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  1. Not sure what to really say, but here it is. Download: https://github.com/NanoDankster/skript-npc/
  2. As I think other users of project korra might have noticed, there are missing features at project Korra. For example - wihout the spirit add-on, we can't use the spirit bending. Also, being able to put jar files, or custom abilities of project korra would be interesting The site bellow is for the add-on. The other underneath it for custom moves https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/spirits.323/ https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/categories/custom-abilities.3/?page=1 Also a link for other essential add-ons https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/categories/projectkorra-side-plugins.4/?page=1
  3. I want to get a chunk loader plugin onto the host so i can download it to my server! Here is the chunk loader plugin I want onto the host! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/keepchunks.23307/
  4. There is a plugin that really helps with building detailed stuff. It's called "Armor Stand Editor" or "Armor Stand Edit" There is both a Spigot and Bukkit version of it: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/armor-stand-edit https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/armor-stand-editor.7688/
  5. This Week's New Plugins! This week we added 8 new plugins to Minehut! Check out the list of ones we added below. + BetterNick + Emerald Tools + Experience Plus + Kit Preview (Essentials) + Player Notify + QuickClose + SmoothTimber + Syntax Blocker Updates: View the plugins we added this week here! Have a plugin you think we should add? Suggest it to us right here on the forums! Use the "Plugins" category to do so.
  6. This Week's Plugin Updates (67) - July 15th Advanced Achievements ajParkour AuctionHouse BedWars BountyHunters BuildBattle ChatManager ChestCleaner CitizensCMD CombatLogX CommandDoesNotExist CorpseReborn CrazyCrates Custom Jumppads CustomCrafting CustomOreGen DangerousCaves DeathMessagesPrime DefensiveTurrets DiscordSRV Dupe Fixes / illegal Stack Remover Enjin Minecraft Plugin EpicRename EpicSkyblock FactionsUUID GemsEconomy GetSpawners GriefPreventionFlags GSit HeadsPlus HolographicExtension Horizon HungerGames Languagy LuckPerms in GUI Matrix mcMMO MCRealistic Minepacks MobHunting MudgeClicker MurderMystery NametagEdit NoCheatPlus OpenAudioMC PhysicsToGo Player Report PlayerVaultsX PrisonRanksX Quests QuickShop Reremake RandomTP RankGrant+ RedProtect Ships SimplePortals Sk-NBeeT SS Dynamic Shop Survival Plus TAB Telecom Time is Money TNTRun Reloaded UHC-Core UltimateEconomy UltraChat WorldEditCUI Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
  7. I've downloaded both the Bigdoors and the Movecraft plugins but they aren't working even after being OPed and will not show the craftables and will message internal error when trying to give command to pilot! I'm trying to use this on a free server if that makes any difference. I really hope someone can help me out because I'd die to play with mods on a server!
  8. Hi, I just recently started a 10 player server to hopefully learn some new things about running a server. I’m having issues with my plugin essentials not carrying over what I want from the config.yml file to the server in chat. I have all my groups how I want them to be in the GroupManager file. I set the colors and how I want them to look on the essentials config.yml file under the essentials chat section. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong since I think I have everything coded right (spacing, characters, etc.). Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Howdy MineHut community! I came here with a few simple questions. Over the last few months, quite a few people who host at minehut contacted me for support with my plugin. After looking around for a bit, i noticed that they where not able to install the most recent version. So the question that i have is this, how does minehut handle its plugins? Are they mirrored in a way and not from the official spigot page and therefor recent? I would like to know what can be the cause so i know how to help my users. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  10. Hello I started a survival server 2 days ago. When I installed to plugin in the minehut website it didn't work in the server itself. When I tried to type in 1 of the commands they didn't show up in the text bar. Can anyone please help me with this problem? Thank you
  11. joejeroen


    This topic was a duplication so please skip this topic.
  12. _benjables

    Skript npc

    Hello, I Love would if you guys would add Skript npc addon, it would help me a lot with my server. please add this, thank you! link for the plugin: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skript-npc.444/
  13. i am starting a pvp server with my friend and neither one of us know how to change what the players who first join, spawn with. when they join for the first time they get stone items, instead i would like for them to spawn with an enchanted item that we make - does anyone know how to change and set this into place? thanks!
  14. A lot of minehut players on the discord agree that there should be a plugin for hosting event on players server and it’s a simple plugin and easy to set up
  15. Heya, I have a few plugins that I made that would be cool to see on the Minehut plugin list: PvP Plus Record kills, deaths, killstreaks. Send messages on kills, deaths, killstreaks. View the killer's and victim's IP to catch players grinding alts. PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI support. Player UUID support for recording data. And some more features. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pvp-plus.68491/ Join Plus Create your own per-permission join messages. If a player has mutliple permissions, the highest priority message will be sent. Enable/Disable join message with configurable lang. And some more features. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/join-plus.68587/ Player Notify Send a customized message to catch a player's attention when their name is mentioned in chat. Actionbar support will be added soon. Just added ActionBar support. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/player-notify.67713/ Syntax Blocker Block players from using syntaxes (/plugin:command). https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/syntax-blocker.67715/ Experience Plus Enable/Disable experience drops for an array of events. If an event is enabled, you can customize the experience drop amount. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/experience-plus.67714/ Thanks in advanced. ~ Buster
  16. This Week's Plugin Updates (39) - July 1st Advanced Achievements BedWars Bounty Hunters Chat Manager CombatLogX Crazy Crates CrazyEnvoy CS-CoreLib Custom Jumppads CustomCrafting DeathMessagesPrime DeluxeMenus Dupe Fixes / illegal Stack Remover Enderpearl Cooldown EssentialsX Suite ExoticGarden HeadsPlus Landlord 2 Luckyblocks mcMMO MF Hoppers MobHunting MonthlyCrates MudgeClicker MyPet Pet Master PlotSquared Quests RedProtect RPGItems SkRayFall Slimefun SS Dynamic Shop TAB UHC-Core Ultimate Economy UltraBar UltraChests Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
  17. Hello Fellow Minehut Community. My friends and I have a survival server, but whenever I, for example, have to use OP to teleport someone, none of the others can do anything but walk! I've tried un-installing all of my plugins and I currently only have custom backpacks but whatever I do never seems to work! Help would be appreciated. :) Many Thanks, MickStar919
  18. https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/epichoppers-better-stronger-faster-hoppers.15 https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/epicspawners-the-ultimate-spawner-plugin.13 https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/epicfurnaces-ultimate-minecraft-furnaces.22
  19. Spawn


    Please add GUIShop+ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shopgui-1-7-1-14.6515/ Thanks! It's better than GUIShop, and GUIShop is glitched, but GUIShop+ is not idk if u people accept premium plugins but if not, it's okay.
  20. This Week's Plugin Updates (39) - June 25th AuctionHouse BedWars Big Doors ChatControl Citizens CrazyCrates CrazyEnvoy Custom Heads DefensiveTurrets Dupe Fixes/Illegal Stack Remover GadgetsMenu GameAPI GriefPrevention Flags HeadsPlus Horizon Landlord 2 Matrix mcMMO MineableSpawners MobHunting PhysicsToGo PlaceholderAPI PlotSquared PrisonRAnksX QuickShop Reremake RandomTP SellWands Sk-Perm skDragon skript-db SS Dynamic Shop StackMob StaffChatReloaded SurvivalPlus Tablisknu TempFly TrainCarts UHC-Core VillageDefense Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
  21. This Week's Plugin Updates (44) - June 17th AuctionHouse BeautyQuests BuildBattle ChatControl CitizensCMD ClearLag CombatLogX CommandDoesNotExist CraftBook Custom Jumppads CustomCrafting Enerpearl Cooldown Factions Blue GSit HeadsPlus Horizon HungerGames Jobs Reborn KillerMoney KitPvP LuckPerms in GUI Matrix mcMMO MF Hoppers MineableSpawners Minepacks MyPet Parkour PhysicsToGo PlotSquared PrisonRanksX Quests QuickShop Reremake RandomTP RedProtect Residence ShopKeepers Simple Elevators Sk-NBeeT Super Vanish Survival Plus TDG TempFly UltimateStacker Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
  22. It would be nice to be able to see a full list of the plugins because when searching through them on the control panel. The server goes to sleep before you can actually go through the description links to see what some plugins actually do. This would help improve the timing when it comes down to trying to learn something new and not have to wait for our servers to be enabled for us to manage plugins and learn more about other plugins we haven't heard of.
  23. FastAsyncWorldEdit was removed from the Minehut servers, and I want to know if there is any other way to get something like that, because my server crashes when I make big selections. I want to know if there is anything.
  24. Everytime I add a minehut plugin (not a custom one), I restart the server, go online, and everytime that I type a command for any of the plugins, it says that I do not have permission. How do I fix this problem?
  25. I have installed the crates plus plugin and everything was working for a few days until today all plugin content was deleted. I made new crates and tried to edit them using "/crate settings" command but when i clicked on "Edit Crate Winnings" it says "this feature is currently disabled". Does anybody know why?
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