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  1. Before we get started, I’d like to wish a happy Spooktober to everyone! We've finally made the jump to the next month, which means we're diving right into the October Edition! We've been quite busy throughout this entire month, though we can be happy to say that this Newsletter will be a treat, not trick, for all. We've looked over your feedback regarding a podcast, and we'll be considering your opinions! On the other hand, the Community Creative Team applications have been looked over. We've asked for innovative minds in writing, design, and art, and we are grateful for those who are w
  2. Jackson85

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    Mybeary the literary genius.
  3. I am so sorry for not responding sooner. I thought I already had on Saturday, but apparently doing forums at night is not a good idea. I appreciate it and you've truly become an amazing staff member. I have enormous respect for you and your goals. I wish you all the best! - Jackson
  4. 3 words for you: yeehaw and welcome.
  5. I wish you luck in life. Peace.
  6. Anything that isn't genpvp seems pretty good to me.
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    Moved to Help. Please post in the correct section next time. To add onto what Tarna said, a permissions plugin can be used to add all of these permissions to groups which can then be added to users. (They can also be given directly to users if you'd like). Information on rank plugin use/setup can be found in the youtube video linked below. I'm also going to attach the essentials permissions nodes to help with all of your command allowances. Have a great day! Jackson85 https://essinfo.xeya.me/permissions.html
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    Moved to Plugins. Please post in the correct section next time.
  9. It’s not you because you neglected me. Even xToxic is better.
  10. Happy September Minehut Community! It's a new month, and that means another edition of the Minehut Newsletter! This time, we're proud to unveil a completely new design and new team members. More information about the team members can be found in the Newsletter itself. Applications for the team are now closed, and all accepted applicants have been reached out to. Next up, I'd like to address the future of the Creative Team. With this restructure, we're going to be able to produce much more content than just one newsletter every month. We plan on expanding further into more ideas and are
  11. I smell danger. GG.
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