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  1. Experienced with Skript, I've worked with him before, would recommend.
  2. The Minehut staff team tends not to intervene with what happens on individual player servers. As for your /mh join suggestion, you can already do /server <servername> in any player server to switch servers.
  3. I locked the thread for you
  4. As a fellow software maintainer I understand your concerns. I would also be annoyed if lots of users came to me asking for support on an old version of my software with no way to update. Most plugins on the Minehut panel include the Spigot link so users can easily access it, I've attached a screenshot of your plugin. Spigot metrics would not be reliable if you want to count the amount of Minehut servers using your plugin. You can use bStats though; my plugin on Minehut uses bStats and it allows me to accurately measure how many servers have the plugin installed. I believe a plugin author didn't like Minehut using their plugin a while ago and Minehut refused to remove it, but it couldn't hurt to e-mail them and ask if you want your plugin to be removed / changed.
  5. Hi, I released this website a while ago but since the old forum is gone I am going to post this again for new people to see it. I created a website to view Minehut server info, useful for various purposes. View the website here - may wanna bookmark it or remember the URL View the source code here - licensed under MIT license If you have any issues please reply to this forum thread or message me on Discord (preferred) @daniel#0004.
  6. Plugins on Minehut are not automatically updated or mirrored from Spigot's versions page. The Minehut staff team manually adds them. Players can suggest plugins to be updated in this forum category.
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