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  1. I have doubts that this will be added, and no confidence of them adding it
  2. I hate the new webpage due to: Its floated with bloatware Hard to navigate in mobile Spending all the time making tutorial videos instead of quality work It looks old full of big text that fills up the screen white theme the icons look dull the pages don't match (the new home page having text buttons, meanwhile the panel has box buttons the last for best is... NO LIVE SERVER CAPACITY, NO LIVE PLAYER COUNTER, AND NO HOT SERVERS IN THE HOME PAGE ADD Live Server Count, add live player counter, and add top hot servers in the home page.
  3. yeah yeah not worth it @Trent how about start hiring better developers
  4. ill doubt that the lag will be fixed, maybe this update will make minehut even crappier
  5. looking for beta testers on my escape server that in work in progress. please contact killergotrekt#0001 via discord
  6. i mean the Competitor server like minehut but it abused the /alert exploit to advertise its "free skript"
  7. -1, get a brain and know which server you join, and +1 on the server search
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