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  1. Ezekia


    its fun.. but better if: 1: more peeps played 2: reee 3: it was more destroyed
  2. Follow this account to see updates on my server, Kanga! Also, join Kanga's club!

  3. Kanga is NEARLY RELEASED! Just one more thing!

  4. Reason you were banned: Explanation: Would you be better next time?
  5. Player Name: Why you are reporting them: Proof:
  6. KitPvP won't be in the first release, but will come! One more thing left to do... work out why action announcer isn't working!
  7. umm doesnt work i change the command '/server' to '/yeet' and it said: 'UnKoWn CMD' k mabye not exactly that lol
  8. hi peeps of the world

  9. still nope the cmd will show this text to the person that typed it. the text will be: ===================== If you can't join a Kanga server, go to the Minehut lobby and type these cmds: - /join KaFactions - /join KaKitPvP - /join KaSkyBlck Hope this helped! ===================== so how do i show that to the player that typed /serverlist?
  10. nope each minigame/game is a different server (to have different plugins) and if one is down, players cant start a server up from a npc (it says: Server not found: servername) so players have to start up the server from the minehut lobby.
  11. Ezekia


    Ask questions here, and they will hopefully be answered.
  12. ree i know nothing about skript so help me i want the cmd to be /serverlist and it show the list of servers to the player that typed it (in the chat) how do i do this pls help me
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