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  1. Have to wait for the things that minehut runs on to update, to quote theminecoder on discord it should be updated now,
  2. You can use /gamemode creative to switch to creative, make sure that you are opped or have the correct permissions. If you don't know how to do this and you own the server you can follow this tutorial
  3. Moved to Community Support. Please post in the correct category next time.
  4. Please post in the correct category, this category is for advertising your server. Moved to Community Support.
  5. You cannot join minehut with bedrock editon (Things like tablets, consoles, windows 10 version, ect)
  6. Does your server leave hibernation?
  7. Please don't post on a thread that has been inactive for over a month (necropost). Instead create a new topic. Locked
  8. Spiderlogical


    You can join the server from the lobby (minehut.com) using the command /join <servername> or you can join using the direct ip if the server is online.
  9. Moved to Community Support Make sure your server is offline before you try and reset the world.
  10. Moved to Community Support. To answer your question, no it isn't possible to switch from paper spigot to the vanilla plugin jar.
  11. You should be able to do pretty much anything you can do with plugins.
  12. You can contact support at http://minehut.com/support
  13. Then try and restart your server
  14. Can you try to repair files again?
  15. You can create an appeal in the Player Appeals section, but make sure to follow the Player Appeal format.
  16. Can you provide the server logs?
  17. Players are able to with /join <servername> to start it up from the lobby.
  18. Moved to Community Support. There are multiple ways you could do this, as mentioned above you can use Skript, there are also other ways you could create custom commands to display the discord link. DiscordSRV also includes this if you want to link your chat to the discord and vice versa.
  19. To create an appeal You can make an appeal at https://forums.minehut.com/forum/24-player-appeals/. Make sure to read the appeal format that can be found here
  20. Great that you've gotten this solved. Thread Locked
  21. It's most likely EssentialsSpawn, I'm not sure if there is a config option to disable respawning there or something like that but you could check.
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