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  1. Just wait for a moderator to approve it, your club should be approved now though.
  2. Spiderlogical


    Does your server crash, or when it goes down does it just rollback?
  3. If you're op you can try and download the world with /dl world <world>, if not you could use a world downloader mod but otherwise there isn't anything that you can do other than ask them for the world.
  4. you can't change the server version but you can allow people on 1.8 to connect to your server with the plugin ProtocolSupport (or ViaVersion, ViaRewind, and ViaBackwards)
  5. make an appeal here https://forums.minehut.com/application/
  6. Right now you can log out of your account, and when you log back in click forgot password to get a password reset email.
  7. Moved to Marketplace. Please post in the correct category next time.
  8. Reports need to be made here https://forums.minehut.com/application/ You can check out the reports and appeals information section for more info or message a moderator.
  9. Servers is used to advertise servers. Moved to Marketplace (where you can try and find staff)
  10. Spiderlogical

    Ban appeal

    take a look at this topic here for more info on how to appeal properly If you have any more questions about appeals you should message a staff member, Locked.
  11. How did you disable mob spawning? To kill all entities you could do /minecraft:kill @e[type=!player] or with essentials /killall all
  12. Spiderlogical

    Multiverse help

    Use the command /mv tp [PLAYER] {WORLD} to teleport a user to a world
  13. The name you're trying to use may be too long or not meat requirements
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