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  1. Hype for NGods amirite

  2. Trying to overtake me at my spot on #1? Your in the year you lose so you best think you haven't won. Minehut Lasagna, Minehut Lasagna. Look at Vane go cryin for their Ma-ma. Minehut  Lasgna

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    2. ItzNic


      I'm looking through your status aswell.

    3. ItzNic


      You don't have 53 reactions, I'll tell ya that.

    4. Bear


      uhh this is funny 

  3. Nic just lost #1

    hows it feel?

    1. ItzNic


      Not. Good.

  4. @CoverMC@ForestHunters@sadpianoFollowed
  5. Followed ❤️ 

    1. CoverMC


      thx lol 🙂 

  6. @ForestHuntersOof
  7. Hey

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    2. Vane


      just let me get to top and then I get badge and then i'll leave you alone

    3. ItzNic


      hmm, no

    4. AssaultDingo


      ;p; nic get beat


  8. ItzNic


    Have fun in Portugal
  9. ItzNic


    All trent cares about is the trees And also about his 1000 Laptops. *insert image of his desk here*
  10. ItzNic


    the turtle was a fat turtle, although, unlike all turtles the turtle was super, super evil.
  11. Start by adding 1+1 then make it up to 50+50 Time starts now I hope this is an original idea because im out of content for my next youtube video Ok thanks bye oh and u have 24 hours. So go do math. ex: 1 person says "1+1" 2nd person says "2+2" etc. Test your math skills
  12. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Anyway, I like my signature block. Soul sand. It signatures my depression. Please don't hurt my feelings. *signature here*
  13. get your fricking 9 year old army to penetrate my defenses. You can not lock this shit anymore!
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