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  1. Criticyl

    My Resignation

    oof, this was a big hit for the support team. But srsly sorry for being late but the support team will miss ya
  2. Try to do this command /temppunish <offlineplayer>: usage: /temppunish <offlineplayer> aliases: /tp permission: temp.punish.command permission message: "&cYou have no perms for that" trigger: wait 1 tick open chest with 3 rows named "&4Punish" to player wait 1 tick format slot 0 of player with bedrock named "&0Hack client" with lore "&830d" to close then run [execute player command "/tempban %arg 1% 30d Hack Client"]
  3. 1. Become a 5 digit on osu 2. Re-release Bionics 3. something else idk about
  4. Thee Kingdom that thy rises upon is blessed with the holiness from the church of Mikeism. Thou is more superior than your kingdom, I humbly request that thy withdraw from this declaration of war and seize from targeting thy "toxic" cookies. Thank you my kind steige and may the lords bless you with forgiveness.
  5. Lads, Thy kingdom will support thee with eternal wishes of god and thy holiness. Sir Brit Crit III has crowned this product with thy blessing. Amen
  6. Anything to do with Mining or Skypvp seems popular these days so just go with that
  7. Hey, we are sorry to hear that you lost credits due to this. You can create a support ticket at https://www.minehut.com/app/support about this issue. They can sort it out from there If you have any other questions, feel free to DM me (Criticyl#0001) Locked
  8. Staff Next + Individual Staff members would be lit rofl
  9. I suggest using a different plugin for crates such as CrazyCrates.
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