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  1. TacticalModz


    And now it's gone into thing air like it was just nothing. Honestly i was just developing as well and it went really wrong so yea... thanks a lot to this 666 some things went wrong and now i cant do it anymore. Also thanks for pointing my posts counter @Gaminger
  2. Requesting Lock Lock this post to prevent from any drama starting.
  3. I might use this honestly. Lmao good skript mate +rep
  4. -1 I'm not gonna +1 the plugin doesn't really say how it prevents "LAG" on the server mate. Sorry
  5. -1 Does not support 1.15
  6. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mf-hoppers-multi-functional-hoppers.58370/
  7. -1 Why? The plugin is outdated and does not support 1.15 The plugin has not been updated in 4 years
  8. Looks pretty cool to me. +1
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