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  1. I believe if you have CoreProtect you can rollback. If not I believe Minehut has copies of all servers so they can rollback, not sure on that though.
  2. Oh, I must have missed that part.
  3. AdvancedBan works fine, MaxBans is completely broken.
  4. Welcome to the server. Are you the owner of Idler or something?
  5. File a support ticket at http://support.minehut.com
  6. Oh, sounds awesome, I won't be participating though, not a very good builder. Good luck to all contestants.
  7. Change your skin, make an appeal, easy
  8. Haha, well if you ever need help with something that isnt building or devving msg me
  9. Bear


    As stated, this issue is with Minehut, but it may also be server-side, try restarting your server.
  10. Okay, so I got locked out of my old discord account, which was linked to MH, and I can't unlink it through the forums, therefore can't verify my current account, if this could be added that would be great.
  11. Good luck, would help you out but like Avippy said I'm not a good dev or builder either
  12. Bear

    discord tag

    #1234 #0021 #9999 #2345 -My suggestions
  13. These commands all might be outdated, try restarting your server though.
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