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  1. ES63


    petition to make this as trent's profile pic
  2. Servers have been experiencing start up issues, no eta.
  3. ES63

    worldedit time!

    oh crap i accidentally //cut 1 million blocks
  4. ES63


    Thanks, CyberRyan
  5. I'd say... Minehut is for starters who have never made a server, not the place to become the next "hypixel" like most think. Also, I'd say make it 13+ due to the tremendous amount of swear bypasses on Minehut.
  6. ES63

    PvP on server was disabled.

    Not essentialsspawn, Not skript, WHAT
  7. ES63

    PvP on server was disabled.

    I have set every region except spawn to pvp allow. still nothing. settings have pvp on, nothing.
  8. So, My GenPvP server. The defaults cannot pvp, I cannot pvp. I cannot find the cause of this. Here's my plugins: ActionBarHealth AdvancedBan AntiBot BackToTheRoots (1.8 PvP) ClearLag CombatLogX Core Protect EssentialsChat EssentialsSpawn EssentialsX Holographic Displays Matrix AntiCheat Permissions Ex Pr
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