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  1. Hey there. Minecraft servers will compress your logs once they are shut down. This means, you can extract such files to view the log. Since the panel doesn't have a functionality of downloading files, as well as Minehut API being down, there isn't a way to view older logs.
  2. Hey, you can appeal here: https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/
  3. No no, that's not what I was trying to say. My point was, there doesn't seem a need to know what benefits the role provides (in-case any). On top of that, this might be private information, and shouldn't be known to public. The soul purpose of the role is to help people with common problems. But yes, if you have the motivation to help people, this role is for you!
  4. Is that the reason you are applying? I mean, if I was a helper, I wouldn't expect anything, and would just love to help people.
  5. what is necro-posting??????

    1. CoolProgrammer


      Hey! Basically, if you make a post on a thread which has been inactive for over 30 days, it's called as necro-posting. This is not allowed.

      However, you are allowed to post on an on-going conversation such as Events, Community FAQ, etc.

    2. Prismed_


      Ok thanks... but I want to know why it is bad?

    3. CoolProgrammer


      I think it's just to make sure that the older posts are not bumped, as it might be annoying and considered as spam.

      The point is, if you need help with something on an old post, a better option is to make a new thread instead of posting it on an older one.

  6. I think it's not possible if the "50% off first purchase" was introduced after your first purchase.
  7. Clans, gangs, groups, etc. very cool. Can have clan boosters, etc.
  8. Crates, player shops, rental areas, welcome warps, wars, etc.
  9. Hey there. Please make a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support/form explaining the issue.
  10. Hey, give your server 5 minutes to start up, before joining it. Also, keep executing /server (name) every 10 seconds, so it makes sure to send you to your server as soon as it's online.
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