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  1. Minehut Community Support Team The time has come again. Community Support Team applications are open! What is the Support Team? The support team is a community team on Minehut. Our goal is to provide support to the community so that everyone can feel happy with using Minehut's services. Some of our jobs include: Creating and Publishing Community FAQs Answering questions on forums and discord Responding to Youtube Comments on Tutorials Helping users with a range of scenarios Be sure to join the Minehut Discord server before submitting your applications Ready to apply? Visit this link!
  2. 2014 However too old to show up, On my profile I joined back in 2016
  3. You can suggest for plugin updates here. These are checked frequently by the developers Locked
  4. If you are on bedrock then we unfortunately do not support 1.16 yet for it. We still dont have an ETA yet for when we will release an update on bedrock. Feel free to join the discord for more information.
  5. You can connect to the lobby via joining the IP minehut.com or mc.minehut.com. Additionally you can use /hub or /lobby while on a server to get to the lobby.
  6. Minehut servers are set to 1.15.2 as we still haven't implemented 1.16.1, expect it to update to 1.16.1 soon
  7. Welcome to the Community FAQ forum! This is a forum created and curated by the Minehut staff and support team for the sole purpose of assisting the community with common issues. This forum is a way of accessing user-friendly information that can help you resolve some issues you may have. You will find how-tos, guides, and more information on how to get the most out of your server. You may have more questions, so feel free to access the links below or comment below the thread related to your issue and we will get back to you! Please keep all posts ontopic, and limited to questions. Who can contribute to the community FAQ forum? Right now, this is limited to the Minehut staff team. We may include community members in the future. I want to apply to staff and help, how can I do that? Application information can be found here! I have a great idea for a guide, please make a guide on this topic/plugin/idea! Do you have an idea for a future thread? Feel free to let us know! Contact one of the following members of the team and we'll get back to you. You can reach out to Ashley, Criticyl, or xMuel on Discord! I still need help! Where can I get help? If you have account issues, please submit a ticket to our support team. You can find help in our Discord #help channel. Use our Community Support forum. Tutorials can be found on the Minehut Youtube channel. Check out the official Minehut help center.
  8. If the whole server has been reset then we cant do much on our side as we do not save Backups anymore for servers. The only thing I can say is to regularly backup your world with ./dl world if you can just so you have an external file that you can re-upload if your world is reset.
  9. Will miss you bud, its been a great pleasure to have you on the Support Team Best of luck for the future.
  10. Post locked due to Necropost Locked
  11. Post locked to stop Necroposting Locked
  12. Criticyl

    Server Griefer

    As Koronotchi said, use the command above
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