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  1. Basically, as far as i know minehut doesn't have a official Instagram account and i don't own a Twitter account so i think it will be great if minehut has a Instagram account. Now honestly... I'M ALWAYS on minehut, nearly on every minehut discord servers and just love minehut... so minehut can either just have a Twitter account for now and i make it! (Because also I'm always on minehut .. so it will be alive and posting out live news)
  2. Fun fact!!!! Monjang plans on improving minecraft alot. Basically bugs, and fps improvement in 1.15!!!
  3. Hay! I'm using blender but there's ALOT of other things to also download to make what i have made
  4. You have know idea how long I'm trying to get it lol.. I need some with it
  5. Thanks! I'm going to very honest.. you were the first perosn i started doing animation on. You look cool on the seat! I also added one of the staff members that are leaving next to you sleeping on a bag
  6. I already have your skin.. Just trying to find a place for you lol
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