block to "%colored line 3 of event-block%" set line 4 of event-block to "%colored line 4 of event-block%" You can use color codes on signs such as: &0 = BLACK &1 = DARK BLUE &2 = DARK GREEN &3 = DARK AQUA/CYAN &4 = DARK RED &5 = DARK PURPLE &6 = GOLD &7 = LIGHT GRAY &8 = DARK GRAY &9 = INDIGO &A = LIME GREEN &B = AQUA/CYAN &C = RED &D = PINK &E = YELLOW &F = WHITE &L = BOLD &M = STRIKETHROUGH &N = UNDERLINED &O = ITALIC
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