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  1. Locked due to necroposting
  2. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I advise making a report here if you have any sufficient evidence.
  3. Sounds great, looking forward to seeing it
  4. Bro I sent you the pic of the password reset almost yesterday now. I've been tryin to get unbanned for a week now but with no result my amigo. Could you please finish my appeal so I can hang with my friends.

    Thanks for your .. Help so far.

  5. Yeah that would be great, currently in search for an anticheat for an upcoming server I'm working on atm.
  6. This looks interesting, looking forward to its outcome in the future.
  7. chillins


    Hey, you can report a player by clicking here
  8. Locked due to necroposting
  9. Seems nice but have you ever tried C02Cake?
  10. Yeah, you can use the whitelist feature to do this so you can add specific players you want to be able to join your server. /whitelist on - turns on the whitelist /whitelist add (username) - adds a player to the whitelist requires op perms to do this
  11. Howdy and welcome to the forums
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