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  1. Yep, as I mentioned in the post I've been updating them regularly. This is just meant to give everyone a summary of all of the updates that have been going on, and more importantly, the new plugins!
  2. Minehut Plugins Update - January 19, 2021 It's been a while since the last plugin update was posted, but not to worry, all of your plugins have been receiving updates continuously over the past month! Since the last announcement, 163 plugins in total have been updated and added. In the meantime Mojang has also released Minecraft 1.16.5, however unlike previous updates, plugins made for 1.16.4 shouldn't break when servers are updated to 1.16.5. Updated AdvancedHelp 1.12.4 -> 1.12.6 AdvancedReplay 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3 ajParkour 2.10.8 -> 2.10.10 Alchem
  3. Can you provide a link to the plugin? Also please check if it supports 1.16, as the video you show uses 1.15.
  4. This plugin has been requested before, but was rejected for reasons Tarna explained well in another thread:
  5. Have you tried CooldownsX? It sounds like that's the kind of plugin you're looking for.
  6. Have you tried "Custom Images"? That plugin should be working on 1.16, and is available in the plugin panel.
  7. It's not clear that the plugin supports 1.16, which is the version of Minecraft Minehut uses. If you have tested and are sure it works, let me know. Otherwise, you might want to find another plugin which does similar.
  8. CoreProtect should be able to do item logging, check it out.
  9. I'm also not really sure if I understand what this plugin is supposed to do. If you're just looking for a Discord bot, DiscordSRV, Vixio, or HiberniaDiscord may work.
  10. We should be running the latest version of GUI Shop on Minehut currently. Please feel free to double check with "/version GUIShop". If you've confirmed that everything is correct, it is probably a bug with the plugin and you may wish to report that to the developer.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I plan on updating this tomorrow if there don't seem to be any major issues with it.
  12. Seems like the plugin doesn't work currently because it doesn't install the brushes automatically. I'll try to figure out if we can fix this. Until then, you might want to use WorldEdit brushes instead, or edit the world offline and upload the world to Minehut.
  13. pop4959


    This looks very unique! I'll definitely take a look when I can. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. I'm not really clear on what the issue here is. What is being set to false?
  15. pop4959


    Yep, it looks like this plugin only supports up thru Minecraft 1.8.3. If you can find an updated version for 1.16.4 we might be able to add that.
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