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  1. Hey there, Try teleport to that world using "/world (name)" then running "/dl world".
  2. It didn't work when I created the GUI in a function, so yes that might be why.
  3. command /bigchest: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "My items" to player format gui slot 3 of player with stone named "&6Stone" to close So this is currently working for me.
  4. So does the formatting of other slots work? Set slot 0 to just dirt.
  5. This shouldn't be a problem with Tuske if your other gui slots are working.
  6. I think that means that the "glowing" part of it doesn't work. Try replacing "glowing" with "shiny".
  7. Hey there, Server Operator • Being a server operator allows you to run most of the general commands the server has, including dangerous ones. 1. Click Edit Server for the server. 2. Click on the Appearance tab. 3. Under Server Commands enter in "/op (user)" for java, or "/op *(user)" for bedrock. For example, I would do "/op _omga".
  8. The redye plugin looks cool! I see you made a post regarding Mods, so I assume you already know Minehut doesn't support mods.
  9. I would like mod support, but it is currently not in the planned features list. It has been suggested many times, but never made it. It won't be added any time soon.
  10. Did you do /sk reload all or /sk reload scripts? Doing either of those commands breaks tuske GUIs. You have to restart your server.
  11. blu youre not a gamer youre a nerd
  12. _omga

    World Edits

    Installing Plugins 1. Find the Plugins section in the panel and find the plugins you'd like to install 2. Click on the plugin then click the Install button 3. Find the World tab on the top and click the blue Save World button. 4. Find the red button which says Restart and click on it. 5. Once your server has started up, join it and your plugins will be installed. You can run the command "/pl"to view the plugins installed on your server or use the panel.
  13. Without FAWE, you can use "/paper fixlight".
  14. Hey there, Please provide a plugin link.
  15. Hey there, Looks like this plugin hasn't been tested for 1.16 yet, so Minehut will likely not add it. You can find a similar plugin that is 1.16 compatible and suggest that instead.
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