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  1. Yeah... literally
  2. panel is disgusting. ruined
  3. Logs: https://hastebin.com/uzojezezeg.yaml
  4. Imagine crashing a server lmao. Pathetic but pointless but also not achieving anything, Feel free to critizise this comment as my point stands.
  5. It won't entirely 100% save servers from lag but it has potential of saving the server from having huge lag spikes and also combine the plugin CoreProtect with this we can easily know who it was etc but this also stops the redstone completely but this is entirely optional for owners to install for servers. Not saying all servers needs this just stating out of how well this could save a server since you can''t guarateen a full on successful save to stop this but it can help in some ways.
  6. This plugin will prevent major lag such as Farming servers, Creative Servers or any other kind of servers on minehut. This plugin also supports 1.16 and recently got updated on October 30th 2020 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/antiredstoneclock-worldguard-plotsquard-support-1-8-1-15.18557/ ~TacticalModz
  7. I don't know where to report this but on the minehut control panel and when uploading your own skript files like you want to mess around with that you have downloaded from spigot or you have made on your notepad or whatever software that you used. You then upload it to the scripts file with the file "-core.sk" for an example and "-" is to represent to disable the script and when you upload that script the script name then changes to "_core.sk" instead and i want my scripts to be disabled and not enabled straight away. This is an odd bug and it should be fixed as soon enough some skripters will start to be aware of this issue. If you need any more information, Just reply in this post. ~TacticalModz
  8. I mean honestly... 24/7 I've been here since 2015 and i always wanted 24/7 so i went for it and i've been paying for it for quite some time now for a year now. Plus, Yummy 10GB Ram. ~TacticalModz
  9. No need to restart server. It will automatically apply ~TacticalModz
  10. We can easily do this with the plugin skript. No need to suggest this, And we already have a ChatColor plugin coming to ValkNet. ~TacticalModz
  11. Please update Playtime to 1.3.4 the old version doesnt work anymore because they have a new API for the plugin to work!! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/playtimes-check-players-playtime-server-uptime.58858/updates
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