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  1. What age can you retire? the virus has started noobs
  2. For some reason, I don't have an ad today. Well, it's better than this: What age can you retire? 45, 65, 70+
  3. any chance i could help out a bit?
  4. k well, you say your European as well, when rlly it will just be you soon lol
  5. Ezekia


    Wrong Catagory I'm not a mod so I can't change this!
  6. Ezekia


    Minehut isn't in PaperSpigot version 1.15 yet, it will be updated soon. For now, you need to play on 1.14!
  7. I dont have paypal (big oof) so if i join when its on (my timezone is gmt+1) i will just play for fun i guess
  8. oooh noice done by PayPal I’m guessing?
  9. i have given too many reactions and received 5 LOL
  10. Okay, so I have a few things I wanna ask (the first one is a joke): Should we name this category 'Ezekia's Questions' because I'm the only one that posts here? I know that World Guard is coming to ValkNet, but what features will be blocked? What normally causes the services to be down? How much Skripting was put into this? I've run out of questions so ask me some lol
  11. Mainly About Minehut: The new lobby, all the new staff. My Own Stuff: Finally learning Skript.
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