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Going to be making some sort of test survival thing idk


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If you haven't seen Wifies' latest video, watch it here, as I'm basically doing a better version of what's explained without the DDoS-ing: 


Okay. Anyway. Right. So I'm going to be choosing up to 25 people to play in a 500x500 world for up to 3 months idk lmao. You'll have to manage resources carefully and maybe form some clans. The server will only be online when enough people can log on. If you start the server and try to join outside the normal hours, you will be kicked. 

So what's different about it?

Aside from a bigger worldborder, at some points in time a chest or something good will appear at the center of the map along with a broadcast message, kinda like the hunger games ig. Other things may be added too.

How can I join?

Either message me here or on Discord (Ezekia#5644) with your Minecraft username to join. I would message me on Discord since I'm realllly not active here lol. You're going to be invited to a Discord server.


Idk if this will go along, but yeah, will only do it if there is enough people. Bye for now ig lol

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Good luck with your idea! Might think about signing up.

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That sounds really cool but I don't really play Survival Servers.

For the people joining outside of normal hours, maybe set up a system that just keeps them permanently locked in place whenever they try to join or something?

In-order to turn it off without you being caught in the lock system, You can easily use a /tag to specify players for it to not effect with @a[tag=!noLock] or something like that, and then apply the tag to yourself so it doesn't affect you since you have the "noLock" tag.


Just making a minor suggestion. 🙂

Edit: Another way to do this would be to automatically /kick anyone who doesn't have the noLock tag.

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Another Idea
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