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  1. Current version: 1.2.15 Latest version: 1.3.2 It now supports 1.16.x please update it. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/playtimes-check-players-playtime-server-uptime.58858/
  2. The color codes dont even work on the action bar...
  3. Im curious can you set a NBT spawn egg back to a vanilla spawn egg with skript? I cant find anything about it anywhere as i know more crashes than this.
  4. So, i've recently discorvered that in skript you can use "text from" and can be used all sort of stuff such as AntiVPN's etc. but i'm assuming minehut has forked this because of a "security reason" and i want answer of why can we not use "text from" in our scripts? This would with so many things and possibly new unique ideas ~TacticalModz
  5. same with other plugins such as Playtimes & Multiverse plugin.
  6. DiscordSRV works fine but sure lets get it updated. +1
  7. Whenever you try to delete a multiverse world it doesn't delete the world properly as the world is still saved in file manager and if you try to create the same world with the same name or load it, It will give an error. Please fix? https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-core ~TacticalModz
  8. I joined in 2015 around feb or jan. I have many accounts and i used to change my name a lot!
  9. TacticalModz


    tough scenes
  10. No ValkNet is not going external. We're just extremely busy on development with the scripts (Skript Plugin) revamping everything,
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