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  1. Maybe you can add that the staff member teleports to where the report was done
  2. This looks awesome! I'm totally going to have this in my upcoming server imminently
  3. Question answered Topic locked
  4. Hay! Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). If your still having issues please make a fresh new forum post Topic locked
  5. Hay! If you ever do have a plugin to suggest post them here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/
  6. I wouldn't say this is a bug.. It would be pretty cool to have a bone meal in your inventory.
  7. The creation of the Minehut YouTube channel and with all the new mods this year
  8. Yeah.. even after when the new lobby was built...
  9. Unregistration is right! If there's no need for you to be online there's no need to have your server up If minehut were to have up to 100,00 capacity maybe (lol). But at the moment minehut is a fun, small little free server hosting place
  10. Hay! Our minehut channel makes alot of videos on how to skript stuff! Every Time I watch it, it give's me alot of cool ideas!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIpzRWdgO_I&list=PL34SSaSWNChTFvDSspJ56Tvm5sH4sS4mn Also I suggest having any discussions about skript in the skript category Moved to skript >> discussions
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