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    Topic locked due to necroposting.
  2. Why did the scarecrow keep getting promoted? He was outstanding in his field. (I asked the google assistant for this one as I’ve shared my true favorite far too many times on the forums)
  3. Moved to Community Support. Please post in the correct section next time. Regarding your issue, are other players able to join just fine while you cannot or can no one else join the server all the sudden?
  4. Jackson85

    Donor Lobby

    Moved to Suggestions. +1
  5. Hey, for future reference you should ask this question in Community Support, so I went ahead and moved it for you. Regarding your question though, you can do the command /setspawn if you have essentials installed which will pretty much make that spot act as the server spawn point and not just that specific world. (This can be handy if you have multiple worlds). You can also do the command /setworldspawn to set a spawn specific to that world that you are in. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend doing both of these commands on the spot that you’re trying to set as spawn. Hope this helps!
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    That’s pretty spoopy.
  7. I’m not quite sure what I just read but good job.
  8. Jackson85


    We exist to A) Watch Minehut YouTube Videos B) Make memes
  9. Welp, let’s get this bread.
  10. Season 2 is back for real this time my homeslices. We're back and better than ever! And to celebrate, I present to you Conspiracy Week: Second Edition. To start this week off we're going to be exposing dragonet for who she really is. Now, not much is known about dragon except for the fact that she can sing. Now the word "singing" is seven characters which is also the amount of letters in penguin. Now this could be purely coincidental but think about the name dragonet64. 6+4= 10+6=16. Now 6+4 we get from the actual numbers itself but we add another six on because there are two numbers in her name. Finally, i must expose the secret documents confirming all I've said and more. They say ".tuo gninnur ylwols si emiT .hguone noos deyortsed eb lliw seicaripsnoc eht llA ?gninnur rehtob neve uoy od yhW:" See you tomorrow.
  11. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd defend you.
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    Have a good break!
  13. Question answered. Topic locked.
  14. Well guess who will be the defense's lawyer? Myself. Good luck fellow forums creator.
  15. Hmm. After doing some research I've discovered that Triticale is not indeed gluten free, what do we do now?
  16. @crewlyI cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoy reading your posts. Quality content as always. Are these cookies gluten free though?
  17. We need to get rmjn to write the minehut tutorial scripts.
  18. Jackson85


    -1 I cannot emphasize how many times this has been suggested. I highly doubt this will be added due to Minehut's current infrastructure.
  19. Very interesting. I mean I'm not a dev but it sounds like an interesting idea.
  20. Would the users have to have the color codes memorized though?
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