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Community Answers

  1. Diakun

    Uploading Map Worlds

    I uploaded the maps to the default world as that seems to work as the maps are working now. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Announcement! The server will be down for a bit due to disturbing and inappropriate rumors being made about the server and the owner, these rumors were spread in minehut lobbies & minehut servers as the server was raided because of it. The information being spread around minehut is false and ColllegeRP does not support or condone such actions, I apologize to the community for the confusion & disturbance this has caused. I have reported the player to Minehut Staff and hope that action is taken.
  3. Diakun

    Uploading Map Worlds

    I'm trying to upload a world with bunch of map art, the map files are in the data folder. After uploading using the /ul command the maps come up empty. I'm running multiverse & the map world isnt the default... is it due to that?
  4. I can make backups its just minehut dashboard won't let me view the files as it's a .gz file /dl only supports world, schematics & logs download not much luck for luckyperms
  5. It allows LP to export permissions & config to a file, within the dashboard I cant really access the file as its a .gz file
  6. How do I download an exported file made by lucky perms as I would like to keep a personal copy of my permissions file?
  7. What's This? We have brought back the old town from the old map back in December so new and old players can explore and have more roleplay opportunities! We're still developing and planning for a new map soon so be on the lookout!
  8. Town Release We have brought back the town that we all loved back in December 2020 in the old map to the new map for new and veterans to explore!
  9. Diakun

    MH Yearly Plan

    So when I change the plan to something higher I would still keep the original plan?
  10. Diakun

    MH Yearly Plan

    I have a yearly plan and so what would happen if I were to suddenly change the server plan? Would I be refunded the amount of credit for the remaining months left? Would I just lose the whole plan entirely & not receive anything back?
  11. About Me I've been on minehut for quite a while, remember back when Minehut was changing their lobbies every month or so I've been to so many servers, some have fallen to griefing & some to minehut related server technical issues causing the world files to go poof but I finally found my place in ColllegeRP, as a Owner back in April 2020. Creating a wonderful community and it has been an amazing experience and is really grateful for the people that I met! I have been doing development in datapacks, team management and builder as it has been tones of fun! Thnx
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