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  1. @Ashley @Mr_Kurtisand @SLG Molly. Ez
  2. Jackson is the only acceptable answer.
  3. Minehut is pathetic, Minehut is obviously where it's at.
  4. Of course Raptor, I would never forget to vote for Mike.
  5. Blink twice if you're ok
  6. Memers of Minehut, crafters, wonderful players. Today a new goal has been set upon us by the high council. We must reach 100k before the end of the summer in #count-to-1mil on the Minehut discord. At my time of writing this, there are 64,706 messages in that channel. That leaves us with 34,294 messages to send before the end of summer. Summer officially ends on August 31st according to the scientifically accurate search engine, Google. We have 119 days until that day is reached. To reach our goal, we need to count 297 more every day. Upon us achieving this tremendous feat, we have a chance of the wonderful Crewly Helpout Crew being added to the official Minehut Discord. Do your part for the movement by counting. Any questions may be sent to Crewly or myself. Let's do this. -Jackson
  7. I am afraid that is true. The crewly helpout crew is my #2 priority in life.
  8. My record is 1 minute and 43 seconds.
  9. Hey! Yes unfortunately Minehut only supports premium Minecraft accounts. I apologize for this inconvenience. Let me know if you have any more questions/concerns. - Jackson
  10. Jackson85


    I will not stop until I have beaten Benny in every way possible.
  11. Jackson85

    menoy mehoy

    Down here on the forums
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