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  1. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/terra.85151/ Terra has a lot of config, you can add custom biomes, structures and more! My favourite part is vanilla worlds generating without certain biomes, because no one liked oceans anyway It's free!!
  2. Hey! UHC-Pie is one of the only custom skripted UHC networks on Minehut! We have Duels, Arena, and UHC gamemodes! Come join the revolution at uhcpie.minehut.gg
  3. so about 5 months ago I was working on a server called uhc-pie and today I'm revamping it! Leave a PM if you would like to get notified when the first UHC starts (or when the server opens)! Progress: UHC - 98% Duels - 100% Arena (Hypixel Pit style KitPvp) - 100% UHC Queue System - 100% Lobby - 75% Duels Maps:
  4. We're coming back, better than ever! The new UHC-Pie will include: Duels Arena (KitPvP) A better UHC Deathmatch (at the end of the UHC) Custom crafting recipes Custom scenarios More scenarios!
  5. If you haven't seen Wifies' latest video, watch it here, as I'm basically doing a better version of what's explained without the DDoS-ing: Okay. Anyway. Right. So I'm going to be choosing up to 25 people to play in a 500x500 world for up to 3 months idk lmao. You'll have to manage resources carefully and maybe form some clans. The server will only be online when enough people can log on. If you start the server and try to join outside the normal hours, you will be kicked. So what's different about it? Aside from a bigger worldborder, at some points in time a chest or something good will appear at the center of the map along with a broadcast message, kinda like the hunger games ig. Other things may be added too. How can I join? Either message me here or on Discord (Ezekia#5644) with your Minecraft username to join. I would message me on Discord since I'm realllly not active here lol. You're going to be invited to a Discord server. Idk if this will go along, but yeah, will only do it if there is enough people. Bye for now ig lol
  6. ▪︎ Good at Skript ▪︎ 1yr+ time using Skript ▪︎ I just need to fix some bugs in my Skript and make it better, so that's what you will do DM ME ON DISCORD FOR MORE INFO - Ezekia#5644
  7. Hello! I tried logging into my server but it keeps saying an error, my account wasnt valid. i kept on trying again and again, but it just banned me for trying to spam advertise. can you please help me on this?


    1. Ezekia


      As much as I will try to help you, I need to ask a question first. What makes you think I'm a Minehut helper/moderator/developer/admin?

  8. you dont say. this update is what my uhc server needed!
  9. anyone know why it's not really being used and/or discontinued anymore?
  10. uhcpie totally not because it's custom scripted uhc and happens to be my server but seriously, gotta say valknet
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