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  1. You could use the "On Disconnect:" event. Also i suggest using list variables, like {Joined::*} instead of {Joined}
  2. Please use the marketplace next time you want someone to make you a skript
  3. format slot <line> of player with <item> named "<name>" to run "<command, can be sudo cmd with essentials>"
  4. Hello @StormLight! 1. I'm glad you took inspiration from the skript i made, really makes me happy 2. I don't know whats wrong with this skript... here is the main stuff in my skript: function spawnmob(loc: location, entity: entity type): spawn {_entity} at {_loc} command /pig: permission: pig permission message: Hey, you can't use this command! trigger: spawnmob(location of player, pig) set name of last spawned entity to "World Border" set {entity} to last spawned entity every tick in world "world": # will be laggy, suggest 5 ticks for better performance set {x} t
  5. ♪ some-one ne-cro-po-sted, some-one ne-cro-po-sted, some-one ne-cro-po-sted, i wonder who it is? ♫
  6. 1. Read the note they left at the bottom 2. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
  7. Your server should still be on there, it just might have shut down. If you are worried that you're world will be deleted, you can use the new "Backup" at minehut.com
  8. heres an example skript: on command /example <text>: trigger: if arg-1 is set to give: send "give" to player else if arg-1 is set to remove: send "remove" to player else: send "Use ""Give"" or ""Remove"" for the arguments!" to player
  9. For the problem do %player% and %arg-1%, the random numbers and letters is the player's UUID, not IGN. For the balance variable, if you want a /pay skript, do a command that finds if the player executing /pay has enough amount in the variable, removing the amount from him (ex. {balance.%player%}), and adding argument to the targeted player (ex. {balance.%arg-1%}). Sorry if what i wrote was confusing, it confused me too
  10. it's possible there could be a fix for your skript
  11. Heyy  AgentGamerPro i tried the thing that u said but im not sure id i did it correctly this is what i put into the skript:

    command /skymine:
            teleport [all players|player|loop-player] to location at 0, 12, 3 in world "ul_void"


    when i reload skripts it shows error so can u pls help bec i dont know if i did it corrctly.


    1. AgentGamerPro


      you choose one of the ones in []. for all players do "all players", for one player (using a cmd or smth) do "player", if its a loop-player, do "loop-player"

  12. If you have the multiverse plugin, do /mvdelete (worldname), then /mvconfirm. Make sure you have another world. If you don't have the multiverse plugin, go to file manager, and delete the folder named your world. Then restart your server. Again, make sure you have another world. If for whatever reason you can't do either of those, go to Danger Zone > reset server (make sure its offline)
  13. teleport [all players|player|loop-player] to location at 0, 12, 3 in world "ul_void"
  14. on rightclick with a compass: set {track location} to location of {MH.hunted} set player's compass target to {MH.hunted} send "&aCompass has now been reset to %{MH.hunted}%&a's current position!"
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