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  1. Alternatively, gamerules are stored in level.dat file inside of the world folder. If setting the randomTickSpeed doesn't work via console, delete level.dat
  2. Hopefully shouldn't be a problem because Minehut already uses an expensive word filter system, CommunitySift. They can simply check if the message as /join or join with a server name checked from database. Exceptions such as "server" "<server>" could be added in.
  3. Hey Goose. Thanks for showing me the Meta issue link. How about checking for keywords such as "your", "<server>" or even checking if the message contains name of a Minehut Server which actually exists in the database? And if not, then would be blocked? Sounds a bit complicated, but pretty sure it can be accomplished with multiple people finding a solution. I'll ask this on the thread as well.
  4. Hey. First of all, I'd suggest you to start using Skript instead of relying on Command Blocks for heavy tasks. Also, RAM doesn't play a big game in server performance, so don't worry about upgrading/downgrading your plan, unless you have a big player count change. Minehut doesn't give you better CPU power over free plans (So CPU power for free plans = paid plans), and only offer more RAM. CPU power plays a big role. PlayerServer should not affect your server performance. Alternatively, would you mind sharing your timings report?
  5. Hey pop! I'm sorry! Literally forgot to link the plugin. I've edited the main post and added in the link. Thanks
  6. Hey Tarna. Love how you are so active here helping out people. Keep up the great work and all the best. ❤️ Thank you for everything.

    1. _Tarna_


      Hello! Thank You!

  7. Oops! Didn't see that since I didn't look at the code. I typed in the way to debug a command tho, hope it helps in the future in some way.
  8. Gives me somewhat Hypixel vibes. Well designed server, which has been there for a lot of time!
  9. Hehe. I remember the time when I used to go to the church and steal the bell don't tell anyone. It got reset when the server reboots. They can easily fix it with disabling player interactions tho.
  10. Hey, I know this is general forum, but you can do this with Skript! https://forums.skunity.com/threads/colorutils-1-16.12134/ All you gotta do is copy paste that function, and then make a simple on chat event: on chat: set {_msg} to gradient(message, (r, g, b), (r, g, b)) # Make sure you replace r b g with actual color values! set message to "&7%player% &8» &r%{_msg}%" You can use this website to pick up r, g, b values for your choice of colors: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp
  11. Hey! That sounds sad But I'd suggest you to post this in Reports forums for a moderator to have full and quick attention to your report. All the best!
  12. How many times have Staff said "Please use /ad"? Whenever I join lobby, I see people advertising in the chat, "/join this", "/join that", and then there comes a poor staff member who politely has to repeat over and over, "Please use /ad ". Quite stressful... (Good thing that ranked players also contribute helping staff when things get crazier) As you know how powerful Minehut's word blocker is, why can't devs/admins spend a day in making a system where a message will be blocked if it contains "join" or "/join" or even a check if the player is advertising a server name which actually
  13. Do you get any weird alien looking messages such as ArrayOutOfBoundException when you are sent back to lobby? Or something similar? If so, I assume your in-game name is Anexzs. Just checked your uuid from NameMC. Now go to your main world folder, then go playerdata. Look for a file called 781f737f-2d86-4a0b-9830-821e04abc446.dat and delete it. This will delete your enderchest, inventory, xp, etc. but should let you join back again. Also, what's your server name?
  14. Good tutorial Goose. Pretty sure it's going to help a tonne of people out there.
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