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  1. I really don't know, have you tried restarting your server?
  2. Regarding connectivity issues, Minehut put the servers into maintenance to fix some regularly occurring issues. Now, everything should be running smoothly. If your server was backed up, you can restore your server. Minehut backs up your server every hour it is online, check the Backups tab in your dashboard.
  3. If you did not make any backups, there is no way to rollback a server. Minehut backs up your server every hour it is ran. You can use this to restore. If you had the plugin core protect installed, you can use that.
  4. Did you type in the correct command without typos in your server console? /op <yourname> Are you in the correct server console?
  5. _omga

    Very Laggy

    This has been happening to every server, the problem should be solved currently.
  6. _omga

    VIP Giveaway

    _omga . i dont use forums at all
  7. _omga

    Server suddenly laggy?

    I have 40 some plugins, but I used to have 60+ and the server was working fine. Yes I do have skript. I have probably 10 active small skripter, 3 out of 10 being bigger. I currently have some 10 command blocks but only one affecting everyone in the server. Others affect players within a 30-50 block radius. Edit: I have just reduced my plugins to 34
  8. _omga

    Server suddenly laggy?

    Hi. I own a server and just recently, it became insanely laggy, to the point that you couldn’t move. If was fine in the past. It’s not FPS lag, and it’s more of ping lag. Most of the time I am forced to restart the server or just let it crash because it’s so laggy. Does anyone know a solution to this?
  9. I have checked that my account is linked every time after I have voted. It could be because I am not in game, and I am typing my name in case sensitive.
  10. When I am voting for mhut, I am not getting any credits. I have been away from my pc, and have been going to the voting website through my phone. I have my mhut account linked with my mc account, but for 3 days in a row, the votes are not giving me credits!
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