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  1. I like how minehut is a friendly server that allows others to have fun together across the world with 2 free servers and how it has a nice community
  2. CaptGate

    Should I?

    However some may not know how to skript
  3. skyescape gave me op then imminently perm banned me and I am still banned
  4. CaptGate

    Bug of both worlds

    Tried to join this server and it said i was logged in from another location but this happened..
  5. I am in need of a skripter for a fun RPG server that will be the most fun out of them all and non-p2w. Please reply if you are interested or msg me when i'm online my ign is CaptGate thank you!
  6. CaptGate

    Club approved

    How do I get my club approved?
  7. LightingCR is a incredibly fun pvp/rpg server where you pvp and upgrade your armor and weapons to pvp with abilities such as rage and gapples give you temp speed and are insta-eatable with constant updates and active staff working hard every single day! The ip is lightingcr.minehut.gg or go to the minehut hub and do /join lightingcr
  8. i get kicked from my server every time i join


    1. CaptGate


      Does anyone else on your server have perms and what does it say when you get kicked in chat?


  9. CaptGate


    This is unexplainable but just sayin minehut isnt rolling back your server or trolling you
  10. I'm sorry to say It still does not work, I have tried exactly what you said twice and even reset the entire server and did the same directions, it still did not work
  11. https://pastebin.com/ZiUsg9Ac
  12. I loaded my server and pressed the start button to load it on the website it says starting.. for around 10 seconds then goes back to the start button I already tried repairing files and restarting my server is gaterpg.minehut.gg please help
  13. CaptGate

    Bug Report

    It isn't a bug you have to set it in the nether aswell by going into the nether and end and setting keepinventory true.
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