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  1. Assuming you're using Bedrock, make sure you're connecting with the right information. Here is the information: -> IP: bedrock.minehut.com -> Port: 19132
  2. Can you try Mega? And also, if nothing else works, make a new Dropbox account and upload your world to it. Make sure to change the ?dl=0 and the end of the link to ?dl=1. Yeah, but the file size limit on the Dashboard is limited to 50MB.
  3. You're only able to disable server hibernation by purchasing the MH-Unlimited plan for your server. https://minehut.com/shop/plans
  4. Do you have any plugins which might interfere with biomes, for example, WorldEdit? Can you also check your world seed under Worlds tab? Also, do check if you have a recent server backup under Backups tab.
  5. CoolProgrammer


    Send your logs when that happens. Steps to obtain logs: -> Navigate to File Manager. -> Open /logs folder. -> Scroll to the very bottom and open latest.log. -> Select everything, copy, and paste it all here.
  6. As long as you have: -> Not shared Dashboard email & password with untrusted one -> Not opened books which untrusted players give you in creative mode -> Not clicked on signs that an untrusted player put in creative mode -> Been using common sense You don't have to worry about anything.
  7. What does it show in the feedback? Do you have any other plugins installed which override that?
  8. Can you give your logs using the following method: -> Start your server and try joining it. -> As soon as you're kicked, go to File Manager and open /logs/latest.log. -> Select everything and copy it. -> Come here, and paste it all.
  9. Type /gamemode creative, and it should put you in creative mode.
  10. You might've changed the server's level name. Can you type /worlds and send a screenshot of it?
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