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  1. do you know how to disable exp merging and how to do so pls tell me


  2. Jackson you're a detective right
  3. skrrt skrrrt skrrrt
  4. Hey there, You can start and join the server from the Minehut lobby, which you can find at "Minehut.com", by using the command "/join servername". If your friend has changed the name of the server, there is unfortunately no way to find the new server name, unless your friend tells you.
  5. This would be really cool!
  6. _omga

    Clans Plugin

    Hey there, Look at this post:
  7. Hey there, To edit a file's configuration, you have to go to your file manager, the plugins folder, then click on the plugin's folder. Some plugins allow editting in game, but not all.
  8. Hey there, You have to change your difficulty off of peaceful mode. You can do this by going to the settings tab on your server panel, then changing the difficulty from "Peaceful" to anything else. You need to click "Save" and restart your server.
  9. Hey there, Are the players close to your spawn area?
  10. Hey there, You have to link your Minecraft and Minehut account to vote for credits. View this tutorial to learn how to link.
  11. Hello! Welcome to the forums Farmer!
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