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  1. You cannot join minehut with bedrock editon (Things like tablets, consoles, windows 10 version, ect)
  2. Does your server leave hibernation?
  3. Please don't post on a thread that has been inactive for over a month (necropost). Instead create a new topic. Locked
  4. Hello i want this post to see it someone who is a staff. 

    Hello My minecraft username is S3xy_ im playing for long time to a server and i have did a lot of things but this server is not mine no one of staff or owner joined in the server for a lot of months and i want to ask if someone of the staff of minehut can give me the world file because i want to put it one of my server so i can play and have perms because im the only one who plays on the server and i have did too much work 

    With Love


  5. Spiderlogical


    You can join the server from the lobby (minehut.com) using the command /join <servername> or you can join using the direct ip if the server is online.
  6. Moved to Community Support Make sure your server is offline before you try and reset the world.
  7. Moved to Community Support. To answer your question, no it isn't possible to switch from paper spigot to the vanilla plugin jar.
  8. You should be able to do pretty much anything you can do with plugins.
  9. plz unmute me. CyberRyan false muted me for drama that 0ct0ber caused


  10. You can contact support at http://minehut.com/support
  11. Can you try to repair files again?
  12. unban help

    1. serpo13


      i post appeal what do i do now help ksfslfd

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