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  1. Go ahead and send an appeal here and the staff members will look into it.
  2. Jackson85


    Pretty much voting and winning events team events are the only way to get credits for free. You can buy them on the store though.
  3. Some people got wild definitions of jokes.
  4. That’s pretty much it unless you enter an occasional giveaway that Minehut rarely hosts or participate in an official Minehut event team event, which sometimes rewards credits.
  5. Rip, we have lost the most clutch og dev.
  6. Hello everyone! Today I’m happy to finally be releasing the Minehut Yearbook. This has been in the making for an extremely long time. Words cannot express how many edits, updates, and redrafts have been made. This would not be possible without all of the Yearbook team, who are mentioned below as well as in the Yearbook. Yearbook Team: @SilentF1ame - Graphic Designer (Silent was amazing throughout this entire process and everything would not be possible without him. 12/10) @Reassembly- Writer - Servers @Houlton - Writer - Major Minehut Updates @_Tarna_ - Writer - Staff Member Archive @Migins - Writer - Changes within the Team @myself - Lead Coordinator for the Yearbook. This included writing multiple sections, editing, compiling, getting opinions, and a lot more stuff. All four writers were great about deadlines and were amazing members. They’ve also been great about finding typos in drafts that we’ve sent out. Without them, this Yearbook wouldn’t be as error-free. A round of applause please for them! @Santio71 - Master Typo Finder/Screenshot Librarian @Jbean10 - Responsible for screenshots of awesome Events Team builds. @BennyDoesStuff - Helped assist with information from years ago and helped make posting this possible. @The Entire Events Team - They helped us find many errors and improvements to be made. @Trent - The man, the myth, the legend. He approved the initial project and has helped this remain possible the entire time. @Mr_Kurtis- An absolute gamer. He’s worked with me this entire time and helped me ensure that we would be able to deliver. @You - For reading this :). The rest of the details are in the Yearbook, so I won’t waste any more of your time. Read on, and be sure to leave us feedback at the link found within the book. Thank you! https://bit.ly/MHYearbook
  7. I believe applications should still be being read, but responses aren't immediate, like with all things in life. In regards to the requirements, they're more than fair and some would argue that they're even low. I highly doubt that they'll ever go down, probably only up in the future.
  8. They're not going to remove the plugin cap. Just vote for a month and you can use MH20.
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