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  1. Should hopefully be fine on 1GB of ram.
  2. You can first check the target entity, and then find out the distance between this targeted entity and player.
  3. The expression is %timespan% ago. Meaning, if your variable {slowness} is of the type timespan, then you can directly use set {chatslow::%player’s uuid%} to {slowness} ago.
  4. You might have accidentally changed the level name. Go to Settings tab of your server and change the level name back to "world".
  5. You will have to make a ticket to request your account to be deleted. Head over to https://minehut.com/support/ and then click on the Blue button to make a new ticket.
  6. Hey, can you type in /whitelist remove and check the list of tab completions you get? Try to remove and add your friend to the whitelist. If that still doesn't work, turn off the whitelist for your friend to join, and whitelist the server again. Then use /whitelist add (friends-name) to whitelist them. By any chance, are you using Vault without a permissions plugin installed?
  7. CoolProgrammer


    If you don't want random people to join your server, you can execute /whitelist on to disallow anyone else to join. Make sure you are opped first to do that.
  8. CoolProgrammer

    Plugin Ideas

    Hey! Essentials and Skript; great choice of first plugins already! NoCheatPlus -> I'd replace ABC Anti-Cheat with NoCheatPlus, since NoCheatPlus plugin will basically block cheats such as Flight, NoFall, etc. and so you do not have to worry about being online to check if anyone is trying to cheat in such a way. WorldEdit -> A plugin which allows you to perform block actions (fill, move, etc.), copy paste stuff, save schematics, etc. WorldGuard -> This is a great plugin if you want to protect regions, set custom flags for them (disable PvP, hunger, etc.) and so on. Note
  9. Hey, it's a compress log file, and can only be uncompressed using a software such as WinRAR. Due to Minehut's File Manager restrictions, it's currently not possible to download and uncompress this file in any way. The only log file that you can read is latest.log.
  10. You have to install the Essentials PlaceholderAPI expansion for it to work. Do the following commands: -> /papi ecloud download Essentials -> /papi reload That should work. You can also use Vault instead of Essentials. -> /papi ecloud download Vault -> /papi reload And then use %vault_eco_balance%.
  11. I think that's normal, let wait and see what others have to say though.
  12. No problem, enjoy. Here is how you do a 2 seconds cooldown: right click: # to check if it's the right tool stop if tool != nether star named "&f&lPower Of The &4&LNether" # calculate the difference between when the player last shooted a fireball, and now. set {_c} to difference between {cd::%player's uuid%} and now # checking if the difference is less than 2 seconds {_c} < 2 seconds: # if it is, then show them a cooldown message, and cancel the event, and prevent it from advancing (stop) send "You are on cooldown"
  13. Hey, you can use EssentialsX to enchant an item with any level. Do the following: -> Go to Plugins tab of your server, and look for a plugin called EssentialsX. -> Install this plugin. -> Stop your server and Start it back up. -> Now go to File Manager tab of your server and open the file located at /plugins/Essentials/config.yml. -> Look for the following option: -> Change the false to true. -> Save your file and go back in-game. -> Now execute /ess reload in-game. -> You should now be able to enchant your hand-
  14. Hello. It is because of the plugin PlayerServer in /plugins. PlayerServer is a plugin used by Minehut to communicate with the proxy and provide features such as /dl, /ul, /world, etc., and isn't counted in the plugin limit. You should still be able to install one more plugin, and your server showing 13 plugins in /plugins.
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