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Pumpkin Carving Contes...

Happy Halloween 🎃

We're doing a contest to see who can carve the coolest Minecraft or Minehut related pumpkin!

How to Enter

  • Get a pumpkin
  • Come up with a cool design that's loosely Minecraft or Minehut related
  • Carve the pumpkin
  • Take a picture of the pumpkin with your MC username written somewhere in the photo (not through photo editing software)
  • Tweet your photo @MinehutMC with the hashtag #SLGGoodGrief
  • You can have multiple submissions, and ask friends for help (but only 5k credits for the winner).

How to Win

  • Top pumpkins will be shown on Good Grief next Friday, October 26th.
  • We'll choose a winner during the stream.
  • Winner gets 5000 credits deposited into their Minehut account immediately after the stream

You have until the start of Good Grief to enter your pumpkin - 2pm pacific time on October 26th.


New Halloween Lobby

Happy October!

Minehut's lobby is now a haunted mansion! The map was built by the great Cyclone Designs.


The map was built for Super League's Zombies minigame, so it has 4 rooms that can be unlocked. Each week, we'll be unlocking a new room of the map on Minehut. When a room is unlocked, there will be an easter egg placed in the new room and the first to find it will get 2000 credits! Right now, only room 1 is open.


  • Oct 1 - Lobby Released
  • Oct 5 - Room 2 unlocked
  • Oct 12 - Room 3 unlocked
  • Oct 19 - Room 4 unlocked
  • Oct 21 - Super League Zombies event!

Stay Updated

The rooms will be opened during the Good Grief stream on Fridays.

🥚 Get notified by subscribing to our Twitch

📺 Watch Good Grief, Fridays at 2pm pacific.


115 Plugins Updated

I went through and updated 115 plugins today with a ton of help from Benny. The rest of the plugins either didn't have an update, or became premium.

Click here for a full list with links that we used to download

Updated Versions

Please take a look at note the new version of the plugin and where we downloaded them from. Some of your plugins might have new features!

Getting the Updates

These updates will apply to any server that's started since the announcement was posted. If you want the updates, simply restart your server!


If you run into any issues, ping me on Discord (Trent#4071) and I will take care of them right away!

Update 9/14

  • mcmmo fixed
  • SkyblockHoloStats fixed
  • Hack Detective disabled because it's broken on 1.12.2
  • Slimefun fixed

File Manager

The file manager has gotten a few updates that we hope will be useful for you guys. The new features are the following:

Uploading files

It's finally here! You can select files from your computer and upload them directly to your server. Files will upload to whatever folder you are currently viewing. Only certain file type uploads are supported. The types you can upload are:

  • .yml
  • .json
  • .txt
  • .sk
  • .nbt
  • .mcfunction
  • .schematic
  • .properties
  • .csv
  • .png

Creating folders

Clean and simple. Just like creating a new file, you can now create new folders.

Delete mode

You can now delete files more easily using delete mode. Just change to delete mode and click delete on the files or folders you with to remove. Once you're done, you can exit delete mode by clicking the trashcan icon again.

World uploading

We've had world uploading for a while using the /ul command, but we did not have a web panel version. Now we do! You can find it in the world settings section of the web panel. You can select a world zip file and upload it directly to your server without any extra steps. The /ul command still works too, so you can still use that if you would like.

Minehut Updates!


Hey guys! We've been hard at work creating some new stuff! Here are the details:

Server List

You may have noticed a couple days ago that a server list was added to the Minehut website. This server list is currently the same as what you see in game, but we hope to make it into a way for you guys to find cool new servers as well as a place to include extra information about your server that doesn't fit on the in-game menu. Right now, it will display your server's MOTD (with full color and format code support), player count, and direct join IP.

Check it out here: https://minehut.com/servers


This update also brings some changes to server RAM allocation. We found that the amount of RAM we gave per player was not sufficient for most larger servers and the jump in player count didn't quite match up with the amount of RAM that you would get, so we decided to rework each level to be a bit more consistent. Here's what the new breakdown looks like compared to the old one:

As you can see, we've increased the amount of RAM you get for each player count upgrade across the board. Just to be clear, there will be no increase in price. This is a pure and simple upgrade for premium servers. If you have an upgraded player count, you'll want to put your server into hibernation (stop the server, then force stop when it's offline) so that the updated settings can be applied.

Update Notes:

Two issues were addressed during the maintenance period. The first was deploying a potential fix for a kernel panic issue that caused our hosts to become unresponsive while under load. We updated our hosts to use a newer, low latency kernel, which should give our hosts better performance and stability. This kernel update also allowed us to use CPU cfs quotas and cgroups, which is important to the solution of the second issue.

The second issue that was addressed has been a problem for Minehut for quite some time. When servers start up and load their world, they use a quite a lot of CPU resources. When many servers were starting up on our hosts, it would affect other servers running on the same host, causing lag. For example, here is the CPU resource graph from one of our hosts when no servers are starting up:

As you can see, there’s room for everyone. Our load average is a reasonable 14.51. We have enough available CPU that all servers should be able to run smoothly. But what happens when just one server starts on the host? Here’s the graph:

Quite a lot of CPU is being used, and there’s not much room left for other servers. Our load average has gone up to 21.28, which is getting close to the optimal limit. When multiple servers start up at the same time, the hosts can become overloaded. This overloading could also occur when one server does a huge world edit or when someone sets off a ton of TNT. Here’s the CPU graph of what something like that would look like:

At a 39.52 load average, we are definitely over the optimal limit. So how do we fix this? CPU cfs quotas and cgroups. Minehut uses Docker Swarm to create containers for each of our Minecraft servers, and Docker Swarm can utilize cfs quotas to handle resource sharing between containers. When a container is created, we can assign the amount of CPU resources that the container is allowed to use. We assign this amount using a unit called a nanoCPU. A nanoCPU is basically a measurement of the amount of time a program can run during one CPU cycle. This update sets the amount of nanoCPUs that we have allowed our containers to use to 2,000,000,000 nanoCPUs per cycle. We have a total capacity of 224,000,000,000 nanoCPUs per cycle across all of our hosts. We may adjust the allowed nanoCPUs in the future, but through our testing, we have found that this number ensures that each server on a host has enough CPU resources to run without being affected by other servers on the same host. For players, this should hopefully mean more consistent server performance with no dependence on time of day or number of servers online.

Follow up - July 25

Some of you may have noticed some startup problems and general server lag this morning. This was due to an unrelated configuration problem on one of our hosts which presented itself after it was restarted. We have since resolved this issue and the network should now be fully operational.

Minehut Maintenance fo...

Trent from Super League here.

Tonight from 10-11pm pacific time (UTC-7) Minehut will be offline. This means you will not be able to join the lobby or player servers. We strongly recommend you don’t try to start your server during this time or it could delay the maintenance window as well as risk data loss.

Update Details

ZeroParticle will be adding support for 1.13 clients to connect, but not 1.13 features. After this update, we will support 1.8-1.13 clients on lobbies and all player servers. This update is simply a protocol hack. Servers will still be running on the latest Spigot 1.12.2.

Follow us on twitter for news https://twitter.com/MinehutMC during the update. Because of this update, ProtocolSupport has to be disabled. It will be re-enabled once the full 1.13 update happens.

Super League has invested in more hardware for servers, backups, and testing. This means that we were able to easily test the this and any future updates on a dev network and will easily be able to transition that onto the main network tonight :)

Full 1.13 Update Timeline

1.13 was a massive update as many of you know. This has led to many breaking changes for plugins and is forcing developers to update their old plugins to 1.13. We are monitoring plugin updates across the community and will do a full 1.13 update when a few things happen:

  • Spigot needs to have a stable build. So far they only have snapshots.
  • Enough plugins have updated that player servers will be able to function without losing core features.

Keep in mind that everyone updating Spigot and plugins are volunteers. We are patiently waiting for those updates, but cannot reasonably give an estimation when we will be able to do a full 1.13 update. Expect it to be at at least a month. We will post all updates in Discord and on Twitter, with only major updates on the forums.

If you have any questions or find issues with the update, ask us in Discord!

update image

Updated Lobby!

I brought back the 2016 Minehut Lobby! I hope everyone enjoys it.

new lobby

I've also made default users have gray chat. Donators and Staff have white chat.

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