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  1. please move to community support, this video should help.
  2. Unless they changed the launcher then this should help ----->
  3. hahaha idk bro I think you would really be interested in that
  4. What version is your client? Maybe that. tbh idk but keep trying and never give up : )
  5. Welcome it the forums! Hope your time here is great!
  6. To delete a world, use the command /del world {worldname}. I recommend getting the plugins Multiverse and MultiversePortals to teleport players between worlds (however, you can always teleport to a different world by typing /world {worldname}). Using this plugin, you can quickly teleport to a different world with /mv tp {worldname} and can set up teleportation portals with MultiversePortals. If that doesn't work (or not what you were looking for) try the /worlds command and click the main world you would like to go on! Hope this helps.
  7. Please put this in the right category next time, this portion of the forums is for advertising your server only. Please go to community support next time
  8. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not xD
  9. I have a weird feeling that I shouldn't trust you driving me around
  10. Ok ill try also you you know why my skrip for a bossbar isn't working on join: create bossbar titled "&2&lWelcome &6%player's uuid%" and id "welcome.%player's uuid%" for player with progress 100 with colors green wait 5 ticks loop 100 times: set {_Value} to value of bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" remove 1 from {_Value} set bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" value to {_Value} wait 3 ticks remove bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" IDK if you'll know but it is worth a shot.
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