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  1. Hello, I think the Skript addon TuSKe has to be updated. It's red for me when I do /pl. My other Skript addons are in green. Thanks in advance

  2. Yeah this was removed most likely to to abuse/misuse. We will not be re-adding it to the panel unfortunately.
  3. The plugin is abandoned so it's unlikely to be re-added. You'll probably want to use a new one like AdvancedRegionMarket.
  4. pop4959


    Yeah it looks like it hasn't been updated past 1.12 and people are saying it has issues. Best stick with Skrayfall for now.
  5. This was added already in this last wave of plugin updates. Read here for details:
  6. I've updated it to the latest version, thanks
  7. No problem, glad you found it
  8. No need to bump, we'll be keeping track of your suggestions and reviewing them to add to the panel as time allows. You can find newly added plugins via the plugin update thread which is posted approximately every month currently.
  9. Does it still work? It is the latest version on BukkitDev, which is where Minehut gets the plugin from: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/voxelsniper The other version you have linked is for Sponge, and Minehut runs Bukkit (Paper) servers, so this would not be compatible. Most people use FAWE's version, FastAsyncVoxelSniper which is more frequently updated.
  10. Please add me on Discord (pop4959#1781) and we can discuss you posting your premium plugin on Minehut. Let me know what your discord username and discriminator are so that I know to accept the request from you.
  11. Apologies for the long delay, I forgot about this plugin for a while. I'll prioritize reviewing this plugin for the next wave of additions that we make, which should happen sometime after Minehut becomes stable on 1.17. The next plugin update may not have new plugins since we will be focused on updating our existing plugins.
  12. We are not looking to add custom plugins currently to the panel. Also, you should be able to upload scripts via the file manager. It does not require you giving someone else your sign-in information (nor should you do this). Simply send them the script so that they can upload it.
  13. Minehut Plugins Update - May 28, 2021 It's the time of month again where we let you know about what plugins have been receiving updates, and also importantly what new plugins are available in the panel. This time 108 plugins have been updated, including even more options for custom world generation as this was a very popular community request after the last wave of updates were announced. Both Terra and TerraformGenerator have been added to the panel (which are both very different despite the name) as well as a handful of other plugins which you can find below. Updated A
  14. Sounds like you probably want a client-side mod, such as from Fabric / Forge. If you are looking for a plugin, please provide a link to it.
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