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  1. These look like fake screenshots.
  2. filr

    Permission systems

    You can't remove all of them, only one. If you have multiple active at one time, essentials won't be able to tell which one you want.
  3. filr

    Permission systems

    Remove the hashtag in front of whatever format you're wanting to use.
  4. filr


    If you feel a staff member is being biased against you, I urge you to DM me on Discord (filr#9999) regarding it.
  5. You cannot see a numerical IP address. Players can join your server using <server name>.minehut.gg or /join <server name> from the lobby.
  6. filr

    Server Wont Start

    How many plugins do you have installed?
  7. filr

    Minehut Exposed

    I didn't twist your words, and if I did, unintentional. But I can provide messages from tracc if needed.
  8. filr

    Minehut Exposed

    You don't get silenced simply for expressing your opinion my guy. You get silenced if your opinion negatively affects user experience--which going on the lobbies and trying to convince users to leave is. "If half the amount of effort that's put into denying freedom of speech, was put into actually developing features, Minehut wouldn't be behind right now" kinda a funny thing to say ngl. I'm putting no effort into "denying free speech", this is stuff I know from educating myself. "Why would you place people who don't play Minehut regularly or aren't familiar with certain aspects of it, on the support team that is tasked with helping Minehut users." That is a true statement that I can agree with, however our support team is familiar with Minehut's platform and intended usage. I don't see how you not receiving a refund indicates their lack of knowledge around Minehut's technical side. "Moderators shouldn't be able to mute people for saying 'Minehut is a scam'. And that's not a rule listed on the rules page regardless." Again, you were muted for trying to get users to leave Minehut, negatively affecting user experience. Also, the reason we have rule #13 is for any times where we may need to specify a rule without it being written on the page. "I don't think I need to explain this one. I'm not being toxic by saying 'Minehut is a scam', literally after they scammed me $12 and denied a refund." Again, not why you were muted. "Literally one of the issues here is that people get deemed toxic by the staff team for simply giving their opinions and then you come out here and call me toxic for voicing my opinion....." Telling people to leave the service is not an opinion.
  9. filr

    Minehut Exposed

    Alright so there's a lot I'd like to touch on here. I'm taking everything from the document, nothing from your past or anything else. "They usually have no interest in retaining the qualities that made the project interesting or attract users in the first place." What features changed that made Minehut unenjoyable? What about Minehut does not attract growth/users, and if this is so, why has Minehut grown exponentially? "Super League Gaming wants money, and as such, they acquired Minehut" Yeah, I don't think any company in the world would acquire something if they didn't see some kind of mutual benefit. However, if this was purely the case, I think we'd see a lot more executive influence. There really isn't. "The only goal here is personal gain for SLG, not to make Minehut a better place" Does not make sense. You cannot get more "personal gain" without putting anything into something else. Also, I think there'd be more executive influence if this was the case. "Another big issue that unveiled as SLG presence on Minehut increased, was the lack of communication and transparency with players" I know I've already said this several times, but on the staff side of things, I want to be more transparent. "Luke was more in touch with the community" What do you mean by this? Do you mean he was on the server a lot, or activity network wide? How can I improve this? I doubt Trent has any problem talking more often to everyone but I don't want to speak for him. "Nowadays you’re making support tickets instead of getting help directly from an admin" Minehut now has a dedicated support team. As much as I hate to say it, Admins are too busy to constantly be assisting users. Also keep in mind Minehut has grown substancially, it's in everyone's best interest that there is a dedicated support team rather than "Oh, just DM Trent." If you need direct help, I have no doubt a Moderator/Junior Moderator will have any issue responding to you. Minehut still continues to be based heavily on community support, hence why a lot of questions/concerns are answered in #help on the Discord and in the help category on the forums by community members. "Completely ignoring the days, weeks, or sometimes, even months, it takes for them to be read, you aren’t even getting help from a Minehut official" They are Minehut officials? And if it is taking that long to get a response, message me. "You’re getting support from people who don’t even use Minehut regularly" The Support Team is pretty small, and while yes I will admit that some of them don't use Minehut actively, Kurtis does. "SLG does not care about user experience, or appreciation for Minehut" Not sure what exactly you're going for here, but yes they do. If user experience was not cared for, Minehut would not be maintained and there'd be no updates. "In fact, they actually censor and filter any sort of slightly negative comment towards Minehut anywhere" If your comments are negatively affecting user experience (like yours were, by going on the lobbies and telling people not to use the service) then Moderators reserve the right to mute you. "You’re instantly deemed ‘toxic’ for voicing your opinion" You should voice your opinion in a non-toxic manner then. "As seen above, the main argument for denying freedom of speech on Minehut, is a legal point of view. If you take a moment to think about why people at Minehut would give you legal responses on a free server host for Minecraft, you’ll realize, they would not. At least, they wouldn’t have years ago. Now that SLG has acquired Minehut, legal responses are the extent of support you’ll get. " I didn't think I really needed to attach the screenshot. This is not a SLG rule, this is a government rule. You referenced the U.S. Constitution for legal reasons, and as such I gave you a legal response. I would've done it when I was a Sr.Mod in 2016 if someone said it then too, and I did. "If I fully expose staff members here I’ll continue to get targeted on the network even harsher." Expose them in my DM, if a staff member has done something to warrant termination then I will do so. You're helping nothing by hiding evidence. "Anyways, the staff team is really corrupt. I don’t blame the individuals, but the higher-ups. If you think about it from an honest point of view, the individuals that are volunteering for Minehut, aren’t working for a company, rather, their higher-ups are." I'm not working for Super League. "For the record, I was not spamming, flooding chat, attempting to promote any sort of agenda, political view, or continue any form of drama" You were promoting users to leave Minehut, negatively affecting user experience. "I was simply using my rights and expressing freedom of speech." Doubt I have to say it again, but no company is required to allow you to have free speech. The 1st Amendment protects you from governmental interference. "After this experience, it became more clear than it ever has been, that the Minehut staff team, or some members of it, simply do not like me, and target me because of my name" This goes for anybody, Minehut Moderators are human beings too. If you dig yourself in a grave by constantly saying things that are borderline rule violations you will have a reputation among the staff, and your punishment history always contributes to this. "I went to the forums to appeal as instructed. I waited over 7 hours for my 24 hour mute appeal to even be read and responded to. " Some of our staff have things they like to do outside of Minecraft. "As you can see in the screenshot above, they’ve denied my appeal. The thing that really caught my eye, was the part of the response that instructed me to wait 2 weeks to appeal again" From what I'm aware, this was incorrect. You are not required to wait 2 weeks. "Instead, they neglected it, because as stated previously, they target me." This was nothing against you. All denied appeals have a waiting period before being allowed to appeal again. "At this point I should be tired of it, but since SLG acquired Minehut, there is virtually nobody I can go to, in order to address this corruption" I'm right here, but only if you have valid evidence. "For years Minehut has struggled to get basic features out. Some are features that come automatically in PC hosted servers. Including but not limited to; Live console." I know live console has been discussed a lot and I don't want to speak on the dev team's behalf, but I think it'd be a valuable feature. I think they all do. "They’re already profiting tons off of Minehut. But they want more. If something doesn’t make them money, or boost their stock price, it won’t be added." I'm curious, how much do you think SLG is making from Minehut? By the way you're talking, it's making me think you believe Super League has hit the mega millions lottery. That's basically every point I wanted to touch on. Thanks for taking the time to make this post and I think it's important to come forward with any concerns you have. This isn't a personal attack against you as you may perceive it to be; this is just a collection of my thoughts as that document was. When this thread was brought to my attention a few hours ago, I changed my priorities around for the day so I could give you a response. Again, this isn't a personal attack against you. I'd also like to say once more that you can come to me with evidence to "expose staff members." There's no reason to keep someone on the team is there is physical evidence of something they've done that should warrant termination.
  10. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Welcome to the team, glad to have you all in our ranks.
  12. Please reset your password, this seems to fix the issue. Moved to help & locked
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    removed building

    Locked due to necropost.
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