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  1. Do you guys mainly develop server (staff or owner) or do you play on other people's creations and just chill?
  2. It is sad that minehut has only a limited amount of server slots, but it is a free service so don't expext the same experience compared to a $100 month server.
  3. You sound like me lmao except I play football not basketball my aim (unlike in Minecraft) is terrible.
  4. Are you planning on also letting 1.8 players join?
  5. Great thread, never give up on your dreams guys because they do come true!
  6. idk about you but I like to say sookay ngl
  7. don't worry I understand, I just wanted to see what people thought lol. Thanks for the feedback btw i love that profile picture!!!
  8. I get why they do this tbh I don't mind it, sorry. GL on you server and have a great day!
  9. Endgator


    +1 I could defiantly use this
  10. I will be more than happy to help, but I can't play until Thursday since I have a TON of studying to do and homework!
  11. I was wondering what you guys think of Minehut creating a paid service. It would include (faster server startup, less lag, a different hosting server to get away from all the people but still can connect to the main hub, faster support, 35 player slots without having to pay extra credits, early accuses to plugins they are going to add or plugins only for the paid service, special tag and perks on the main hub and the premium hub) This would cost whatever Minehut thinks is fitting ($5-$15 a month idk). Sorry if this is meant to be suggestions, but I wanted to see how the community would receive this idea before I put it up for suggestions! Drop your thoughts below!
  12. Hey man, what your server just wanted to know because I could help with Moderation and other things if you would like!
  13. Ya I know, Im not going to change it I just wanted to share lmao. My server is Endlandz (it actually is a network since there is 5 servers within it, I cost like $10 [1,200 credits] sorry for going into so much depth with this, hope you have a great day!)
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