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  1. you go to another external server that im not allowed to mention how do you create a server
  2. Hey everyone! As of right now, Trent's background on his desktop is currently just a black screen... kinda lame ngl. So, we are hoping you all can redesign it for him! There is no certain set of rules nor a theme, other then it must be appropriate/SFW. We will close submissions on August 19th, and will announce a winner by 22nd. You are allowed to make more then one entry. Well, ready to submit? Click here.
  3. Community Events Team applications have reopened! We are looking for the following: - 0 -> 3 Skript Developers - 3 Builders Interested in applying? https://forms.gle/2P33jMWyWa18C1UR9
  4. your profile picture confuses my eyes

  5. Just like what 3Q6 said, please make an appeal @ https://forums.minehut.com/forum/24-player-appeals/
  6. Although I understand that, a hub ban would essentially be the same as a hub mute, just you can't join. I don't think it's a good thing to implement, I mean the only thing I see us using it for is obnoxious hacks, but other then that...
  7. Yeah there is a difference between chat spam and chat flood, which I clarified in my response. Well what about people who crash servers? What about people who grief servers? There would be no point to do hub only bans.
  8. A) Wrong topic, please use General next time. B) Chat flood is not the same is chat spam. Chat spam is saying messages over and over again in a short amount of time. Chat flood is when your message takes up multiple lines of the chat. C) If network bans should instead be hub bans, then there would be no point in us banning users who grief servers. If your server got griefed, wouldn't you want them network banned too? D) We punish a lot of ranked players, as they break the rules. From something as simple as spam to competitor advertisement, players in each rank have all broken rules.
  9. You can make a complaint about a moderator by contacting a Sr.Mod or Manager, either through Discord or through Forums messages. The manager's discord is filr#9999
  10. CyberRyan

    skBee Update

    Please update skBee to 1.16, as structures are currently broken https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skbee-skript-addon.75839/
  11. Community Events Team Applications The Community Events Team Applications are currently CLOSED Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding the application.
  12. Remember that server owners can do how they please
  13. very fun event indeed, i really enjoyed it. also top awards yey
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