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  1. Moved to Off Topic Be sure that you are using the correct category next time
  2. Some users may want their server to be 1.14 only. Also please make sure that if you have a suggestion that you post it in the suggestions category Moved to Suggestions
  3. Its a good idea however as people have said, /join does exist. I mean I would still like to see something like this added one day
  4. I am thankful to my parents and just that I have education tbh
  5. Pretty good so far, kinda have a headache so yeah but nevertheless im all good.
  6. There have been reports about this, I will let the developers know about the ongoing issue with plugins.
  7. That could be because some scoreboard plugins are outdated, However I do have a suggestion for you: Try using Skript for your scoreboard, you can ask in the Skript category of the forums for help or look at tutorials on how to make them.
  8. Jokes on you, im a Level 350 on Minehut
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