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  1. Creative team leader
  2. GalaxyRomeo


    I'll miss you, you have done many great things for minehut
  3. I actually own 2 of em maybe sometime you can checkout ScytheMine
  4. If youre interested, I could invite you to the discord Im not sure if Im allowed to here tho... You could also join the server and use /discord
  5. 100% true yeah, the community and their opinion is really important. Currently me and my team are working on a skyblock server and we want to add a lot of unique features, hopefully it will become popular...
  6. Im trying my best to develop a whole new server idea, but its really hard to come up with something that hasnt been done before that will get popular
  7. What do you think would be the best way to make a server like this?
  8. All of these servers are so great. And I think that youre right, if developed well, they would get really popular
  9. Ow wow, I never played any of these servers, how long ago was that?
  10. so good to hear, hopefully I can get another chance
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