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  1. Why do you want to delete the file? We might be able to solve your issue in another way
  2. Migins


    Hello, to avoid drama I will be locking this thread. If you would like to appeal a punishment, you may do so here. If you would like to report a user you may do so here. That will be all.
  3. Locked - Necroposting Please do not comment on threads that have been inactive for over a month. If you need help, create another topic
  4. hey i need your help with the gravy plugin it doesnt work

  5. Hi, I suggest making a support ticket here
  6. Migins

    800 Posts!!!

    800 posts yayyyyyyy
  7. Migins


    Hi, Minehut doesn't support uploading custom plugins- if the plugin isn't in our plugin page you can't put it on your server- instead you can suggest plugins for Minehut to add here (only if they're free).
  8. Migins

    i cant join my server.

    Hi, would you be able to provide a screenshot with the message it sends when you join the server? Thanks
  9. Migins

    Installing modpacks

    Hi, unfortunately Minehut does not support modpacks
  10. Migins


    that is not true!
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