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Server Rules

  1. Your server must be compliant with the Minecraft EULA. You can access it here.
  2. You cannot leak any personal or private information such as but not limited to IPs, full names, house addresses, and anything else that could be considered private as well as self-identifiable.
  3. You may not “grief” or destroy other public Minehut hosted servers unless you have full authority to do so.
  4. The blockage of any Minehut commands such as /msg, /friends, /hub, or any other command that prevents the player from doing such actions is not allowed.
  5. If you don't have more than 10 player slots, you can't have more than 10 players on your server.
  6. You can't have any servers that are related to violent events or is hateful such as the Holocaust or anything that might discriminate against certain cultures or religions.

Lobby Rules

  1. Any messages sent that might flood or spam the lobby chat is not permitted.
  2. Cursing/Swearing in the lobbies is not permitted, bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute.
  3. While in the lobby, you may only advertise your Minehut hosted server, advertising external servers or IPs are not allowed and will lead to a punishment.
  4. Any sort of disrespect, harassment, discrimination, or anything related that might hurt a player or staff member is not allowed.

Discord Rules

  1. While talking in the Discord server, your nickname must be the username of the Minecraft account you most actively use with Minehut services. Your nickname also cannot include any symbols that hoists you to the top of the member list.
  2. Any sorts of comments sent to disrespect, harass, discriminate, or any other messages sent to purposely make fun of a certain player or staff member is not allowed. Additionally, posting NSFW (Not safe for work) content is not permitted.
  3. Sending advertisements for any scam, sketchy, or unsafe links is not permitted. Advertising any Minecraft servers not hosted on Minehut is also not allowed. However, you may advertise any Minehut-hosted servers only in the #servers Discord channel.
  4. Leaking of any personal or private information is not allowed under any circumstances unless otherwise stated by the person that information might belong to.
  5. While using our voice channels, please be sure you are not “ear-raping” or making extremely loud sounds to annoy others. Voice changers are only permitted if everyone in the voice channel agrees for the use. High levels of background levels are also not permitted.

Forum Rules

  1. Necroposting, or posting on post that haven’t been replied to in over a month is not allowed, unless the post is still relevant such as an active giveaway or a tutorial post.
  2. Any sort of harassment or disrespect towards other players is not permitted. Post that might make fun of, or cause drama surrounding another player or staff member will be hidden.
  3. Cursing is additionally not allowed on the forums in most cases, depending on the situation and the staff member’s judgement.

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