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  1. no when did you first play Warzone? (if you haven't played Warzone, join Warzone, it's a cool server)
  2. I drew the giveaway and posted the winner here
  3. PRO Giveaway Winner! This is the result of the PRO giveaway I posted last week! The giveaway received 51 replies, 43 of which were entries and 40 of them were people who reacted (valid entries). You had a 2.5% (1/40) chance of winning the giveaway if you entered. Congrats to PandaChan @Emily for winning the giveaway! And here is a video of me drawing the names You can spin the same wheel for yourself here Might do another giveaway at some point. For now, thank you all for entering and I hope the winner enjoys their rank! Better luck next time
  4. I'll be drawing the giveaway tomorrow night (my time - 8 PM right now). Less than a day left to enter!
  5. jellz

    allow crack

    We won't be supporting illegitimate copies of Minecraft.
  6. Yeah, resetting and renaming your server works. Much easier than dealing with deletion of server icons and other purchasable items.
  7. 2015. I think the first server I ever made was a KitPvP server, and I don't know the first server I joined, probably Warzone
  8. There's around 4 days left before the giveaway ends! Make sure to enter and tell your friends
  9. Reminder that the giveaway is still open! Ending August 4th
  10. Yeah, there is. Don’t believe anyone has it at the moment, though.
  11. Are you choosing to not enter the giveaway? If you want to enter the giveaway, you need to include your Minecraft username in the reply
  12. That doesn't look like a server! Your entry won't count unless you follow the guidelines in the original post
  13. PRO Rank Giveaway Hey! I saw Benny and Emily both do rank giveaways for combined 3x VIP ranks and 1x Warzone VIP rank so I decided I would do a PRO rank giveaway! Rules You can only enter once, and your chosen Minecraft account can only be entered once You can enter any Minecraft account, it can be yours or a friend's I wouldn't recommend entering an account that already has PRO rank or higher, but if you have no rank or VIP rank, this giveaway is great for you Must follow the guidelines below Entering Like this post (I need rep) Reply to this thread with the Minecraft username you want to enter AND tell me about your favourite server on Minehut (or a server you really like) and why you like it. It doesn't have to be current! If you don't want to enter the giveaway, you're still very welcome to tell me about your favourite server Winner will be chosen on August 4th and evidence will be provided. Good luck!!!!
  14. Hey, please ask in the Help category the next time you have a question. Check out this article to find out how to upload worlds. Thanks!
  15. jellz

    Minehut console

    Locked due to necroposting. Please don't unnecessarily bump old threads.
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