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  1. Oak or acacia whichever will it be. Sit the frick down nonclickbaiters, I'm here to punch that jungle tree.
  2. 1. I think I joined at some point in like January 2016 but I wasn't rlly active in the community. 2. It was a survival Server with my friend Halo. I can't remember the rest of their name.
  3. Hi everyone! Another month has passed so you know what that means: the August edition of the Minehut Newsletter! We've been working behind the scenes to help improve internal processes. This should help us speed up the completion of the newsletter and allow us to have more projects. The Creative Team is expanding! Speaking of expansion, to help us achieve our goal of efficiently producing the Newsletter, we need more team members. That's why I am proud to announce Community Creative Team applications! If you have a passion for writing, design, or art and want to use that to benefit the Minehut community, then this is the team for you. An FAQ of questions that we anticipate to be common can be found in the Newsletter in the "From the Editor" Section, however, if you have any more, feel free to contact me on Discord, forum messages, in game, or just ask in the comments below. This edition is a bit shorter due to the changes mentioned previously, however, next edition we plan on releasing some more physical changes. I'm not going to say much more as it will be a surprise . We hope you enjoy this edition, and good luck to all applicants! Caption the Image and Give Feedback here: https://bit.ly/mhnewsaugust Apply to Join the Creative Team here: Applications are now closed. Read the Newsletter here P.S. If you haven't been contacted within 7 days after submitting your application, unfortunately, you have been denied.
  4. We've done it bois. Take that other waves.
  5. Step 1: Act like you're teaching them something until they click Step 2: Reap the benefits
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    Ah yes, comedy
  7. But let's act like there is
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    We've actually lost a legend. The alias staff wave is now incomplete .
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    bedrock edition

    Bedrock servers can be created like any normal Minehut server, however, you have to connect via bedrock.minehut.com and port 19132. Once joined, you can /join your server. Hope this helps, - Jackson
  10. Question answered. Topic locked.
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    That's a nice gif loop
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