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  1. chillins

    Not connecting

    Is your Minecraft Launcher sycned to your Servers version? i.e if you are launching the game in 1.18.2 does your server support this version?
  2. Appeal by submitting a support ticket. Most appeals will be responded to within 24 hours.
  3. No problem, all the best
  4. Unfortunately Minehut does not allow cracked versions of Minecraft to connect to their servers as it can be quite a big security risk and invulnerability. If you would like to connect to Minehut I'd advise purchasing a premium account which I've linked here.
  5. I appreciate it man, the goal was to put something out that might create nostalgia and would be fun to look back on from time to time. Kicking myself that I didn't take more screenshots from promotions and such but regardless, enjoyed my time here and I'm very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks and all the best.
  6. Glad to hear and hope you're keeping safe, see ya around.
  7. Explaining the Staff Team Changes Hello there. I'm sure everyone's aware and has taken in the recent evens which took place. I'm probably a bit late to the party but considering my involvement within those events it's been hard to get around to making this post. For those who are unsure of what I mean by "recent events" allow me to reiterate. Recently, Trent & Super League had decided on bringing in a new & improved Moderation Team which would allow them to implement 24/7 Moderation. Unfortunately, even though our previous team consisted of 20 Moderators, 8 Helpers & 2 Senior Moderators, providing 24/7 support and moderation to the community wasn't always a possibility. The reasoning behind that simply comes down to the fact that the members of our team are solely considering volunteers meaning the work we do is voluntary and we aren't forced into doing our jobs along with that a lot of the team we're between the ages of 15-19 and a lot of our lives consisted of things outside of Minehut. With the new team in place, Minehut can now provide more assistance and moderation to the community which at the end of the day is whats best for the users of Minehut. I understand there are mixed emotions about the new team but I encourage you to give them a shot. They're competent individuals who I can guarantee will serve the community well. With that out of the way, I'd like to reflect on my time here on the staff team. Life as a Minehut Staff Member I remember vividly what it was like to be accepted on the staff team. But before I dive into receiving my role I thought I'd discuss the timeline leading up to it. It's important to note that these dates may not be 100% correct but within a close margin, I do not have logs from the training discord so I'm basing it off of DM logs with managers etc... • June 10th, 2020 I receive a response on my Application by one of our Retired Managers "Gingey" stating that I was accepted to the next stage of the training process discord where i'll be tested on my support & moderation abilities along with approximately 12 other applicants. I joined the discord under the username "Chilkins" where my first interaction was with my already staff-friend "thistl" and one of his staff friends "Facto" who was a Senior Moderator at the time, and i'd like to add I was beyond intimidated by Facto at the time considering his stature and experience on the team. Some of the current moderators I got to meet in this discord were people like ReportCards, Untreated & Sqyid (known as p1ke at the time) After a couple of days after settling into this discord the hardest obstacle to surpass would commence. The Interview Stage. • June 26th, 2020 Probably one of the most nerve-racking days I've ever experienced. I was so eager to make an impression on my interviewers that I knew that any slip up could potentially be costly and considering I didn't know Benny and Gingey very well at the time made me more uncomfortable. I went into this interview with what was a clear shaky voice but once I was asked questions about myself I sort of eased into it. That's something I've learned in life actually, your mind will anticipate the worst to happen during tense situations when actually things are more than likely very chill. I guess that's just your minds way of preparing you for the worst. To be honest, I felt like my interview was quite average and if I was asked nowadays to answer those questions I would've done a lot better but it seemed Benny & Gingey we're quite impressed. • June 26th-29th 2020 These few days were quite intensive and jam packed. Having communicated with so many applicants in the discord over a long period of time we had to finally see them get cut short for not having progressed through the Interview Stage. This was a sad moment but also a reassuring moment as I myself had no idea if I was going to be excluded from the discord or not. This was quickly followed by an announcement that we had to complete a test regarding general knowledge on Minehut. Luckily I completed this with a score of 75% (quite a poor score but nonetheless I progressed) • June 30th 2020 This was the day of my acceptance to Junior Moderator, @Criticyl will be able to vouch me here when I say I was freaking out. I had no idea we were getting accepted at that current moment of time which was 7pm GMT and me and him were mid Valorant game. We were winning this Valorant game like 8-2 when I saw the alert and started throwing because I wanted to leave and hop on Minehut. We managed to bring this game from 8-2 to 8-10 but won I believe 12-10 in the end. After logging on I was immediately boxed along with all of the other accepted Junior Moderators (@Untreated, @FnnF, @Sqyid, @ReportCards, @DeltaRays, @nullific, @iGalaxy) Here is the earliest photo I could find as a Junior Moderator, unfortunately this was not on the first day of acceptance. • August 30th 2020 At this time I was known by "chillins". This was the day where our Staff Manager would decide whether or whether not we would pass our trial, get an extended trial or receive a demotion. Every one of the current Junior Moderators were unsure of when the alert would take place leaving a lot of uncertainty surrounding us throughout that day. I was sat in a call with @CyberRyan early that night anticipating the decision. I'm sure he found my suffering at that time funny. Fortunately, at 8:55 a decision was made and thankfully for me I was among the 3 promoted. I was very fortunate to receive a promotion as I felt Untreated and ReportCards had both outclassed me with activity and community involvement but luckily I was given the opportunity to become a full-time Moderator on Minehut which I was very pleased by. Unfortunately, @DeltaRayswasn't quite given the opportunity yet but eventually got it. We did have a fun time bullying him in the build-up to his promotion though. • February 2nd 2021 Approximately 8 months after getting accepted, I was lucky enough to take over the Reports & Appeals team from a lad who's work on it goes unnoticed by the public eye: @TheRustySpud. Rusty was a great leader of the team but unfortunately his availability was obscured due to his priorities outside of Minehut causing him to step-down. I know my reign as Senior Moderator wasn't the most effective it could've been I tried to grasp hold of it whilst I was there. Unfortunately internal issues seemed to be quite common along with my IRL life taking priority over my work at Minehut. I was never fazed by the internal issues and tried to repair and involve myself within them as much as possible but my IRL life was the leading factor for me to step down as I felt others on the team would fulfill my position a lot more effectively then I would. • May 12 2021 After hearing the news that the changes were taking place I had insisted on returning to see out the last few days of moderation. I understood that the staff team would take this information knowing that there would be no point in coming on for the final couple of days as there simply wouldn't be a point. So I insisted as a token of gratitude that I would pursue my job until the last moment. I would be lying if I said I didn't know this change was going to happen eventually. It was something discussed during quite a big internal situation that occurred which caused the staff team to divide sparking a lot of frustration among staff members. Knowing this would take place was quite demotivating as I know me and a lot of other staff members have put incredible amounts of time into making the community a better place, there's a lot of people I can mention who did this but these were the people who stood out to me. @Untreated@Sqyid & @muelr. These guys deserve an infinite amount of credit for the work they put in throughout their time on the team behind the scenes. Trust me, there are some incredibly hard workers on that team that I could've mentioned but considering I've worked so close to those 3 individuals throughout my time on the team I personally wanted to give them additional credit. Finale So with that being said, whether you know me as Chilkins, Vocallity, Gasters, chillins or wieve it's been a pleasure working within this community and trying to make it a better place. Hopefully I've left a dent here and have been of good assistance to people within the community. Minehut has thought me a lot on what it's like to be in a work environment and I can't thank them enough for that. I'd like to thank @Trent for having his trust in me & putting up with my complaints/disagreements throughout the last year. I owe it to @BennyDoesStuff and @_Gingey_ for taking me on and having trust in my capabilities and furthermore I'd like to thank the community and the staff team for keeping me motivated whilst I was here. It's been fun, thanks everyone! P.S for more information addressing this situation you can view @muelrpost by clicking here.
  8. Appreciate everyone's compassion to benefiting something they care about. It's been fun.
  9. Hey, could I get Manager please?
  10. Bro my server just got suspened like how?

    its MHBeds btw

  11. nice name g a s t e r s

  12. Hello Gasters!

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