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  1. Look at the image below: As you may know, Minehut has been adding many icons for servers recently. However, there's one that's missing. The potato. We NEED a potato icon! And we can bring this to minehut together! #Potato4Icon Goodluck, comrades.
  2. Haha, thanks for everything dude. You've been a real legend. Sad to cya go
  3. oOOoooOo Yeah I think that was it lmao. Had a server called "uSkyblock" that got griefed, got really p***** at the time. But it's kinda funny too look back on how much I raged lmao. Legit swore at some mods in the lobby, got muted for suicidal encouragement, then ended up getting my discord account deleted by threatening to DDoS the guy. Was really stupid to do, but kinda funny to look back on. Cya (maybe) around later dude!
  4. Goodbye Gaminger! I don't exactly remember where I know you from but you've been a staple of my notification history for the past year! Stay healthy & goodbye
  5. Hey! I'm looking for some epicly skilled builders for my upcoming minehut server "Department". We're looking for a builder that can build great organics! DM me if you think you got what it takes! (Nic_#8692)
  6. It was a server for me and my friends (Who lived half way across the globe) to play minecraft with. Have you ever played MC Hardcore? If so, have you died?
  7. DEPARTMENT Hey there! Yesterday I announced my newest server (Department) will be releasing on June 1st. With that we are in need of both moderators, and testers. (You can apply here: https://discord.gg/edhdrfD) HOW APPLYING WORKS: Becoming a moderator/staff member on Department consists of 3 stages (below): Stage 1 [The Application]: We are only looking for honest answers. We're looking for diversity, so just because you may live in a common timezone and have a great amount of time on Minecraft, does not guarantee a position. You can apply with the link above or here:
  8. ItzNic

    #1 server

    That is 100% not possible on Minehut sorry to burst your bubble. But you'd need an incredible amount of ram to just make things like Flying star wars ships. If I'm getting this right, I would encourage you to start learning skript yourself, as it's easier to customize and add whatever YOU want. Just a thought, goodluck & Have a good day.
  9. Anonymous because he was one of the first people I met on Minehut. He also bought me Pro rank. ps - thank you
  10. Alright, thanks for the response
  11. Release of Department
  12. I'm normally not the type to start controversy. However I was scrolling through the front page of Minehut servers when I came across "MythicSB". I went ahead and joined saying my boredom, and it was a quite alright skyblock server. *Depending on your view* However, When re-visiting the spawn, something became quite apparent. There way a large mass of people bunched together. Alright, that could be normal. For a non-minehut server. I became quite curious of what was going on. Saying the server was in beta, I could understand that they may be trying to stress-test the server. But
  13. If we already applied (and let's just say.. Didn't do so well. Can we re-apply within a timeframe (eg; 1 Month), or are we not allowed to re-apply until applications re-open later again this year or next year?
  14. @Montrelle Lmao I didn't spam the n-word, I'm not a toxic 7 year old. At the most I probably advertised my server or pee'd off a moderator. Also, why is this forum thread still open Requesting Lock or whatever it's called
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