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  1. Sorry, but we're currently not planning to add any addons that allow reflective java access, since we also don't allow custom plugins. Please suggest something that is either a normal plugin or skript addon which adds something that you want to use.
  2. Technically the requested plugins are Bukkit plugins, so they should be fine. Though, there might not be all too many servers interested in using this kind of plugin, especially since it requires all of your players to download the mods.
  3. Looks like it's an issue with your configuration. Most likely the world you have set up doesn't exist.
  4. I've updated it to build 103. Please note that Essentials just recently added an update checker to their plugin. It is not abnormal for Minehut to be a few development builds out of date, as they are often released very frequently. To disable build notifications on your server, remove the permission essentials.updatecheck from yourself.
  5. It seems like this plugin only supports up to Minecraft 1.14, but Minehut is using 1.16.5. If you can find an updated version of it (or a similar one) that would be ideal.
  6. Can you please provide the full log? You can paste it in something like https://pastebin.com/
  7. We won't be adding this plugin to Minehut, but I suggest looking at the plugin panel as it seems like some of the plugins we have are already available which are a part of LeafSK, such as SkQuery.
  8. Have you confirmed that pathfinding works in this plugin? I find it strange that it wouldn't work in all of the other plugins that offer support for it, though I haven't used either of them.
  9. Looks good, but if I can ask: what issues are you guys currently seeing with Vixio? What features are you looking to use in DiSky that you can't currently do with Vixio? Just curious. Anyways, will check this out, thanks.
  10. I think the plugin should be fine, since it was updated fairly recently and also has this in the plugin description: "Hyperion v1.5.x is compatible with PK 1.9.0 and Minecraft versions 1.16.x" Minehut uses 1.16.5 for its servers.
  11. I assume by MRL you mean the MineResetLite plugin? It should be working just fine right now. If it isn't, please let me know. However, there was indeed an incident a few weeks ago where it was temporarily uninstalled from servers. This typically doesn't happen, and you have my consolations if it impacted your server in any way.
  12. We aren't able to add this specific Skript addon currently. What specific features from it were you looking to use on your server? Perhaps you can find an alternative addon which also has these features.
  13. The plugin @Brim linked only supports up to Minecraft 1.15.2, but Minehut uses 1.16.5, so it would not be compatible. @Jankis Please provide a link to the plugin you meant to suggest if it isn't the one Brim linked.
  14. Can you provide a link to the plugin?
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