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  1. Release a server that gets an okay amount of players, and 10K on YT (Already have 6K so +4,000).
  2. Please post this in community support next time. Also to help you, after the server goes down all the worlds shut down aswell. You have to reopen them and join them. You also must have PER- world invitory or something like that so once you join the world again you should have all of your things. To explain the random TP your server brings you to the cords of the world you were in before you logged off but on the main world. Hope this helped and PLEASE post in the right catigory next time.
  3. Yo GG on post 4,000 in off-topic lol
  4. Does it let you join for like a second and then kick you, since I have this problem with my HUB server too and I don't know how to fix it and neither does anyone else so for, from what I have seen.
  5. To do it in game, which is easier, first you need to make the .ZIP file into a link by going to https://www.file.io/ once you have done that copy the link and return to your server. Once you are there you must do the command /mh and select UPLOAD WORLD once you have done that choose what type, in this case a .ZIP file. It will promt you with a message that says something TYPE THE NAME YOU WANT YOUR WORLD TO BE CALLED once you have done that press enter and open chat again, and once a message that says PASTE A DIRECT LINK FROM YOUR .ZIP FILE paste the link that you got from https://www.file.io/ into the chat and the world will be generated. You will know when it has been uploaded when it says SUCCSESS please restart your server so the file can load or something like that. Go into your home page of Minehut dashboard and select restart. Then return to your server after the restart. To proceed to go to your new world type the commad /worlds and click the world that you named and you will be teleported to 0,0 of that new world. The builds should all be there unless the site/you made the builds in different coordinates. If this is true look on the site and it should say where the builds were built, if it doesn't they most likely are at 0,0 or near it. If the builds and cords aren't there I recomend contacting the owner of the build if you downloaded it. If you do manage to find the cords then do the command /tp and then copy and paste the cords of the build. Hope this helped and have an amazing day. You can also click HERE for a video on Minehut
  6. Have you tried connecting from the lobby. Also how many plugins and 'player slots' do you have because that could be the problem, as you stated before.
  7. LOL yeah if my server lets me join. look in community support if you need more info about that lol.
  8. I'm not really interested in making the server, but I would be interested in being a part-time staff memeber!
  9. Wasting My Life on Minehut nononono USING My Life on Minehut...
  10. I like this idea. Sounds promising!
  11. lol night... the system thought he was saying something that is not very nice. haha... RIP Spider
  12. I think that you should do whatever beifits you most since it will be worth your time. For example if you like where you are going with your own thing you should do that because you will be more willing to work for it. SO YEAH that's my advice... but like I said do what you think would help you the most!
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