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  1. Updated it to the latest in-development build just in case that fixes your issue. If it still isn't working properly, try to report the issue to the developers of MyPet so they can fix it.
  2. Skript-DB got updated shortly after this post was made. As for MongoSK, I recommend making a post in the plugins section for that one so I can check it out. Looks like it's already updated to the latest version on Minehut. If you are still having issues, please make a post in the plugins section explaining your issues and I'll look into it.
  3. Iridium Skyblock was updated just yesterday. Do you have Vault installed as well, since that plugin requires it?
  4. Looks good, went ahead and updated it. Let me know if there are any issues.
  5. If you have a specific plugin you would like to suggest, please leave a link.
  6. This can't be added since it would require player servers to have a dedicated Votifier server port open, which isn't supported currently.
  7. Holograms is still updated to the latest available version, so if there is an error with it you might want to report that to its developer. We can't do anything about it until then. Closing this now, but feel free to make another thread for the plugin if there is an update.
  8. Minehut Plugins Update - October 21, 2020 This week 56 plugins have been updated. New plugins are now being added once again, with some of the more popular suggestions making their way into Minehut this time around, such as Vivecraft, Skript placeholders, as well as many others. If you made a plugin suggestion recently, and you don't see it added yet, don't worry! We are still going through plugins and reviewing them, so in the coming weeks you will continue to see new ones being added. Updated Advanced Achievements 6.5.0 -> 6.6.0 AuctionHouse 2.1.9 -> 2.1.10
  9. It appears Minehut is running on the latest version of Lib's Disguises (10.0.18, as seen on the plugin page you linked). What exactly is the issue you are having? Have you installed the required ProtocolLib plugin along with Lib's?
  10. Since the rule on drug references is global, this applies to player servers as well (public or private). Although it may be to your dismay, unfortunately this plugin cannot be added.
  11. If it's a plugin that's already on Minehut I probably already have the link, but it helps to post it anyways to make things quicker Should be updated now, hope that fixes the issues you are having
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