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  1. Please don't comment on posts that have been inactive for a month or longer, thanks! Locked
  2. ! The message above has been flagged for being fake news.
  3. muelr

    How can I make an op?

    To OP a user, please do the follow command in your server command. The server command can be found on your panel. BEDROCK -> /op *(username) JAVA -> /op (username)
  4. Unfortunately we cannot get you the account email due to account security. If you cannot remember the email, you can try entering emails into the forgot password popup and keep trying until you get an email for one of the emails. If you didn't enter a legitimate email address when setting up your account, then your account may unfortunately be lost as you will not be able to reset the password. If you join sircarec and type /seed to get the server IP, you do need operator permissions to perform this command though.
  5. Nie można zmieniać wersji serwera, ale można zainstalować protokół ProtocolSupport, aby umożliwić łączenie się poprzednim wersjom. Moved to Help
  6. An auto miner would be cool. Minehut user's tend to enjoy AFK-based gamemodes so having an auto miner would combine that into it which could attract more users.
  7. muelr

    Cant make myself Op

    To make yourself OP please do the follow commands in the server command section of the panel. JAVA - /op (username) BEDROCK - /op *(username) If these don't work, then please respond and I or someone else will get back to you.
  8. Hey, sorry you've been experiencing these problems. The developers have been working on resolving these issues for a while now. Recently, the lag that servers have been experiencing has been decreasing and I, personally, have not been experiencing much of it.
  9. Minehut Media Team Hey! We wanted to take the time to update everyone on our policies in regards to the Media Team. Criteria Changes Whilst we do have specific requirements for certain platforms, we have a set criteria that all creators must meet prior to them applying, this includes: - Must be above the age of 14. - Must not have a severe punishment history on Minehut. - Create family-friendly content. - Be willing and able to produce Minehut content. - Produce original content, mainly Minecraft-related. - Have an active channel. -> This general criteria
  10. Hey! I'm muel and I've been a member of the staff team since August 1st 2019. I became a Senior Mod the following year in July 2020 after I took a short break from December -> April. Welcome back to Minehut!
  11. Please don't respond to topics that have been inactive for a month or longer. Locked
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