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  1. disapologies


    i am sad not a gamer moment no more fun times with filr ;(
  2. disapologies og spleet best gamer moments happened on there
  3. My ability to sense mockery is triggered, therefore I am obliged to reply with a sentence, which consists of 3 words that describes the process of noticing such sorcasm.I sonse sorcasm.
  4. i mean not that hard to remember a coding language
  5. do you not understand how easy that would be?
  6. The plugin creator hasn't made an update for it yet or trent is to lazy to update it could also be bugged atm PLUGIN
  7. Im not to sure why this doesn't work is the ip right, do you have a good internet connection?
  8. personally i think mines better https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=mapvmcmipomumq createable ingame in survival
  9. This would be a question to put into the help discussion Also, the way minehut is hosted it would be a security risk to let players put there own plugins in so they have disabled it so you cant add your own plugins
  10. This is more of a off topic discussion not really related to minecraft or minehut but then again i could be wrong just my opinion a giveaway i personally would generally put it in off-topic.
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