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  1. I like the drawing over your dog. Not too bad! Keep up the great work!
  2. Yes please! I am BEARy excited to see your stuff!
  3. I am allergic to gluten, does that count? Thank you ;-; I love yours
  4. Theres gotta be a conspiracy for dog pictures taking all the ram. Muhahaha Also, banned for writing accurate conspiracy theories and exposing us.
  6. Where is @Jackson85 to write this conspiracy?!
  7. Banned for questioning how many dog pictures I have. The answer is a lot... I am still only on Corgis
  8. Jackson is right. This used to be the case, but is no longer the case as of Novemberish. Java is the only option as of right now.
  9. Post your favorite art pieces that you have created!
  10. My team and I can revert your server for you! We can also help identify your issue. Please submit a ticket via your Minehut dashboard. To submit your support email, please go to your dashboard and select Support at the top of the page. From here, please follow the prompts and send us a ticket. We got you!
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