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Community Answers

  1. Say you wanted to join a server named WoolGens or smth. You would /Join WoolGens Alternatively, you can add the ip: WoolGens.minehut.gg (i dont know if theres a bedrock alternative)
  2. You can use mcstacker.net for custom commands
  3. So a server network in a server network? Thats Valknet but I wouldn't suggest it.
  4. You cant keep potion effects on death, only give them
  5. You can use ColorUtils by Sorbon to make rainbow / gradient messages https://forums.skunity.com/threads/colorutils-1-16.12134/
  6. Make sure TuSKe is compatible with your current skript version. If your skript version is 2.6beta then most addons will not function corrently. To check your skript and addon versions do /skript info in game
  7. its because youre not wiping on board when you change worlds
  8. While yes, it depends on what plugins you have, your ram, etc. Minehut just made a bunch of stuff unleased, not to mention the sale. plus, you dont NEED to pay either, with the current sale, you can /vote for minehut 15 times and get enough credits for MH20 monthly.
  9. EndCraft SkyCraft MineCraft :)))) PickCraft If none of these work, try thinking of your own server name, something that goes along with the server theme.
  10. make sure your server version is the same as the plugin, and check if it supports your server type (paper, spigot, etc.).
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