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  1. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). Topic Locked
  2. I will extremely miss you mate! It was always fun hanging out and chilling with you! I wish you the best of luck. Once you come back let's have one of those long talks
  3. Hmm. I recommend downloading your logs and send them to me here https://youtu.be/_8xh3M5wjKU
  4. Minehut is no longer in Maintance (A while ago) So I'm gonna lock this post Topic locked
  5. Hey! Want to learn how to make a server? How to run things and ect?? Minehut has a YouTube channel you can check out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3pD8Ghxh7nAhpnhkClCuHg
  6. Did you recently install a plugin or joined a server before you joined yours?
  7. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). If your still having issues please make a fresh new forum post Topic locked
  8. Hey I have a update! I download 3 worlds yesterday and it worked fine! Are you able to try again?
  9. Time to make what I promise to not make.. a snapchat account
  10. From what I've heard it should be working now! Could u try again?
  11. Ok so I'm going describe as much as possible . 1. get to the website pannel 2. Find the server (box) you'd like to turn on and click activate. 3. Click continue after it does it's countdown / or click edit server in the box 4. You should see a button with 3 lines on the top right and click 5. Then you'll see the places you want to go!
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