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  1. Endgator

    500 Rep

    ...and I only have 99 and I joined 6 months before you (don't look at my number of posts ok) what a sweat
  2. Now I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can report the server on the forums yourself. And also why agree to the TOS if you didn't even look at it or understand it, then proceed to ask for a refund even though you agreed that you wouldn't refund... just my opinion though, don't get mad at me lol. But I also think the owner could try to see it from your POV too I guess.
  3. Wow I never knew that before, but that makes a lot more sense! Thanks for this insight.
  4. Endgator

    mine of the hut

    At the very bottom of the forums should look something like this:
  5. Hey and welcome to the forums! I read about your server and it seems like something I would be interested in. I know you it currently isn't out, but do you have an estimated date it would be out because I think I would be interested in joining and checking it out! Hope to see you around.
  6. Endgator

    mine of the hut

    I used to use Dark Mode, but honestly some parts of the forums didn't really go well with it. (Mostly people's signatures) Currently I'm using light theme mode.
  7. Nah I meant I don't play on MH in general, bad wording lol. I kinda just hang out in hubs and help others sometimes with problems
  8. Probably should put in section made for servers lol
  9. idek because I don't play other servers often
  10. Endgator


    This is beautiful to see a true leader rise up
  11. Why are you talking about this over a year later? Also that was a very real thing, entire server had to be restarted (all the data that is) but why talk about it now? LoL
  12. Endgator

    how to get approved

    bruh, thats a yt link
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