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  1. I believe applications should still be being read, but responses aren't immediate, like with all things in life. In regards to the requirements, they're more than fair and some would argue that they're even low. I highly doubt that they'll ever go down, probably only up in the future.
  2. They're not going to remove the plugin cap. Just vote for a month and you can use MH20.
  3. Jackson85


    Imagine hacking
  4. Jackson85

    looking for skripts

    Honestly, I'm sure some of those are probably already in Skript Discussion or Skript Releases.
  5. Jackson85


    You've really changed my outlook on life with this post.
  6. This is indeed a Czechia moment, but anyway I've been good. I've had a lot of work lately so I'm staying plenty busy.
  7. It feels like it's been even longer than a year since your trial. It's hard to believe it's only been that long.
  8. No Cheat Plus can be pretty good if you configure it well.
  9. Jackson85


    An appeal can be made here.
  10. Jackson85


    You should be able to get notifications by just clicking follow topic
  11. I forgot to reply to this post. I had a reminder set and everything but still forgot. Anyway, it's been real everyone. Imma miss being able to get my forum post count up by moving and locking topics
  12. I would recommend adding more to your post like saying what the server is about to gain players.
  13. Yeah unfortunately Minehut doesn't support mods.
  14. Alright since you've retracted your suggestion I'll lock this post. Locked.
  15. 2 issues with this plugin: 1. It doesn't appear to support 1.16, only up to 1.15 2. There are other similar plugins on Minehut already such as TrollCommands++
  16. Please attach a link to the plugin you're referring to.
  17. Welcome to the meme factory.
  18. Jackson85

    Hi how r u

    I'm doing pretty good. Thank you
  19. Just recently had my AP Euro exam so I can tell you anything you want about the French Revolution
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