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  1. Have you tried join the server through minehut.com, then using /join <server>?
  2. ImFascinated

    cracked client

    You need to have a premium account to be able to join
  3. You can't change the version, sorry
  4. You can change the default gamemode in the panel (https://minehut.com/dashboard/home). It's under the Settings tab.
  5. ImFascinated


    It was probably referring to a permission node, you can bypass this if you are op.
  6. Have you tried to set it with Essentials? If you don't want to use that you can use Skript, you can teleport them to spawn on: First join, Death, and a command if you wish to have one.
  7. Have you tried restarting your browser and if that doesn't work, try restarting your computer. Good luck
  8. ImFascinated

    plug in

    You can install plugins on the Dashboard in Plugins (https://minehut.com/dashboard/home) If you're still stuck, I'd be happy to help you
  9. You can upload the file to Mediafire and upload it via /ul world <worldname> <mediafire link> Example: /ul world newWorld https://www.mediafire.com/ If you are still having issues please let me know
  10. You could use an actual permission/group plugin, for example LuckPerms. There is quite a few tutorials on how to use it, and if you get stuck I'd be happy to help you. My discord is below
  11. Hey, so I've been thinking and I was going to make tutorials for plugins that are used on Minehut, for example LuckPerms, PermissionsEx, Multiverse, ext. I would love to hear what you all think about this and I'd love your feedback on this.
  12. Ryzen 5 3600 48gb Ram 3200mhz Corsair 650w psu GTX 1060 6gb
  13. There shouldn't be a reason for your item frames to despawn, but if your animals aren't named they will despawn. If this still happens on named mobs, can you let me know and we can try something else.
  14. ImFascinated

    Instant server crash

    I am having this issue too, the best thing to do would be open a support ticket at: https://minehut.com/support/form
  15. It's called Essentials, you can install it through the dashboard.
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