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  1. Hi there @qlukaaS, one of the most popular sites that is becoming more and more famous, which is made specifically for minecraft, is the site rgb.birdflop.com. It has amazing functionality, with you being able to input any text you want, option to bold & strike-through & italics & underline, and have a choice of selecting which 2 colors you want your text to smoothly change colors over. If you have a plugin such as EssentialsX installed, you can just use "/nick [output]" where "[output]" is the output the website gives you. Hope this helps!
  2. ddddddd

    pls change name ddddddd 🙂

  3. Mods are not a feature in Minehut currently. If you want to use warps, I suggest using EssentialsX to create, set, delete, and teleport to warps.
  4. Hi there, you posted this exact post (word of word, space for space) in this post here. Please try not to post the same thing twice.
  5. Do you mind sending this in English so staff members and the commuinity can help you with your topic?
  6. As @_Tarna_mentioned, minehut doesn't support cracked accounts because of 1 issue: Bots. Botting on Minehut is a very serious issue and to reduce it as much as possible, cracked accounts are not allowed. If you want to play on the server please purchase a minecraft account.
  7. The aesthetic seems very nice, and I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the "stuck in a glass box" feeling gives it something uniquely cool about it!
  8. Hi there @ffrereerfreferf, if you want to know how to upload a world, look at the following. 1) First off, make a zip containing all the files inside of the world folder. You can do this by selecting all the files and "archiving" or "zipping" all the files. Please be sure you don't name your world with any spaces. 2) Upload the world zip to a file upload website. If your world is smaller than 100mb you can use file.io, otherwise we recommend you use Dropbox. 3) Get the direct download link to the file. If you're using Dropbox you can get the share link, but you need to replace ?
  9. Thank you! It's nice to see you around in the forums too! Hope I am having a nice positive impact on the forums and on Minehut in general as best as I can!
  10. I figured it would be easier to follow with images and I hope my mini guide will bring more attention to CFAQ and newer members can learn how to access logs and navigate the dashboard with this!
  11. Could you try to look through your logs and see if there are any problems that seem to be existent? If you are unsure on how to read logs, can you send your latest logs to us so we can see what might be causing this?
  12. Happy to have been able to help you guys!
  13. Hi there, I found a auctionhouse skript on here [however, it is german but you can just change the tets to whatever you want]. I have not tested this so I'm not sure how good it is, but it seems to be the only one I can find.
  14. Please add the link to the plugin.
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