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  1. And how is that possible
  2. Is it possible to send a screen Titel when a mine resets?? (With the plug-in Minerestlite)
  3. Dupes from Youtube are all patched you can try to look on reddit. There people would show you a dupe trick!
  4. So if I Wanne create an action bar can I use %player‘s health%/20 ?
  5. But It would work when I would spell I breaking right ... give player wooden pickaxe of unbreakable 1
  6. /mv tp spawn #spawn = worldname
  7. Jockerlight


    Is there a placeholder for player’s health like %player’s health%?
  8. So like this If %{money.%player%}% is equal then 1000 divide 1000 from %{money.%player%}% and then ??
  9. Hey so I made a money Skript and I was wondering how I print the amount of players money at the scoreboard as “k” not as 13.000
  10. On join: give player wooden axe of unbreable 1
  11. 2. You forgot to use spaces ! Command /HelloWorld: trigger: send “Hello World” 3. So can you send me the errors cause in this Code you forgot the spaces too and you need to define the variables you use for smp. command /mikeltowm: trigger: make player execute command “/mv tp build2” send “&6You got teleported to build2” command /town: trigger: make player execute command “/mv tp SMP” send “&6You got teleported to the Town” this requires Multiverse!!
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