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  1. Title says it all. The panel tight now does not look good at all. You could literally just call the light theme white theme since there isn't even shading on it! And the console. Sure, logs can be fine but I'd rather not have to go to the file manager every single time I wanna see what people have said.
  2. Was your server started up already and online? If it was, could you show me your plugins?
  3. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    i can practically remake the layout in minutes, if you dont count making it responsive, thats my weakness lol
  4. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    they probably just slammed the keyboard until they found something good
  5. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    lol yes that is bad af do you think they just hired someone to do it?
  6. Presumably made back when Minehut had 15 lobbies, Lobby16 was, well, a Minehut remake. It never (in my books) got very popular as the main competitor/similar server, ValkNet, did. I first found out about it whilst looking at clubs and seeing the Lobby16 club. I forgot about it until a few weeks later when the owner was advertising for it. It was pretty cool, and if you boot up the server nowadays it's the exact same as before. The server IP is Lobby16.minehut.gg.
  7. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    i liked the simplicity of the old one.. if you know a bit about web design you probably know about Boostrap. god minehut overused it on the panel
  8. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    let's not talk about the light theme
  9. Ezekia

    Minehut Exposed

    im not on either side here, not having experienced this. all i gotta say is #bringbackthe2018webpanel
  10. How can the staff use WorldEdit on your base, in a different server? This entire post makes no sense. Clear some facts up and explain please.
  11. Ezekia

    File.io not working

    Minehut has been quite bad these few weeks, I had a problme where my server didn't start a year ago and once I removed Multiverse it worked. Don't think that's you're problem though.
  12. /save-all is almost useless, the server basically autosaves anyway oh yeah also hi notpixelz lol
  13. Most of the worlds were downloaded (Hypixel remake lololol) and ScreamingBedwars relies on Multiverse so I had to import them
  14. Nope, but I don't think that will help, as said above it only works for me, I helped someone set it up on their server and it was fine.
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