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  1. make an appeal here https://forums.minehut.com/application/
  2. If you are trying to report a player for breaking minehut's rules, read this post
  3. Spiderlogical

    change password

    Right now you can log out of your account, and when you log back in click forgot password to get a password reset email.
  4. Moved to Marketplace. Please post in the correct category next time.
  5. Reports need to be made here https://forums.minehut.com/application/ You can check out the reports and appeals information section for more info or message a moderator.
  6. Servers is used to advertise servers. Moved to Marketplace (where you can try and find staff)
  7. Spiderlogical

    Ban appeal

    take a look at this topic here for more info on how to appeal properly If you have any more questions about appeals you should message a staff member, Locked.
  8. Spiderlogical

    killing entities

    How did you disable mob spawning? To kill all entities you could do /minecraft:kill @e[type=!player] or with essentials /killall all
  9. Spiderlogical

    Multiverse help

    Use the command /mv tp [PLAYER] {WORLD} to teleport a user to a world
  10. The name you're trying to use may be too long or not meat requirements
  11. You can make your server private by enabling the whitelist with the command /whitelist on, and then add anyone you want to be able to join with /whitelist add <username>. In addition to this you can hide your server with the server visibility option on the panel.
  12. If you want to report a player you can following this format, Minehut Report Format. It also has instructions on where to post reports. Our rules can be found here Minehut Rules.
  13. The only problem with the vanish skript is that if another player joins, or relogs they'll be able to see the person in vanish.
  14. As far as I know, minehut doesn't have any plugins for blocking or banning items. Skript can be a bit iffy aswell and could be bypassed. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/banitem-1-7-1-16.67701/ This plugin might work a bit better for this purpose.
  15. I believe it's been talked about in a suggestion before, but we don't know when or if it will happen as far as I know.
  16. Moved to Help. Please post in the correct category next time. To op yourself you need to type op *<your username> on the panel since all bedrock users have * added to their name
  17. Please do not post on threads that have been inactive for longer than a month (aka necroposting). Instead you should create a new thread in the correct category (which is the Help category). Locked.
  18. make an appeal following this format Minehut Appeal Format
  19. Moved to Server Advertisements. Please post in the correct category next time.
  20. Spiderlogical


    Currently minehut is still on 1.15.2. Unfortunately if you didn't have a world download or anything like that then there isn't any way for the world to be recovered.
  21. Spiderlogical


    Moved to Offtopic. Please make sure to use the categories correctly in the future.
  22. If you're looking for someone to do this for you, make a post in the marketplace. If you have specific questions this is the place to ask or get help with that.
  23. Spiderlogical

    GUI Lines

    What are you using to make the GUI?
  24. Spiderlogical

    Nametag edit

    On your panel where you opped yourself, type pex user <your username> add permissions.* or you can change the option for ops to use permissions ex in the config file for it.
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