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  1. ▪︎ Good at Skript ▪︎ 1yr+ time using Skript ▪︎ I just need to fix some bugs in my Skript and make it better, so that's what you will do DM ME ON DISCORD FOR MORE INFO - Ezekia#5644
  2. Hello! I tried logging into my server but it keeps saying an error, my account wasnt valid. i kept on trying again and again, but it just banned me for trying to spam advertise. can you please help me on this?


    1. Ezekia


      As much as I will try to help you, I need to ask a question first. What makes you think I'm a Minehut helper/moderator/developer/admin?

  3. you dont say. this update is what my uhc server needed!
  4. anyone know why it's not really being used and/or discontinued anymore?
  5. uhcpie totally not because it's custom scripted uhc and happens to be my server but seriously, gotta say valknet
  6. That is why you need to /save-all
  7. 1. Wrong category 2. You can't. It really should be added, but in the Appearance section of the server panel you can execute commands there. You can then see the output in File Manager > logs > latest.log
  8. For god's sake, I suggest to update SkQuery 2 times and you still don't?
  9. It's just that none of the players in white were chatting, and there normally isn't that many ranked players in a lobby
  10. Ezekia

    Update SkQuery

    Bump because plugins were updated a few days ago and this was not.
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