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  1. if youre just going to spawn any mob, try set {Mob} to random mob out of all mobs summon {Mob} or use random integers instead of chances set {MobChance} to random integer between <MIN> and <MAX>
  2. oh noes. Try reinstalling the minecraft launcher
  3. Me again again again again again No matter what, when i try to summon a drop with lore, it only creates the drop, no lore. drop {_DropType} with lore "&a/Sell this item for money!" at {_DropLocation}
  4. Post in the marketplace when you need something
  5. This requires a 3rd party application called "Mineflayer". There are some tutorials on how to use it and how to make it check if you are advertizing.
  6. keep this post ALIVE
  7. its set from an argument from a command. eg. /gen creategen 100 200 with 100 being sell value and 200 being BUY VALUE
  8. 1. yes i have money 2. it was supposed to be removed from my inventory
  9. I already tried this, its an integer
  10. me again i need help again. Im using vault to try and make a shop but it keeps saying i have insufficent funds loop {Gens::*}: set {_GenID} to loop-index set {_GenType} to loop-value clear {Shop::*} add {Gens::*} to {Shop::*} set {_DropID} to {GenDrops::%{_GenID}%} set {_SellValue} to {GenSell::%{_GenID}%} set {_BuyValue} to {GenBuy::%{_GenID}%} set {_Slot} to {_GenID} - 1 format gui slot {_Slot} of player with {_GenType} named "" with lore "&6Buy Gen: &e%{_BuyValue}%&e$" and "&6Sell Per Drop: &e%{_SellValue}%&e$" to run:
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