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  1. Hello! You would need to contact the playerserver owner to figure out why a server might be down. Servers frequently experience downtime and whitelist themselves to perform development and repair issues with the server, so that may be the cause.
  2. Thank you @pop4959 <3 Excited about Skacket!
  3. Please create a support ticket here. When making your ticket, please mention you have already changed your password. In the future, refrain from sharing your Minehut account with anyone for any reason.
  4. BurningBrimstone


    The permission nodes are as follows: Carz.* - All permissions listed Carz.Admin - Perform admin commands Carz.Purchase - Ability to purchase your own Car Carz.Place - Ability to place a car Carz.Upgrade - Ability to upgrade your Car Carz.CreateSign - Create Carz signs With the commands as follows: /carz purchase - Purchase your own vehicle /carz fuel - Display your current fuel level /carz refuel - Refill your fuel /carz upgrade - Apply a speed upgrade to your car /carz stash - Move your car back into your inventory /carz addCB - Add
  5. No problem! And remember to adjust for head vs foot height on the players, and have margin of error for lag if you're making an anticheat.
  6. Try reformatting with this: if damage wasn't caused by projectile: All of these conditions are working fine on my server. Do you have addons conflicting?
  7. You can change your account password by navigating to the login page and clicking Don't remember your password? then entering your email. You will then receive a link to reset your password via email. Doing so will logout all active sessions of your account and panel.
  8. You should not have a space between "event-damage" and "cause".
  9. Plugins that add items will not add them to the creative item menu. Quality Armory Quality Armory has a series of commands that can be used to access the items added by the plugin. See below. Armored Elytra Armored Elytra also has a command to access the items added by the plugin. Though it should be noted that you can also simply craft a chestplate of any tier with the elytra in an anvil to make one of these items. /ArmoredElytra [receiver] <tier> For future questions or issues relating to plugins please post in the help section of the forum
  10. Hello! The damagecause type does not include any reference to arrow, in favor of projectile. See below: https://skripthub.net/docs/?id=2140 An example of a proper comparison: on damage of player: if event-damagecause is not projectile: Hope this helps!
  11. I disapprove of your use of Skellet, SkQuery, and TuSKe That being said, glad to see skripted SMPs being made! +1
  12. Very nice! Keep us updated. Always good to see more Java anti-cheats being made.
  13. Hello! Minehut runs on a server platform named Paper Spigot, this is a popular performance based fork of the commonly used server software Spigot. As it is a performanced based platform, many improvements were added to the base game that help prevent issues like lag, as such experience orbs will merge within a set radius. This radius can be changed via this setting in the spigot.yml file: merge-radius: item: 2.5 exp: 3 See below for a great CFAQ on how to edit the spigot.yml file.
  14. Please try teleporting to the world with commands: /minecraft:execute in (world name) run tp ~ ~ ~
  15. One of the easiest ways to generate a void world is to use Multiverse in conjunction with VoidGenerator. These are both plugins you can install in the plugins section of your server dashboard. Once both are installed you can run the following command to generate a void world with the provided name: /mv create (world) normal -g VoidGenerator You can then teleport to this world via the Multiverse teleport command (/mv tp [world]) or the Minehut world command (/world). For more info on how to use Multiverse, see the following CFAQ:
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