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  1. Hey! If you wanna go to a thread to talk about this (you have all the right to), I suggest going here. It's a good way to push to revert the plugin limit! In the meantime, however, it might be beneficial to learn skript. You can cut down on a lot of plugins by using the skript plugins provided and making them your own.
  2. Elektrodes


    Heya! There's a few good ways to get credits. You can vote for 25 daily credits (after linking your Minecraft account) here. You can buy credits on the Minehut website. You can enter into Twitter events once they're posted here. And the last option, you can wait until the server is down for maintenance for a long time and get reparations.
  3. no you didnt i gave them op and found out theyre a grown man and they blew up my server
  4. Hey everyone! First off, thank you guys for the feedback on the last two posts I've made here. I've really had a blast making them! For a filler post while I work on the upcoming Book Cover thing, I had a fun idea the community can get involved with. Do Your Worst! You go on the forums, post a thread in community support, and bam - no response. Then, the notification bell goes off; you've finally received an answer! If someone knowledgeable commented, chances are your question was answered. Sometimes, however, it can end up something like this: The Prompt This po
  5. Elektrodes

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    No problem!
  6. Hey there! Next time you need help, I suggest posting here. You'll receive a faster response that way. When it comes to pasting many blocks at one time, servers are going to crash - that's just the way things are. I recommend using FastAsyncWorldEdit which can help for such size builds.
  7. Hey guys!
    I'm working hard on the new segment of Judging Books by Their Covers, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it. Stay tuned!

  8. Hey! Because it's a survival world, I'd assume you didn't take frequent world downloads or install CoreProtect. However, if you did any of these, there's an easy way to restore the server. Was it completely vanilla?
  9. Hey! I screenshotted this directly from the Minehut Discord. I hope it answers your question!
  10. Hey! I just tried posting a response, but I included a few links so it was automatically hidden. What I'd suggest is installing a permissions plugin to use alongside Essentials, such as PermissionsEx. To learn how to use basic commands, you can search up "PermissionsEX commands" and follow the GitHub link. Once you're familiar with these, you can find the Essentials permissions by searching them into Google. Best of luck on setting up!
  11. Hey there! Because you have Essentials installed, you have half of the battle won. The next thing I'd suggest you do is install some type of permissions plugin. PermissionsEx is one I commonly suggest. To learn how to use basic commands, the GitHub list is here. Once you've learned to create groups and give permissions, you can find the Essentials permissions here. Best of luck on setting up!
  12. I tried writing an undisguise command, though I haven't tested it. Let's hope the quotations don't throw an error. command /undisrank <player>: permission: Mini.RankDis permission message: "&cYou are not authorized for this command!" trigger: if arg-1 is set: make console execute command "pex user %arg-1% prefix """ send "&8You've reset &7%arg-1%&7's &8rank! else: send "[If you wanna make it to where it undisrank's you, feel free to add it. Or just send an error message.]"
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