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  1. Hosted by @Vinixs colored.minehut.gg vinixs.tk
  2. Hosted by the Minehut Staff Team (Moderators/Senior Moderators)
  3. Hosted by @fjsu in the Minehut Discord
  4. Hosted by @fjsu
  5. Fireworks with @CyberRyan and @Sgt_Tony23!
  6. Otherwise known as TIMH, hosted by @TehRaptor and @Stargazers TIMH.minehut.gg
  7. Hosted by @CyberRyan and @TheGoose!
  8. Hosted by @xMuel and @Jackson85. Minehut Summer Build Competition It's time for another Build Competition, the theme of this one is summer! This Build Competition will be open from 01/07/2020 to 22/07/2020 giving you 3 weeks to build! Information Join using the IP MHSummer.minehut.gg or /join MHSummer in the Minehut lobby! Each user can claim up to 1 plot which is 91x91. Users can work in groups up to 2 people max, and the reward can be distributed however you'd like. You have access to our custom commands: /head (user) to get any custom head /add (user) to add a user to your plot. NOTE Once you add a user you cannot remove them, be careful who you add. Each plot will be judge by @xMuel & @Jackson85 and we will determine a winner for each category; Staff Favourite, Most Creative, Most Effort. Each category winner will receive 3000 credits, if you work in a duo it can be distributed however you'd like. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! If you have any other questions regarding this event please contact xMuel.
  9. A QnA hosted by @filr, and all Senior Moderators.
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