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  1. The plugin is already on minehut. The plugin is called Buycraft just install that & set it up
  2. My server is premium i always pay for the ram every month none stop and now i get these perks?! ;o HELL YEAH!! Not gonna complain one bit.. this is worth it
  3. Omg yes the new panel is gonna be sick!! The current panel is bit crap not gonna lie with ya it does need huge improvements. And im so excited for this when it releases!! +rep
  4. TacticalModz


    TAB REBORN Requires an update. It's currently broken due to minehut recently updated to 1.15.2 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/tab-1-5-x-1-15-2-reborn.57806/updates
  5. TacticalModz


    Just talk it here.
  6. TacticalModz


    And now it's gone into thing air like it was just nothing. Honestly i was just developing as well and it went really wrong so yea... thanks a lot to this 666 some things went wrong and now i cant do it anymore. Also thanks for pointing my posts counter @Gaminger
  7. Look at your content counter, Tac

  8. Requesting Lock Lock this post to prevent from any drama starting.
  9. I might use this honestly. Lmao good skript mate +rep
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