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  1. ThatOneTqnk


    tough scenes
  2. Gaming is healthy in moderation Cya Gaminger
  3. ThatOneTqnk

    Minehut Exposed

    tumble for the win also tough scenes
  4. ThatOneTqnk

    Minehut Exposed

    tough scenes
  5. ThatOneTqnk

    Minehut Exposed

    a reply to FILR and FARWL: What features changed that made Minehut unenjoyable? old features such as /party thanos snapped, minehut hosted servers like bedwars thanos snapped, third party servers thanos snapped, featured servers gui gone, people making decent servers gone, basic commands such as /find and /ignore not working as expected, lots of network lag (not to say that is your fault but it makes it unenjoyable nevertheless), lobbies being filled with spam and racial slurs at 3 am eastern instead of actual conversation, gray chat kind of bad, all lobbies remaining linked, staff team in clearly in disarray [baguette], proven inconsistent moderation rulings, lack of moderators to actually deal with the scale minehut has reached, functional disregard for suggestions, among many other things i could but will not expand on if this is so, why has Minehut grown exponentially? advertising "Super League Gaming wants money, and as such, they acquired Minehut" (farwl) company do make money Does not make sense. You cannot get more "personal gain" without putting anything into something else. Also, I think there'd be more executive influence if this was the case. "putting anything into something else" is not very specific, this doesn't necessarily mean they have to put anything towards feature development towards Minehut, they could instead make epic moves such as a marketplace or a 12 plugin limit for servers. I know I've already said this several times, but on the staff side of things, I want to be more transparent. not sure if this is true, considering certain confidential events that transpired regarding a particular ex senior moderator, that were not communicated truthfully to the public What do you mean by this? Do you mean he was on the server a lot, or activity network wide? How can I improve this? I doubt Trent has any problem talking more often to everyone but I don't want to speak for him. trent talks to people on discord but that's about it, you don't really see any of the slg folks publicly interact in game with anyone besides some kids idolizing them in the lobby or something Minehut still continues to be based heavily on community support, hence why a lot of questions/concerns are answered in #help on the Discord and in the help category on the forums by community members. support team coming soon according to Criticyl maybe should include that They are Minehut officials? And if it is taking that long to get a response, message me. fair Not sure what exactly you're going for here, but yes they do. If user experience was not cared for, Minehut would not be maintained and there'd be no updates. [pagespeed insights from Google :TM:] superleague only takes Ws in user experience You’re instantly deemed ‘toxic’ for voicing your opinion - (farwl) You should voice your opinion in a non-toxic manner then. he said you are called toxic as an effect of voicing your opinion, not that they expressed the opinion toxic-ly, cop out response Expose them in my DM, if a staff member has done something to warrant termination then I will do so. You're helping nothing by hiding evidence. i already did this with trent but i didn't get a definitive response yet so im just going to forward it to you lol I'm not working for Super League. Super League Gaming For The Win I was simply using my rights and expressing freedom of speech. (farwl) rules exist This goes for anybody, Minehut Moderators are human beings too. If you dig yourself in a grave by constantly saying things that are borderline rule violations you will have a reputation among the staff, and your punishment history always contributes to this. i would say this admits a personal bias develops then in moderators, this makes sense as ruffen was muted for saying Baguette yesterday which was very interesting, as 'baguette' has 222 results in the minehut discord I went to the forums to appeal as instructed. I waited over 7 hours for my 24 hour mute appeal to even be read and responded to. (farwl) doesn't it say you can only appeal puns 3+ days greater lol I know live console has been discussed a lot and I don't want to speak on the dev team's behalf, but I think it'd be a valuable feature. I think they all do. i'm sure Minehut has realized since 2017 that it would be a good feature to add lol, people want it implemented but it gets backlogged all the time, whether it is a network issue or a monetization feature holding it up. this goes for other quality of life suggestions, such as the infamous .lang file extension from MrScopes which has remain unaddressed for several years now They’re already profiting tons off of Minehut. But they want more. If something doesn’t make them money, or boost their stock price, it won’t be added. (farwl) i have doubts that slg is making profit off of minecraft server hosting There's no reason to keep someone on the team is there is physical evidence of something they've done that should warrant termination. two words: slg kiera tough scenes
  6. tough scenes but a homie can dream

  7. tough scenes
  8. respectable pfp

  9. they could just setup a ftp proxy like minecoder was suggesting in the first ama although technology is most likely not there yet, perhaps itll make an appearance in a few years
  10. ThatOneTqnk


    tough scenes
  11. Minehut does not yet have the technology for backups, perhaps they will make an appearance within a few years
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