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  1. You're not "technically" legend of drama. You just make drama for fun but its kinda cringey but whatever lmao i don't mind it but i don't like getting involved into drama.
  2. same here. I get kicked but heres the info on what happend to minehut: TrentLast Tuesday at 22:42 Outage Update Services have since recovered. We believe it's an issue with our upstream provider that caused our entire network to timeout for a few seconds, which disconnected all users. We're working to confirm with our provider. We'll provide more info as we have it including exactly what happened, and what's being done to prevent it from happening again. Make sure you're in the minehut discord server: click here
  3. unbelievable i can't connect to minehut either.
  4. people can bypass this with /minecraft:me
  5. Thanks for your honesty but soon enough in this topic drama is gonna happen. But ya we all mistakes there and here but thanks for being very honest! but most of all of that about me isn't true. ~TacticalModz
  6. Advertising is perfectly fine as long its hosted by ValkNet. All rules listed here: https://valknet.namelesshosting.com/rules/ Post Locked ~TacticalModz
  7. i recommend setting the every tick thing to every 5 seconds or 10. and not 2 ticks
  8. Minehut is busy on working on a live console. Just be patient and it will come out
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