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  1. In the console you have to put this so that you will get all of the permissionEX commands. pex user <username> add *
  2. The only reason the scoreboard is like that is because you are using 1.8. If you use 1.15.2 (latest).
  3. No, it is not possible to crack your Minehut server. Minehut is a premium server. Moved to Community Support
  4. RichieNy

    Minehut Mondays?!

    I’ll bring this up with Events
  5. Join us at 4PM EST to ask some questions to the new Junior Moderators. Want to ask a Junior Mod a question? Do it here: https://forms.gle/BNkKkvynnmhF23YPA
  6. Marry Easter! Go on to find some eggs and quick! 1st Place: Rank Upgrade 2nd Place: Credits 3rd Place: A High-Five! Hosted by @CyberRyan
  7. Come on down to the Super Duper Very Good UHC Event hosted by @BennyDoesStuff at 1PM EST! It's super fun
  8. Good Vibes and Minecraft! Share pictures of your Minehut Server!
  9. RichieNy

    Game Night

    Join @CyberRyan in Minehut Discord to play some Jackbox Games! Event Begins at 1AM EST.
  10. Join us at 7PM EST to play a new Infection Server! Hosted by @TehRaptor
  11. RichieNy


    Come on down to https://discord.gg/Minehut to sing some Karaoke with your host @Kailum! Who knows... maybe some SLG Staff will sing
  12. until
    Minehut is hosting a Creative Writing Contest to see who has the best and coolest writing skills. Rules Must include the words: Exists, Listen, and Frighten It can be a poem or short story It must be PG (No inappropriate behavior and/or swearing) The winner of the contest will receive 1000 credits!
  13. Hey Minehut Community! Welcome to the Official Minehut Events Forums! Here you can suggest events and discuss events. If we decide to use your suggestion we will credit you. When suggesting please make sure to include as much detail as possible! Any off-topic threads will be locked and hidden by our moderators. Happy Suggesting!!
  14. Please make sure to post in the correct category next time. Moved to Community Support
  15. Please make sure to post in the correct category next time. Moved to Community Support
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