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  1. hey i saw you on my roblox game "candy simulator"

    the name was rukreep, was that you?

  2. ES63


  3. ES63


    @WallyTube it was a joke you idiot
  4. The server limit is currently at its maximum state. Try again when you can.
  5. that means that there is about 1000 servers and that is their max. player limit is what you're talking about
  6. ES63


    hypixel isnt server hosting... all they do is just switch the version by downloaded a newer version of whatever program they use to run the server aka spigot or paper. minehut uses bungeecord which means itll lag a lot when people make servers. also hypixel is way bigger, better staff team, and more.
  7. ES63

    minehut post graph

    (dont judge my bad handwriting, i wrote it with my mouse on microsoft paint in like 2 mins
  8. ES63


    my server is on the 15th page yay
  9. ES63


    imagine the tps lol
  10. ES63


    btw ik servers down was none of minehuts fault, its too many players at once trying to join minehut and their servers and how many servers are created in atleast 10 seconds is a l o t so just remember that this is a joke.
  11. ES63


    ...why in the crap would you have your servers down when the biggest update on my server is gonna happen and it keeps repeating unknown command and the server starting up message.
  12. please im reviving this cause a mod locked the old one grrr
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