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  1. request move wrong category
  2. @opgyerek list them that do support
  3. Didn't we go over this already? The plugin author does not permit his plugin into minehut. @TacticalModz @7wins
  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... when live console is not out yet...
  5. i disagree, instead I opt for more time of inactivity
  6. belongs in suggestions/plugins
  7. current: i don't think 1.0 GB is enough for 1.14 servers anymore...
  8. +1 to buying other ppl credits I requested this some time ago ^_^:
  9. +1 but... it's you're responsibility to control who get access to your server... I highly do not recommend you to give other ppl access to console.
  10. wut a waste of time for the developers to add this feature
  11. lol i would apply but age requirements are not set
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