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  1. i like how people completely ignored what I said (and maybe one day they want 128 gbs of ram)
  2. yep, mojang is to blame, minecraft is capable of using multiple threads, you can see this post for more info: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047514492--Java-Edition-Performance-Enhancements-For-Minecraft-Servers-Multithreading-
  3. restart the server, not reset the server
  4. Forget about that server existed.
  5. No, you cannot. You can suggest it here: https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/
  6. minehut bots spamming lobbies. mODS wiLL nEvER fIX them!!! me have 2 iDEAS: 1. disable the lobby chat. That will prevent flood 2. make punishing bots onto playerservers responsibility, not minehut's
  7. Minehut will not support cracked versions of minecraft.
  8. -1 yeah, people will totally spend $5-$6 per day on a server. ram isn't everything, tps is. You may have the best processors, a 32 gb of ram, but you will never defeat tps.
  9. capitalism sucks. making you pay for credits. You can join the revolution by commenting!!!
  10. minehut is designed for no queues and is for the people,
  11. took a while for mojang to patch 0 tick farms.
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