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  1. CyberRyan

    "Data breach"

    Back in 2019 we experienced a data breach, and you should most definitely change your account password.
  2. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but I will try my best to answer it: When Minecraft updates, we typically follow up with an update a couple of weeks (1-4) after the Minecraft update. Some of this time is us waiting for an update with Paper (what we use to run the server) to release, as well as have a decent amount of plugins that support the new version.
  3. The winner is XeNitrogen! Congrats!
  4. CyberRyan

    VIP Giveaway

    Welcome to the VIP Giveaway! We are giving away VIP rank to a lucky winner! In order to enter, reply to this post with your in game name. We will be selecting a winner at the end of the Jr. Mod Q&A event on Sunday. (If you already have VIP and win, you can either give it to someone else or win 500 credits)
  5. CyberRyan

    /fly ability

    Locked due to Necroposting
  6. Locked due to Necroposting
  7. CET Applications Our Community Events Team Build Applications have opened! Feel like you qualify? Apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to throw me a message!
  8. Please do not reply to posts that are more then a month old. Locked
  9. you go to another external server that im not allowed to mention how do you create a server
  10. Hey everyone! As of right now, Trent's background on his desktop is currently just a black screen... kinda lame ngl. So, we are hoping you all can redesign it for him! There is no certain set of rules nor a theme, other then it must be appropriate/SFW. We will close submissions on August 19th, and will announce a winner by 22nd. You are allowed to make more then one entry. Well, ready to submit? Click here.
  11. Community Events Team applications have reopened! We are looking for the following: - 0 -> 3 Skript Developers - 3 Builders Interested in applying? https://forms.gle/2P33jMWyWa18C1UR9
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