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  1. Which one is better?
  2. I mean I had 5 minutes so it’s not the highest quality.
  3. Dank Eriksen has got his crew surrounding him in the subway. We got Kazoo kid Trent and his twin. We also have the squiddeeph triplets.
  4. I gave myself 5 minutes to create a Minehut related meme. This was the result. (If you end up doing the challenge, make sure to post it on the forums)
  5. Don't worry. Since it makes you sad, I will not react to anything you post.
  6. You fools. I beat Ben 10 to this field ages ago. https://forums.minehut.com/topic/3835-react-to-this-post/?tab=comments#comment-13720 . I am one step ahead of you always Benny.
  7. You may have noticed that while Minehut has a logo, it doesn't have a mascot. Today we're here to fix that issue. Here are 3 possible ideas that I have come up with: 1. Miney Mouse - Ok so I thought of this really original idea. What if the mascot is a mouse and we have ears that people can wear to show their Minehut pride. Brilliant right? Below is an example of the new logo. 2. Mark the Miney Hut - This one has a very simply concept yet it gets the point across. Mark is a little hut who loves Minecraft. His favorite server on Minecraft is Minehut so naturally he gets the nickname of Mark the Miney Hut. 3. Trent as a dog - This is probably my weakest idea but dogs are adorable and everyone loves Trent. Put the two together and you have an unstoppable mascot. That's all my current ideas. Let me know if you think of any more. (Also I shouldn't have to mention this but apparently I do. This is in no way an official post on deciding a logo for Minehut.) Stay lit fam, -Jackson
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