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  1. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). If your still having issues please make a fresh new forum post. Locked
  2. Hey I do belive it's just one word "use" then allow, I'm sure
  3. FadelessBanjo


    I think this is already a thing with the essentials plugin
  4. Question answered Topic locked
  5. FadelessBanjo


    Do you want something for when a player does /afk they are sent to a afk room?
  6. re uploaded my appeal with the new format

    1. FadelessBanjo


      I cannot not. You are responsible for that. Just do what you did but in the right format

  7. Question answered Topic locked
  8. This couldn't be minehut shutting minecraft down on you. Minecraft might not be able to handle and run your resource pack. Plus for your server it's the same to. Because of a lot of stuff happening on your server it might not be able to catch up.
  9. Ah ok Problem fixed Topic locked
  10. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). Locked
  11. You can't really do this but you can download your worlds like this here and just copy and paste your skript into a notepad file or something
  12. What are the commands you want to know?? There are alot
  13. Unfortunately no. But if you have a plugin you'd like added suggest it here
  14. But if you really want to have a plugin for your server you can suggest it here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/ Question answered Topic locked
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