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  1. Hey, just want to clarify a few things (not answering your appeal) I deleted my messages in #server-chat because you were causing drama about them and were clearly upset so I figured I'd delete them as a courtesy to you. I didn't delete them because I was embarrassed or ashamed or anything like that, and I completely stand by my messages. I wouldn't mind confirming messages I sent. We don't remove false bans from player punishment histories, but it won't affect anything in the future because it is marked as reverted in our system. Lastly, I have one quick question - if you (MWQ)
  2. Staff applications will be re-opened sometime in the future, no ETA - can't apply right now.
  3. IMO all advertisements should be clickable by players to join the server, regardless of the owner's rank. It's not a good user experience for it to be inconsistent for players like that.
  4. You can ask for Skript help in the Skript Discussion category
  5. Hey, good news, you can remove the plugin limit by purchasing any Server Plan on the Shop. If you can't afford to purchase a Server Plan, you can vote every day for 29 days to accumulate 725 (25x29) credits which is enough for one month of the MH20 plan (which has unlimited plugins!).
  6. A competitive Flappy Bird game. How do I become President? Can't believe this is still going
  7. Welcome to the forums Hope you enjoy your time here
  8. One In The Chamber/One In The Quiver It's an FFA game mode where players on a map start scattered with a bow, a sword and one arrow. All arrows are 1-hit kill, regardless of charge. If you shoot an arrow and kill another player, you get another arrow. If you shoot an arrow and miss, you need to use a sword (or other melee weapon) to kill a player to get another arrow. Respawning is instant and you start with one arrow when you respawn. The game ends once a player reaches 20 kills. One In The Chamber was a Call of Duty game mode, and One In The Quiver was MP's version released ba
  9. You can't, but you can let 1.16.2 users play on your server with the plugin ProtocolSupport
  10. Minehut uses CloudFlare DDoS protection so that's pretty hard to pull off
  11. I remember you from 2018 playing on aurabuild o-o I don't think you should force yourself to keep playing on Minehut just because you don't want your time spent to be a waste. You'll find if you take a break you may be drawn to come back to Minehut, or you'll find enjoyment in doing something else. Having a lot of previous hours on Minehut is no reason to stay! If you've had your fun, look back on those memories you've made and move on. You could also try exploring other parts of the community like the Discord server if you haven't already, that's a nice place to hang around in, even if y
  12. Necroposting isn't allowed on the forums
  13. What plugins do you have on your server? Also, can you send a screenshot of the chat? Helped on Discord ^^
  14. jellz

    VIP Giveaway

    A lot of people didn't include their IGN in their reply
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