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  1. This usually has to do with your ping. Are you on a good connection?
  2. Still should be in marketplace, moved accordingly.
  3. filr

    How do you gain Credits

    In addition, we also offer chances to win credits from our events. Find out more information regarding these on the discord.
  4. Also probably worth mentioning that you cannot directly connect to a bedrock server, you have to join through the lobby.
  5. Servers do not require a port to connect, the default port for bedrock is 19132. Connect: bedrock.minehut.com port 19132
  6. filr

    Admin List

    You can also access a staff list here
  7. Mafia. What do you want your job or career to be in the future?
  8. filr

    Server Destroyed

    Locking this thread because a report is being created.
  9. Heya, Warzone actually still exists, however it currently operates as a non-official server, just as a player server.
  10. ngl i thought ur pfp was hinata for a good 10 mins

  11. The calendar of which contains the fun activities we define as "Minehut Events" can be found below for the current week we are in, May 25th-31st. This was supposed to sound dumb. Anyway enough of my comedy here you go!!!
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