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  1. Minehut hasn't been updated to 1.14.3 yet.
  2. PandaChan

    List of Ranks

    All in game ranks: vip, pro, legend, patron, jrmod, mod, srmod, (manager?), admin, famous/yt, builder. Not sure if these exist anymore: and artist. Discord (if not mentioned above): slg, robot, muted, verified, changelog, events, partner, advisor, support, nitro booster, livestreams, growth tracker, blurplefied and minehutbot.
  3. Try deleting the player data in the files.
  4. Stop the server, reset the world, start the server. Follow that exactly.
  5. Hi Ezekia, welcome to the forums. It's nice to meet you!
  6. Make sure you've got the plugins Vault and Essentialschat.
  7. Make a support ticket and wait, next time save the server (/save-all) before leaving and get the download link (/dl world) after you've done a lot of work
  8. Get essentials and a group managing plugin (pex, luckperms, etc.), that's kind of it if you really want vanilla. With those plugins you can add some essentials commands to default like /spawn or /sethome.
  9. If you put in any Minecraft commands in a command block be sure to type "minecraft:" before it. /tp becomes /minecraft:tp.
  10. Go into server properties (in the panel), you'll find an option called level name, if you type in the uploaded world's name and restart the server it should make everyone spawn there.
  11. Yeah, most images can't get uploaded for some reason.
  12. If they opped themselves you can see it in the logs, it's in the file manager (in the panel.)
  13. Depends what plugin it's from, if you look up the plugin it usually shows the permissions as well.
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