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Minehut Community Staff Team, 2014-2021.


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Going to miss everyone 😔

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Discord: thistle#1234
In Game: thistl

Minehut Community Support Member
Minehut Junior Moderator

Minehut Moderator
(12/30/19 - 07/11/20)




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god i’m going to miss this

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Support  July 29, 2020 → November 3, 2020

► Helper November 3, 2020 → February 22, 2021

► Moderator February 22, 2021 → May 17, 2021

 I might not always respond to forum dms, however I am always contactable on discord (mig#0069)

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.23.33 pm.png

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Discord - swirs#0069

In-game name - swiirs


[VIP] - July 1st 2020

Support - 9/6/20 | 11/3/20

Helper  - 11/3/20 - 1/10/2021

Moderator - 1/10/2021 - 5/17/2021

Retired - 5/17/2021 - Present

Joined Minehut Mid-late 2015


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Thanks for the amazing opportunity ❤️ I will greatly miss everyone although I will still be in the community and helping Minehut in some way.

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In-Game Name - SilentF1ame

Discord - SilentFlame#9811


[Default] 14 February 2017

[VIP] 21 September 2020

[Helper] 26 November 2020

[Moderator] 2 February 2021

[<3] 17 May 2021



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Thank you everyone, thanks Minehut for this opportunity. It’s been good. I’ll still be around making servers, devving, and so on. Rosa out.

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rose city STICKER


i code, animate, develop, UI design, learn, and adapt, as well as make servers, of course

💐Joined Minehut sometime in 2014
💐VIP sometime in 2018
💐Legend in January 2021
💐Helper on 4/11/2021
💐♥ (Retired) on 5/17/2021
💐 Moderator on 8/18/2023

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8 minutes ago, ServerCrasher said:

Will the number of active mods decrease or increase? 


Likely decrease, but activity per moderator should increase.

Support  July 29, 2020 → November 3, 2020

► Helper November 3, 2020 → February 22, 2021

► Moderator February 22, 2021 → May 17, 2021

 I might not always respond to forum dms, however I am always contactable on discord (mig#0069)

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.23.33 pm.png

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Being on the staff team was an incredible journey I'll never forget. I met so many great people.

Thank you everyone, staff and players, for making it that way.


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The best way to reach me is on Discord (@daniel#0004). I'll respond quicker than on the forums!

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Santio71 -> Developer

Development Lead for Minehut Events Team

First Joined: Jan. 24, 2016


Joined CET: July 22, 2019 (About 1.75 years ago) 

[PRO]: May 6, 2020

Rejoined CET: June 15, 2020

Moderator: December 19, 2022


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I'm really sorry for what is happening, it makes me cry, but thanks for everything and all the hard work you have put in. Thanks for being a wonderful personality and huge inspiration to every single Minehut user. I will miss every single one of you gems. Love you all, wish you the best. ❤️


Hello there! If you're reading this, hope you're having a wonderful day!


Feel free to contact me via Discord (CoolProgrammer#1920) for any help.

My DMs are always open for help.

You can also message via. forum messages for help.


Also, don't hesitate to leave a like on my post if I helped you in any way.

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ok so to keep it short and sweet, Since ive been here all the staff have been so friendly, I will really miss them calling me a nerd in the lobby.

Seriously though, thank you all so much, we will miss you all 🙂

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Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber and Minehut Content Creator

(100,000+ Combined Views, 1,100+ Combined Followers & Subs, 20,000+ Combined Unique Players)

[YOUTUBE] Centrect

 Please don't DM me for support, go here or join Minehut's Discord if you need assistance.


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26 minutes ago, muelr said:



Minehut Community Staff Team 2014-2021



As some of you may be aware, following 9 am PST on May 17th, the staff team as we know it will be dissolved- this means that all current volunteers will have their permissions removed and the Moderator position will become an employed role. The staff team has come a long way following its introduction in 2014, with hundreds of staff members coming and going as time went on, this post is here to recall the contributions the volunteer team has made to Minehut in the past.

For those who aren’t aware of the situation, the volunteer staff team is being removed and replaced with a smaller team of employed Moderators. This change comes from an unexpected start of the year for the team, with the mass resignation on March 8th to now. The team has been under increased pressure from SLG- leading to the unexpected closure of recruitment on April 9th. Following the closure of recruitment, the staff team’s activity began to decline with the senior staff members becoming inactive first, spreading through the rest of the team. 

Minehut is a revolutionary service on Minecraft, acting as a place for anyone to come and establish their own server, with its own community that behaves exactly like a normal server- but free. Now, with a service of any kind, you need a dedicated team of people to help moderate it and ensure that it is safe for anyone- this is where the staff team comes into play. The staff team has been at the heart of Minehut since its introduction and will continue to be post-Monday. 

Today, I’d like to take the time to thank each and every staff member who has contributed to the staff team in one way or another. We have come so far. From the day that the Mod and Senior Mod ranks were created in January 2016 to today, the staff has come a long way, dealing with constant bot attacks, the data breach and other hurdles- the staff team has somehow survived. Through various sub teams, staff members have contributed so much to Minehut, whether it be through the plugins team, media team, events team, recruitment team, meta team, reports and appeals team and even quality assurance, I'm sure the contributions that we have made to Minehut will go on for years.


Staff Team Quotes

Quotes from some current and past staff members.

Ben87, Helper “Even though I had only one month as a Helper on Minehut, it really changed the way I think of the community and players on it. I love every single one of you guys as you made me feel extremely welcomed as a staff member on Minehut. I hope better things can come for all of us in the future and I'm sad to be leaving, but I have to leave the past behind me.”

thistl, Moderator “lol k”

Faacto, Moderator “too bad minehut isn’t the same anymore, now it's ****

Jackson85, Moderator “I would describe my time on the staff team with a massive essay, but instead I’ll use one simple word: grape.”

chillins, Moderator “maybe if you spent more time being a good staff member instead of disecting my guide you'd not of gotten demoted.” dissecting*

ReportCards, Moderator "cool"

muelr, Senior Moderator “lets prep for him to say that like no more staff under 18 (5/10/21, 7:51pm)”

PandaChan, Moderator “It's been fun moderating Minehut for the past few months, I've made a ton of memories with this team. While it's been a rough year, to say the least, I'm still gonna miss everyone. I wish the new staff team good luck!”

BurningBrimstone, Helper “Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful time as part of the community and staff team. It has been an outstanding 3 years on Minehut and I can't wait to experience what's in the future as we move on from this era. Much love.”

SilentF1ame, Moderator “I had a great time moderating on the staff team and wish all of the future moderators good luck and I hope to see you all in the community in the future”

Reassembly, Moderator “It was a good time, but everything has an ending, I will always have my messages open and yall can dm me at any time”

bobyjoey12, Helper "It's been a wonder working with this community, helping resolve issues. I may not be a helper anymore, however I'll still always be more than happy to help anyone out. Thank you all for the wonderful memories of my 3 months as a helper :)."

sqyid, Senior Moderator “Tough scenes”

swirs, Moderator “vinixs is fake”

Migins, Moderator “I’m going to cry over this”


Tresre, Helper “Thanks to everyone who made the time we had great, had some amazing memories and experiences. It was awesome to be able to work with y'all and I'll never forget it. Its been a great nearly 2 years, Minehut.”

Tarna, Moderator “I had a really great time moderating and helping the community for the past few months. I'm sad to see the community staff team is coming to an end but can't wait to see of what they have planned in the future. Thank you all for the fun times!"

fjsu, Moderator "it was fun, gonna miss everyone"

_Gingey_, Ex-Manager "See I wanted to add a quote, but I've got no idea what to say.."

Criticyl, Ex-Senior Moderator "yikes"

ReportCards, Moderator "cool"

rosathorn, Helper "I’m very grateful of all the time I got to spend here. I’ve been apart of Minehut ever since it was a Warzone server, nothing more, finally sometime around a month ago I achieved Helper. Since then I’ve worked hard to maintain my position. While this saddens me I’ll still be active in the community, making servers, and devving for other servers too. Making servers here has not only become a hobby of mine, but a passion over the past 2 years. Minehut also got me into coding around 2 years ago, starting with Skript until I learned more. Thank you Minehut."

Im cool


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