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  1. farwl

    truly a mad lad

  2. According to this it was just [Noob]
  3. It's been weird with you gone... I hope that whatever you are doing, it's going well for you!

  4. Smh rusty my one year was in 2016. But yes congrats everyone else
  5. farwl


    sad times ahead

  6. filr


    Hi everyone, please read this entire post so there's no rumors/confusion regarding this. I am resigning 100% on my own accord and it's not due to anyone else's leave. I'm going to be resigning and basically leaving Minehut as a whole. I'd like to make it perfectly clear this has nothing to do with all the recent resignations and I was actually going to resign before all of the staff who recently have, I was just sticking around to hopefully start getting some stuff drifted toward new management and still addressing some lingering issues. Some of those issues are gone, some remain. As such
  7. filr

    Old Minehut

    Upload any old screenshots of Minehut here with a little backstory, putting a little something together
  8. Hey, you can directly create a support ticket here and we'll be able to delete your account.
  9. I have no idea where to move it to...moved to off topic
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