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  1. There is already a suggestions discord server for this. Not needed.
  2. Probably lag or a server/plugin issue. Check logs to see what happened.
  3. Minehut is Java only, I'm assuming you're playing on a bedrock version since those usually require ports for joining.
  4. It was so weird trying to change the configs though, you had to go through so many signs just to find the right one ;-;
  5. Hey there! It's time for another game bois and grills ^^ I'll explain how this works for the people who don't understand this game yet, basically you have to reply to the post and ban the person above you for some weird/random reason. Example: The person above you has an anime pfp, you reply to them saying /ban (user) [perm/any other time] Having an anime pfp Sounds easy right? Let's play
  6. Minehut servers run in online/premium only mode.
  7. This brings me back so much, this is from early 2018/17, this is what the panel used to look like however you can't use it like that anymore.
  8. Who are you in Hypixel Forums... I think had a memory about that you have a forum profile in Hypixel...

  10. PandaChan

    Minehut Why

    I had to turn off my adblock just to see how terrible it was, oh god. (don't judge the ads, too many laptop searches in my history)
  11. This should be fixed ^^
  12. Use a groupmanaging plugin (for example: groupmanager, pex or luckperms) and use a protection plugin (for example: redprotect, worldguard or antigrief.)
  13. Make sure you're typing your name correctly and that you are on the correct server.
  14. This has been fixed I believe ^^
  15. PandaChan


    Try refreshing the page.
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