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  1. Will miss you bud, its been a great pleasure to have you on the Support Team Best of luck for the future.
  2. Post locked due to Necropost Locked
  3. Post locked to stop Necroposting Locked
  4. As Koronotchi said, use the command above
  5. So far Minehut is only compatible with Java Edition.
  6. Minehut is currently having a few issues. The developers are aware of this and should hopefully be pushing some sort of fix to allow players to join.
  7. I dont know why my hair looks more brown/ blackish there In light its dirty blonde but yeah, there you go
  8. Hm, should I join in?
  9. Topic locked due to possible drama starting to build up. Quick Answer for this topic: If there a player who is online on the server then that server will not shutdown. There may be times where you get kicked for either "Timed Out" which is on your side or sometimes there will be something else. I suggest using the command /setidletimeout 0 to be sure that you dont get kicked off of your server when afk. Yes, some problems may occur at times but its just a little tip for extra precaution.
  10. Topic locked to prevent necroposting. If you would like to carry this on then feel free to create a new topic. Locked
  11. Criticyl


    Moved to Plugin Suggestions Please make sure that you use the correct category next time.
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