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  1. DEPARTMENT Hey there! Yesterday I announced my newest server (Department) will be releasing on June 1st. With that we are in need of both moderators, and testers. (You can apply here: https://discord.gg/edhdrfD) HOW APPLYING WORKS: Becoming a moderator/staff member on Department consists of 3 stages (below): Stage 1 [The Application]: We are only looking for honest answers. We're looking for diversity, so just because you may live in a common timezone and have a great amount of time on Minecraft, does not guarantee a position. You can apply with the link above or here: https://forms.gle/ywottdVqTwGReehC8 Stage 2 [The Interview]: If accepted after the application stage, you will move onto the interview stage. The interview can be done in either text or voice. Please DM either me or @Mikeism regarding interviews. You will be asked multiple challenging questions. Stage 3 [Trainings]: This is the last stage of your journey to becoming a moderator. If you were accepted through both stages, congratulations, you made it quite far. During the training stage all new moderators will be put into a discord group. We'll then go over how to handle certain situations. Finally, you'll be put into a 1 week long "testing" period. You'll be ranked as Jr. Mod, and after that 1 week testing period. You'll (hopefully) go onto being a moderator. TESTERS Testing works in a different way; more or less it's a google form which you can find on our discord server. SERVER INFO Department is heavily inspired by factory building games, such as Satisfactory or Factorio. You start off by being recruited by a major corporation called Avalon Corp. for project CS. After you land at the Space Hub, you must create your own island. From there you can visit the shop to buy mines, conveyors, smelters, etc. Efficiency is required. (eg. a Drill may produce 30 stone, however smelters may take 15 stone). There will be monthly payouts to the most efficient & richest Project CS Employee. Goodluck. (More will be announced as we near release) SERVER IP: Department.minehut.gg SERVER NAME: Department RELEASE DATE: 06/01/2020 MOBILE COMPATIBLE: Yes, but not recommended. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST - Nic
  2. ItzNic

    #1 server

    That is 100% not possible on Minehut sorry to burst your bubble. But you'd need an incredible amount of ram to just make things like Flying star wars ships. If I'm getting this right, I would encourage you to start learning skript yourself, as it's easier to customize and add whatever YOU want. Just a thought, goodluck & Have a good day.
  3. Anonymous because he was one of the first people I met on Minehut. He also bought me Pro rank. ps - thank you
  4. ItzNic

    MythicSB Botting?

    Alright, thanks for the response
  5. Release of Department
  6. ItzNic

    MythicSB Botting?

    I'm normally not the type to start controversy. However I was scrolling through the front page of Minehut servers when I came across "MythicSB". I went ahead and joined saying my boredom, and it was a quite alright skyblock server. *Depending on your view* However, When re-visiting the spawn, something became quite apparent. There way a large mass of people bunched together. Alright, that could be normal. For a non-minehut server. I became quite curious of what was going on. Saying the server was in beta, I could understand that they may be trying to stress-test the server. But a few more things became quite apparent. I had seen this spawn before, I had seen the same shop layout before. It didn't take long to realize that almost 0 effort went into this server. Not to mention, /buy was filled with many overpriced ranks & perks. Crate keys that costed $4, yet didn't even work. I was also quite offended that they used the name "Ember" for a key, saying as you may know I own a network called "EmberMC" - But that's personal opinion. Overall, sure, it may have some payouts, but I still saw many flaws. I was surprised to see the absurd amount of AFK players at spawn (Picture Below). Even if they aren't botting, the server really is just any other skyblock server. However; if they were botting, that'd be extremely disappointing. Especially since the owner (Yes I'm aware there's another owner) Underscore is a well known youtuber w/ Youtube Rank. Thanks for reading, any criticism/comments are appreciated in the replies section of this topic. Have a lovely day, -Nic
  7. If we already applied (and let's just say.. Didn't do so well. Can we re-apply within a timeframe (eg; 1 Month), or are we not allowed to re-apply until applications re-open later again this year or next year?
  8. @Montrelle Lmao I didn't spam the n-word, I'm not a toxic 7 year old. At the most I probably advertised my server or pee'd off a moderator. Also, why is this forum thread still open Requesting Lock or whatever it's called
  9. Hey there guys! If you didn't know, I'm a skripter. Mind blown, right? Well I've never uploaded a skript on the forums and thought I'd poke my head out through the hole. To be honest, I got bored of critiquing other's work and just decided to make my own skript. And so I challenged myself. This one took my countless hours, along with a lot of skill and dedication. I'm glad to be able to announce the Alpha of EzShopper. EzShopper is a 90% command based shopping system. Some features include the following; Features 3 Different layouts, which can be toggled through using commands. Ex: Layout #1 - 3 Categories in /shop - Layout #2 - 4 Categories in /shop - Ex: Layout #3 - 5 Categories in /shop Rename your shop through commands Rename categories through commands Refresh all open instances of your shop In the future you'll be able to edit what you sell through commands! (Remember, this is the alpha version) Tutorial on how to setup blocks and prices within categories inside of the skript Price 100% Free - No donations or purchases included. Why EzShopper? EzShopper was built for the Minehut Community, and by the Minehut Community. EzShopper strives to become the easiest, and most straight-forward shopping skript for your Minehut server. That includes less time skripting, and more time creating. EzShopper is destined to become 100% command based, meaning that you can setup the skript without leaving the window. (Except for inserting the skript ofcourse) Additional Info I will be making tutorials on how to setup, use and create with EzShopper on my youtube channel. However, a tutorial is already included inside the skript file itself. You can find the skript file here: https://pastebin.com/pqPfpBbJ Thank you again! Please make sure to contact me if you experience any errors or issues! Have a great day. (REMINDER: THIS SKRIPT IS IN ALPHA. EXPECT BUGS AND ISSUES) Made by ItzNic_ (Nic_) - Please reply for any additional information you may have. Thanks
  10. This is a stupidly complex way of making a 1000 to 1k skript... But sure. Sure. Does this even work?
  11. I'll have to test this. Does it copy the amount of the *item* they have in their hand then duplicate it? Or does it just give the player the same object they already have. I seriously have to test this out. My mind hurts.
  12. When MH reaches 10 Million unique joins I'll do a face reveal. God what do I get myself into...
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