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  1. Make sure to uninstall any Permissions plugin, to prevent the other operator from banning you again. If they have "*", they override the permissions to ban other operators, and you cannot ban them. Once you remove/check the permissions database, you can put it back, and then /minecraft:pardon <username>.
  2. Right. The top plan of Minehut (500 Players) seems 100% seems a scam. It's IMPOSSIBLE to handle 500 Players at once on 1.15.x-1.16.x. The most powerful single-thread core i9-9900 can handle 120 Players at max on 1.15.x. I bet Minehut uses something less powerful.
  3. You have "TuSKe" as a plugin, so you should use the TuSKe GUI system. This is how I used to do it: create gui with virtual chest with 6 row named "&6Test Inventory": # This will create an item. make gui 1 with glowing dirt named "some item" with lore "lore" and "some more lore": # This is what will be executed when the player clicks on the dirt in the gui. send "You clicked the dirt" # This should be there after you make any inventory, or else, the inventory won't open up. open last gui to player Comment any help you need, or if you don't understand any part of the above code.
  4. I had a question. Are free servers and premium servers hosted on different nodes? Do the premium plans get a better CPU processing power than the free plans?
  5. If you have more than 12 plugins and your server still starts up and boots, you probably have FastASyncWorldEdit, which itself has WorldEdit. Hence, when you do /plugins you would see "Plugins (13):" where as, there are only 12 plugins installed in the panel. But yes, the new Minehut update SUCKS! 1 GB of RAM is enough to hold 10 players with 40-50 plugins on it. All that matters is the power of the CPU processing.
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