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  1. Yep! As Brim mentioned just run the command "op yourName" in the console and press enter. Everything should be fixed from there! Hope this helps! Jackson
  2. Jackson85


    Hey, Have you been following this tutorial? It should have all the step by step parts you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_lqGGIrDwI
  3. I haven't personally seen it happen to anyone. I would just make the support ticket to hopefully solve everything.
  4. It may be possible that some worldedit operation set everything to gold within a certain area.
  5. Glad to hear that your problem got solved!
  6. If I were still a Sr Mod, you would have convinced me.
  7. Imagine having blocks. Cringe
  8. Rumor has it, that the best cheese in the world is held in Australia. In the Outback, the only thing cooking the cheese is the heat of the sun, and the sounds of the didgeridoo. This creates a fine species of cheese known as the down udder (get it, because cheese comes from milk and milk comes from udders). The leaders of the cheese world say that a sample can be obtained by bribing @muelrwith a pizza, his favorite food. This pizza has to be incredibly specific though. It has to be gluten free, with dairy free cheese, and it has to have anchovies/broccoli as a topping. Give him this and he wil
  9. Jackson85

    hands up

    I will never admit.
  10. I genuinely have no clue what the goal of this post even is.
  11. Você está se referindo a piratear um plugin, adicionar um mod para incluir piratas ou alterar o idioma do Minecraft para falar de pirata?
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