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Minehut Returns

Minehut Returns

After 2 weeks, we’re back online. There is a lot of important information covered in this post as we look to answer any and all questions you may have.


  • Minehut is back online as it was before the outage. No new features were added, and we are still running on Minecraft version 1.12.2.
  • You’ll be prompted to reset your password the next time you login. Upon doing so, you’ll receive 1000 credits.
  • Not all servers were recovered. You’ll receive a separate email if your server was affected and an additional 9000 credits for each server that was lost.

What Happened

On Saturday February 2nd at 11:15am PST, a user was able to gain access to Minehut’s backend and deleted information from various servers integral to the Minehut community. This included our storage servers as well as our backup servers.

In total, the 316,684 Minehut servers created since June 2018 when Super League assumed control of the site were deleted. We have spent the last 2 weeks working to recover as much data as possible from the affected machines pulling data from our various storage and backup servers to get Minehut back up and running in a state as close to it was prior to going offline.

Unfortunately, we did not recover all servers. We understand how disheartening it is to lose your hard work. If you had a server that was lost, you’ll be receiving an email from us today notifying you of the server(s) you created that were not recovered. Your Minehut web panel account will have an extra 9000 credits per server we were unable recover. We understand credits are in no way a replacement for the many hours of hard work you put into your server, but we hope it helps you get started on creating more awesome things on Minehut.

While the recovery process was under way, we took time to assess security at Minehut and Super League. This has led us to make the move from OVH to Amazon Web Services. This move will provide us with more scalable, more secure, and more redundant infrastructure to use going forward.

Additional Notes:

All 259 plugins had to be redownloaded and installed on our servers. We have yet to be able to fully test each individual plugin. If you experience any issues with a plugin, please report it on the forums and we will fix them promptly.

Bedrock support is currently disabled until we can update to version 1.9 that was recently released. We still plan to support Bedrock and will be notifying when this feature returns.

If your server was lost, you will still see it as a server you can start in your panel. However, once joined the default Minehut server will be presented. All plugins purchased on the servers are still available to you and can installed.

Password Updates and Getting Your Credits

The next time you log in to your account, you’ll be asked to update your password. This is purely a precautionary measure. While the user database for the web panel was compromised, the passwords in that database are encrypted with Bcrypt which is the industry standard in password encryption. Upon resetting your password, you will receive the promised 1000 credits on your account in addition to any credits due to server losses. If one of your servers was lost, you’ll find 10,000 additional credits in your account. If both of your servers were lost, you’ll have an additional 19,000 credits.

What Happens Next

We’re still working hard on improving and growing Minehut. Some items that are on the roadmap:

  • Monthly content series & events with Youtubers
  • 1.13 update
  • Portals for featured servers
  • Stripe support
  • Live console
  • Performance improvements

Voting Buff



With the new month approaching, we have a new chance to get on the front page of the voting site. The front page gets millions of views per month and can expose us to a ton of new potential players that haven’t heard about the wonders of Minehut. We got close to the front page in January and are determined to get there for February. With that, we’re making some updates to reward you guys for helping us get there (outside of you guys getting more players to join your servers!).

New Benefits

  • 50 credits per vote until Monday.
  • Top voter(s) at the end of each month will receive a special [TOPVOTER] rank for the following month.

Associate your account first!

Updated Support System

As of today, we are changing how we handle support for everyone on Minehut.

The Problem

Our current system has proven not ideal as we handle issues over the forums, discord dm's and #help, email, twitter, and in game. This has led to many issues falling through the cracks as well as limited our ability to identify trends to help us identify issues affecting multiple users that need to be addressed.

The Solution

We've added a new Support page accessible from your server panel (pictured below). This includes a form that asks for all the necessary information we need to provide support for a range of issues.

If you need help, you can go fill that out and it will send an email to our support team. From there, issues take the following path:

  • Support system (Zendesk) sends auto response to you acknowledging receipt of your ticket.
  • Support agent assigned to your ticket, will answer your question if able to.
  • If issue requires technical assistance, support agent assigns ticket to SLG tech team.
  • Tech team resolves issue, sends update back to support agent.
  • Support agent will provide you with an update and make sure the issue is resolved to from your perspective.

Helping the Future

This might seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, but it will allow us to better identify issues that affect multiple users. It will also allow us to train in a larger support team that will be able to resolve more and more issues as time goes on which means you won't be waiting around for an admin to respond to your Discord private message because our support team will be able to provide support while the developers work on fixing issues and adding new things.

In the future, we plan on adding a way for you to view all your support tickets on your panel.

Support Page

Bedrock Crossplay Publ...


Today we're launching the initial public beta of cross play between Bedrock edition and Java edition! This update is the result of months of hard work of multiple people on the Super League engineering team.

What this means

This means that iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices can now connect to Minehut and all player servers on Bedrock 1.8. Xbox, Wii, Switch, and other devices are not supported as they don't allow manually entering servers to join other than the official partnered servers.

Names and Accounts

Bedrock players can have spaces in their names as well as the same name as a Java edition player. To combat this, we are prefixing all PE names with asterisks and replacing spaces with underscores. My feel my mango Xbox live account name turns into *feel_my_mango when connecting to Minehut.

Bedrock accounts are completely separate from Java accounts.


All servers still run on Spigot 1.12.2, and our custom Bedrock proxy translates Java packets into Bedrock packets so that both can play on the same server. Because of this, each Java feature needs to be translated to Bedrock. For this initial beta, we only have features that were needed to run Super League Minecraft events so expect there to be a lot of things missing or not be compatible with Bedrock. Some of this is known to us, and some isn't, which is why we need your help collecting feedback and issues on this beta!

  • Warzone does not support Bedrock yet
  • Bedrock players don't see skins

Bug Reporting

Since this is an early beta, we expect there to be plenty of issues and features that aren't implemented. Please report and suggest everything on the forums https://forums.minehut.com/forums/5c1a952143ff113c0ca61ce2 and make sure to include:

  • Device type
  • Server where this happened
  • Step by step description of how to reproduce the issue


pe.minehut.com on Bedrock 1.8. Check out the screenshots below for a step by step. There is a barebones modal that replaces the server menu GUI. Please suggest improvements for it :)

menu servers add server connected menu

Vote for Credits

Voting is back!




You can now associate your Minecraft account to your Minehut web panel through the profile page. When you click the button to associate your account, it will give you a command /link <codehere>. Typing that command in the lobby is all you need to do! You can only associate 1 account at a time and can only change which account is associated once per week.

Vote history shows up on your profile page where all your other account info is dumped for you to see.


We currently are not giving out anything for the top voter of the month for December. We will see how it goes and then determine what we will do for the month of January :)

Limited Edition T-Shirts

Minehut now has T-Shirts for sale!

Purchase on SLG's Shop only

The Details

  • Only 25 made
  • Limit to 1 per purchase
  • US only
  • $25 (includes shipping)


Limited Edition

These are limited edition shirts, meaning we only printed 25 of them. Once we have an idea for demand, we will place another, larger order of shirts as well as potentially some other items (sweaters or hoodies). But that order will not be the exact same shirt, so make sure to get one of only 25 exclusive shirts!

One Time Payments

One time payments are here!

  • Pay once instead of creating a monthly subscription
  • Subscribe to save 20%
  • PayPal still only way to pay (stripe in near future)

🔗 Check out the credits page


Subscription prices are staying the same, and are a 20% discount on one time payments. Prices are shown below.


Pumpkin Carving Contes...

Happy Halloween 🎃

We're doing a contest to see who can carve the coolest Minecraft or Minehut related pumpkin!

How to Enter

  • Get a pumpkin
  • Come up with a cool design that's loosely Minecraft or Minehut related
  • Carve the pumpkin
  • Take a picture of the pumpkin with your MC username written somewhere in the photo (not through photo editing software)
  • Tweet your photo @MinehutMC with the hashtag #SLGGoodGrief
  • You can have multiple submissions, and ask friends for help (but only 5k credits for the winner).

How to Win

  • Top pumpkins will be shown on Good Grief next Friday, October 26th.
  • We'll choose a winner during the stream.
  • Winner gets 5000 credits deposited into their Minehut account immediately after the stream

You have until the start of Good Grief to enter your pumpkin - 2pm pacific time on October 26th.


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