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  1. dude i heard in thaland they arrest you for calling out the king is that true if so im so sorry maybe u guys could try adopting the 1st amendment

  2. nice ok ill go to bed now
  3. In my opinion, I think minehut is the best minecraft server hosting and should not be used for making a network, Minehut puts your server in a single bungeecord network where all hosted-servers are hosted in, I don't think this is the best 'paid' host because they don't let you use a custom plugin which seems reasonable, Minehut lets you make unique gamemodes without even risking your money because their hosting is very cheap! "Minehut Tutorial" Minehut tutorial is a tutorial about making your 'minehut server' but you can use some tutorials on non-minehut server The secret ab
  4. copy this thread and put it in plugin suggestions

    Minehut Exposed

    this thread is too advanced, i'm out
  6. Heres a worth.yml on my plugin it might not be perfect tho because its the default config also this plugin is custom coded for my self and i wrote the config at 2AM so yea I hope this helps also I suggest making rank ups expensive #-------------------------------------------- #Prisons plugin customcoded by THA1LAND #File: worth.yml #-------------------------------------------- #enable the Autosell feature? autosell: true #fortune double price: fortune: 0.5 #Method of using the autosell #CheckByEvent or CheckByLoopingInventory met
  7. The problem is because the world file is too large, try uploading files one by one, or try using other file uploading platform (I believe that max world upload size is 50MB for minehut if i'm not wrong.)
  8. Minehut have recently updated to 1.16.1, now the problem should be solved. Server version (For nerds): PaperSpigot (Paper) git-Paper(BUILD 26) MC. 1.16.1 (R0.1 SNAPSHOT)
  9. Read my post below VVV
  10. Its ok, I'm here to help, Method 1: Deleting minehut cookies WARNING: This method will intirely sign you out of minehut & minehut forums but you can log back in whenever you want Click on icon located in right-top corner in your browser (on minehut website) Click on button located in menu that the button opened After that, you will see this gui: Now you wana click the button to remove minehut cookies Lastly, reload the page and you're good to go! Method 2: Re-starting your computer Simple as the title Method 3:
  11. THA1LAND

    Mcrealistic Plus

    Try re-installing them If you have issue(s) after re-installing, contact minehut support at https://minehut.com/support/form
  12. THA1LAND

    spawnpoint issues

    Try doing /setspawn, theres a chance of its bugging, if its bugged try using setspawn skript https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/spawnsystem-➜-setspawn-delspawn-spawn-【skript】.75066/ If you don't have essentials installed but you're using the /setworldspawn command you will need to use /gamerule spawnRadius 1 to limit player into spawning on your preferred location
  13. THA1LAND


    Open your client-log then look for error(s) To open your log, launch your minecraft & try joining at least 1 server when it fails press Windows + R then type %appdata%\.minecraft\logs\latest.log Then you should see at least 1 error If you don't know how to solve them, post the error here. If you see none, try doing what McThistle2 just said:
  14. Go ahead and bump it if you wana delete your server
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