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  1. Who is your favorite Minehut Moderator, Senior Moderator, and Junior Moderator? REPLY! Mine is: Reassembly facto muelr NOTE I love you all the same I just love them more lol
  2. Hey, we are so happy to see you have new suggestion for Minehut! Please join the Minehut META Discord and visit #information for more information!
  3. You are most likely getting that error because you're OP (an operator) or the owner of that server has given you that permission node. All that error seems to do is tell you that you bypasses the default cool down.
  4. Question Locked The best answer was given for this question.
  5. So sorry about the late response. If there is an issue with a plugin that would go to our META GitHub/Discord. I have gone ahead and linked both in this reply. You can create a bug report there so Developers can fix that as soon as possible. https://discord.gg/pgXMSFh https://github.com/Minehut/Meta Question Locked
  6. OMG! This is grape NO ONE WILL HAVE CARROT! Congrats!!!
  7. Please do not reply to topics that are older then 1 month. Topic Locked
  8. IGN > RichieNy Discord > RichieNy#0002 I hope I win!
  9. Topic Locked due to best answer given.
  10. Topic Locked due to best answer given.
  11. In addition, make sure your Bedrock is fully updated! Topic Locked due to best answer given.
  12. Locked due to best answer found.
  13. Sorry to hear about this, This is the wrong category, you can report people here https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/6-player-reports/ This is not breaking a rule. Rules can be found here: https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ Locked
  14. Yes, every player was forced to reset there password and was given 10000 credits to everyone who was affected. The -9000 is 9000. I just spent those credits
  15. Thanks for submitting a suggestion - we'll make sure to keep it in mind.
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